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Re: Answer for letter 38657 II

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  • ottmar12
    Hi Stephen, I haven t forgotten your qs. Send me a copy of your work to my yahoo email address, which you can see here on the right. Just click on it, I know
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2008
      Hi Stephen,
      I haven't forgotten your qs. Send me a copy of your work to my yahoo
      email address, which you can see here on the right. Just click on it,
      I know it works. Can you tell me more about Robert Powell's Mizraim
      work? I know him personally, I once attended a weekend in which the
      Poeppig group (I will write about it one day) and Robert Powell with
      his eurhythmic, zodiacal work worked together, here in Pforzheim.Did
      R.Powell take over the Poeppig rituals or did he develop something of
      his own?
      Greetings Ottmar

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Clarke"
      <mozartg@...> wrote:
      > Dear Ottmar:
      > You go on to say:
      > > (My deepest love to Steiner goes to his work in this ES from
      1904 –
      > 1914 and to his Mizraim work. I don't want to be bashed for it, I'm
      > not proud of it, I'm old fashioned I know, because I love the `old'
      > esoteric and not the `new' one. I prefer the old Goetheanum to the
      > one. My strange karma was to gather about 1500 pages of this school,
      > long before GA 264 – 266 were published, although I have never been
      > member of the Anthr.Soc. and I have always kept a very low profile.
      > The few articles in anthro magazines I published were under
      > I even gave Hella Wiesberger dozens of pages of ES texts which were
      > not in the archives of the Nachlassverein.) <
      > SRC: You know, I like the old stuff too, altho I don't use any
      > it. Robert Powell tries to update the old Misraim rituals for some
      > his Sophia Foundation work, to uncertain results in my opinion. In
      > faact, I think Steiner was happiest and doing his best work before
      > started the Anthropososphical Society, back when he was hanging out
      > with all the anarchists and disreputable types in the demimonde of
      > pre-WWI Berlin and sorting out his revelations and initiations.
      > he fell into the clutches of the elderly ex-Theosophical Society
      > pensioners. He tried to honor the principle of continuity, but with
      > 20-20 hindsight, one might make a good case that this was a
      > But that is not my main point here; I wish to ask about Weisberger.
      > It is too long to go into onlist here, but if you send me your
      email I
      > will send you a copy of a work of mine in which questions arise in
      > which Weisberger plays a part. My email is mozartg@...
      > Regarding the esoteric training which may or may not have been
      > available to Steiner's students during his time alive, that is of
      > great interest to me as a student of this tradition, but, alas, it
      > a tradition which has wholly died out here in the USA. So, as one
      > wanted to practice what was preached, I had to look elsewhere, and
      > understand everything from out of myself, not as received wisdom.
      > Although the culture of anthroposophy could not provide what I was
      > looking for, other branches of the "Western Esoteric Tradition"
      > and once I was able to make solid connection with the biological
      > of my ancestry (this has nothing to do with "atavistic practices of
      > the blood" and other such fabulous claptrap), I was able to enter
      > and partake of the traditions of the people native to this part of
      > world - as a peer, not as a tourist.
      > Thus I have been able to unite the streams that were to be united at
      > the time of the Christmas Conference: the Rosicrucian and the Grail.
      > It is of no real concern to me if they were or were not a that time;
      > what matter for me is whether I am able to do so within my own life
      > and practice. Such a thing cannot be given or done once for others;
      > must be done from scratch in each one who wishes to be involved.
      > are no innocent bystanders; the only way to know anything worthwhile
      > about it is to do it.
      > My opinion on that.
      > Best Regards,
      > Stephen
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