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Re: RS re true internationalism

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  • Robert Mason
    ... Robert Mason who wrote a lengthy article about Ahriman that is available all around Internet?
    Message 1 of 43 , Sep 5, 2008
      To V, who wrote:

      >>I have one question to start with. Are you, Mr. Mason, the same
      Robert Mason who wrote a lengthy article about Ahriman that is available
      all around Internet?<<

      Robert writes:

      I'll have to plead *guilty*.

      V wrote:

      >>If I may ask, do you think Steiner will incarnate in (Northern) America as a woman or do you think he will appear only in the non-physical level?<<

      Robert writes:

      I don't have any inside information, other than
      what I wrote at the end of the *Ahriman* page,
      and what you could find out by following the
      link to "Brunnen von Christus" and asking
      Martha Keltz.

      V wrote:

      >>The years 1998-2000 have passed and I guess we should be seeing the
      first signs of Ahriman's incorporation. I wonder who could that
      A messianic figure who will bring the different people together,
      preach the message of unity and understanding and seem to possess a
      vast amount of Charisma.<<

      Robert writes:

      Again, I don't have any inside *information*,
      other than what I have already written. There
      are mamny speculations or "revelations" around.

      One (alleged) Anthro who used to be very
      active on these e-lists has named Karl Rove as
      the incarnation of Ahriman. Take that for
      whatever it's worth; I'd say about zero.

      I've seen some talk that the active "rule"
      of Ahriman will take place in the 42 months
      leading up to Dec. 21, 2012. And I've seen
      a suggestion that, considering that the
      False Prophet might have been born 6 months
      before Ahriman as the Baptist was born 6
      months before the Luke Jusus, and postulating
      that Ahriman was born in Feb. 1962 -- then
      the charismatic False Prophet would have
      been born in early August 1961. And take
      that for whatever it's worth, but I wouldn't
      do anything rash.

      Bottom line: I don't really know.

      V wrote:

      >>I know Lievegoed predicted that Ahriman's incorporation will take
      place in the Middle East but I wonder what made him to think that
      way? Maybe he got an glimpse of his name, an Arabic sounding name...<<

      Robert writes:

      I don't know about L, but I have heard indirectly
      that Willi Sucher thought that the Antichrist
      was born in Tobruk during the astrological
      event of February 1962. I don't know why, or
      really even whether he came to that conclusion,
      but if he did, I would assume that it was on
      astroposophical considerations.

      Robert Mason
    • nadmateescu
      Dear Robert, As I followed your posts about R. Powell s statements, there is another book which maybe will provide some interesting aspects in regard of these
      Message 43 of 43 , Feb 25, 2009
        Dear Robert,

        As I followed your posts about R. Powell's statements, there is
        another book which maybe will provide some interesting aspects in
        regard of these subjects.


        Christ & the Maya Calendar
        2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist
        Robert Powell, Kevin Dann

        Best regards, Dan

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Mason"
        <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
        > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "moniker_9"
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        > >
        > > Robert, there's something I'm unclear about here. That date in
        > > February of 1962 for Ahriman's incarnation - was that from Willi
        > > Sucher or Jean Dixon? - Larry
        > Robert writes:
        > Both, apparently. Here is a report from Robert
        > Powell:
        > <http://www.eleggua.com/Spirit/Powell6.html>
        > ***
        > In fact a definite date for the birth of Antichrist was communicated
        > by the American clairvoyant Jeanne Dixon in her book My Life and
        > Prophecies. In this book she refers to a vision she had of the birth
        > of Antichrist at sunrise on February 5 1962, at a place in the Middle
        > East - a matter of hours after a total eclipse of the Sun in the
        > sidereal sign of Capricorn. There was indeed a most spectacular
        > alignment of planets in Capricorn at this time of birth of Antichrist
        > as indicated by Jeanne Dixon, with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, the
        > Sun, Mercury and the Moon aligned with the Moon's Node in Capricorn.
        > The last time such a grand conjunction of the seven visible planets
        > occurred was in 1524. If the future "World President"was actually
        > born in 1962, then in 2010 he will be forty-eight years old, at the
        > height of his power.
        > In a conversation with Willi Sucher (1902 - 1985) some sixteen years
        > ago, he indicated that he had done research into Jeanne Dixon's
        > vision and found it quite plausible. Willi Sucher even identified the
        > place of birth as Tobruk, Libya. When asked about the significance of
        > the planetary alignment in Capricorn, he replied: "In antiquity
        > Capricorn was called the 'gateway of the gods', and what better
        > moment could Antichrist choose to be born than when all the planets
        > are aligned in front of Capricorn, blocking the gateway to the
        > spiritual world, in order to establish his rulership in a world of
        > materialism, cutting off humanity from all spirituality.
        > Whether or not Jeanne Dixon's vision is true remains to be seen.
        > ***
        > Robert M continues:
        > Indeed; many of Jeanne Dixon's prophecies were
        > proven to be false, while some apparently came
        > true. And while much of what Powell writes is
        > IMO very dubious, to put it mildly, I would
        > assume that he can get the astronomical facts
        > straight, and I wouldn't think that he would
        > lie about Sucher. But still, we don't know
        > exactly what Sucher said.
        > Robert Mason
        > "
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