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  • elfuncle
    ... No need to encourage illegal pirate-downloads in this case, which would get Yahoo! on our necks. The documentary you re referring to is four years old and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "petergregory01"
      <petergregory01@...> wrote:
      > I have read anthroposophy for nearly thirty years.
      > I am not one for watching television; I have nothing against it as
      > such, but most of what is put out is garbage. I came across a
      > recommendation about a documentary entitled 'The Power of Nightmares'
      > some time ago, but because it was made for TV, I dismissed it.
      > I have since watched the documentary. It was made by Adam Curtis.
      > On the back of seeing 'The Power of Nightmares' I also watched 'The
      > Century of the Self' and am now watching 'The Trap', also made by
      > Adam Curtis. I have never seen a study of the influence of Ahriman
      > in the modern era quite like any of these documentaries.
      > I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Curtis. I do not know whether he
      > possesses occult knowledge, but he most certainly does possess
      > insight (and frankly, the two are the same).
      > The Power of Nightmares was never shown in America because it
      > contains some highly critical and unpleasant truths that Americans
      > (most, but not all) do not want to hear. It charts the rise of Al
      > Qaeda in the Arab world and the Neo-Conservatives in America and
      > shows – with some distinction – how both are flip sides of the same
      > coin. In the Century of the Self, Adam Curtis demonstrates how
      > individualism has come to dominate Western society, and how this has
      > led to distrust and isolation and has come to affect all walks of
      > life.
      > The programs are probably unavailable on TV at present. Although it
      > is illegal, they are available for download via the larger torrent
      > sites. For what it's worth, if the only way such programs can be
      > seen is illegally, then the law is an ass.

      No need to encourage illegal pirate-downloads in this case, which
      would get Yahoo! on our necks. The documentary you're referring to is
      four years old and available for free and legal download as **an
      antique** at:


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