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RS re true internationalism

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  • Robert Mason
    To all: Considering all the talk about Steiner’s alleged racism, it might be very worthwhile to look at a lecture that has just appeared at the eLIb:
    Message 1 of 43 , Aug 28, 2008
      To all:

      Considering all the talk about Steiner’s
      alleged racism, it might be very worthwhile to
      look at a lecture that has just appeared at the

      Lecture: The Peoples of the Earth in the Light
      of Anthroposophy
      Lecture: 10th March, 1920 | Stuttgart |

      Here RS explains how a true internationalism
      must appreciate the differences among peoples.
      Of course, the lecture deserves to be read in
      full, but here are just a few relevant snips:

      “. . . . the particular qualities which make
      one people great are not possessed by the
      others, and we can understand these qualities
      only when we are able to love the other Peoples
      and appreciate the full value of their
      particular gifts. It is just when we penetrate
      into the inner nature and essence of the
      Peoples of the Earth that we find the
      differences of their individual natures. And
      then we realise that the all-embracing sphere
      of the ‘human’ is not expressed in its entirety
      through any individual man, or through the
      members of any one race, but only through the
      whole of mankind. If anyone would understand
      what he is in his whole being, let him study
      the characteristics of the different peoples of
      the Earth. Let him assimilate the qualities
      which he himself cannot possess by nature, for
      only then will he become fully man. Full and
      complete manhood is a possibility for everyone.
      Everyone should pay heed to what lives in his
      own inner being. The revelation vouchsafed to
      other peoples is not his and he must find it in
      them. In his heart he feels and knows that this
      is necessary. If he discovers what is great and
      characteristic in the other peoples and allows
      this to penetrate deeply into his own being, he
      will realise that the purpose of his existence
      cannot be fulfilled without these other
      qualities, because they are also part of his
      own inner striving. The possibility of full
      manhood lies in every individual, but it must
      be brought to fulfilment by understanding the
      special characteristics of the different
      peoples spread over the Earth.”

      “Whether we apply this to smaller races and
      individual peoples, or confine ourselves to
      what is typical everywhere we see that man in
      his whole nature is not expressed in the
      members of any one people or race. Full manhood
      is as yet only an urge within us, but this urge
      must grow into a love for all humanity, for
      those qualities we do not ourselves possess by
      nature but can acquire if we sincerely seek for
      knowledge of the nature of other peoples of the

      “True internationalism, by contrast, springs
      from a love which goes out to all peoples and
      races in order that the light received from
      them may be kindled in the deeds, concepts and
      creations of one's own people. Each individual
      race must so find its place in the great chorus
      of the peoples on the Earth that it contributes
      to the full understanding which can alone unite
      them all in real and mutual knowledge.”
    • nadmateescu
      Dear Robert, As I followed your posts about R. Powell s statements, there is another book which maybe will provide some interesting aspects in regard of these
      Message 43 of 43 , Feb 25, 2009
        Dear Robert,

        As I followed your posts about R. Powell's statements, there is
        another book which maybe will provide some interesting aspects in
        regard of these subjects.


        Christ & the Maya Calendar
        2012 & the Coming of the Antichrist
        Robert Powell, Kevin Dann

        Best regards, Dan

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        > >
        > > Robert, there's something I'm unclear about here. That date in
        > > February of 1962 for Ahriman's incarnation - was that from Willi
        > > Sucher or Jean Dixon? - Larry
        > Robert writes:
        > Both, apparently. Here is a report from Robert
        > Powell:
        > <http://www.eleggua.com/Spirit/Powell6.html>
        > ***
        > In fact a definite date for the birth of Antichrist was communicated
        > by the American clairvoyant Jeanne Dixon in her book My Life and
        > Prophecies. In this book she refers to a vision she had of the birth
        > of Antichrist at sunrise on February 5 1962, at a place in the Middle
        > East - a matter of hours after a total eclipse of the Sun in the
        > sidereal sign of Capricorn. There was indeed a most spectacular
        > alignment of planets in Capricorn at this time of birth of Antichrist
        > as indicated by Jeanne Dixon, with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, the
        > Sun, Mercury and the Moon aligned with the Moon's Node in Capricorn.
        > The last time such a grand conjunction of the seven visible planets
        > occurred was in 1524. If the future "World President"was actually
        > born in 1962, then in 2010 he will be forty-eight years old, at the
        > height of his power.
        > In a conversation with Willi Sucher (1902 - 1985) some sixteen years
        > ago, he indicated that he had done research into Jeanne Dixon's
        > vision and found it quite plausible. Willi Sucher even identified the
        > place of birth as Tobruk, Libya. When asked about the significance of
        > the planetary alignment in Capricorn, he replied: "In antiquity
        > Capricorn was called the 'gateway of the gods', and what better
        > moment could Antichrist choose to be born than when all the planets
        > are aligned in front of Capricorn, blocking the gateway to the
        > spiritual world, in order to establish his rulership in a world of
        > materialism, cutting off humanity from all spirituality.
        > Whether or not Jeanne Dixon's vision is true remains to be seen.
        > ***
        > Robert M continues:
        > Indeed; many of Jeanne Dixon's prophecies were
        > proven to be false, while some apparently came
        > true. And while much of what Powell writes is
        > IMO very dubious, to put it mildly, I would
        > assume that he can get the astronomical facts
        > straight, and I wouldn't think that he would
        > lie about Sucher. But still, we don't know
        > exactly what Sucher said.
        > Robert Mason
        > "
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