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Black Irish and the decadents

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  • Robert Mason
    To Tom Mellett, ... metabolic hindbrain . . . .
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2008
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      To Tom Mellett,
      who wrote to his cohorts in the Snake Nest:

      >>Johnny Cochrane with his clever "black Irish"
      metabolic hindbrain . . . .<<

      Of course, you were just joshing to get in
      another little dig at Steiner for his
      alleged "racism", but since I seem to recall
      that you referred to yourself as "Black
      Irish", I thought that I'd take the
      opportunity to give you more ammunition --
      since we both have a personal interest in
      the matter.

      (And BTW, Johhny Cochran died because his
      brain was infected with cancer, probably
      cell-phone induced, but maybe a little
      karmic come-uppance mixed in?)

      I had occasion to look into this matter
      many years ago, through personal interest
      and before I encounter Steiner. I have an
      hereditary anemia called *thalassemia
      minor*, aka *Mediterranean anemia* because
      of its relatively common occurance in that
      region. But I have no ancestry from there,
      that I know of; by physical heredity I'm
      British: English, Scots, and Welsh.

      But according to conventional anthropology
      (CS Coon especially) there are some remants
      of the pre-Celtic Britons still in the
      gene pool, especially in Wales. These
      pre-Celts were Neolithic seafarers related
      to the Basques and Berbers.

      Many believe that these Neolithic people
      were the ancestors also of the Black Irish.
      For instance, in Wikipedia:

      "In recently published books (Blood of the Isles by Bryan Sykes and The Origins of the British - A Genetic Detective Story by Stephen Oppenheimer), both authors propose that ancient inhabitants of Ireland can be traced back to the Iberian Peninsula, as a result of a series of migrations that took place during the Mesolithic and to a lesser extent the Neolithic Age. These movements theoretically laid the foundations for present-day populations in the British Isles.[12][13] According to journalist Nicholas Wade, Oppenheimer maintains there is a great lineal commonality between the Irish and British people, as reported in the March 6, 2007 edition of the New York Times. Oppenheimer also advances the controversial claim that a language closely related to Basque was long ago spoken by their shared ancestors.[14][15]

      Anthropology has long believed that an
      ancient non-Aryan race inhabited the
      Mediterranean region before the coming of
      the "Indo-Europeans", the Greeks, the
      Latins, the Celts, etc. These non-Aryans
      were apparently the ancestors of the
      Basques and Berbers, probably also the
      Mycenaeans, the Etruscans, Albanians maybe
      . . . . and the Neolithic Britons, my
      ancestors and yours.

      Since reading Steiner, I have seen that
      these Neolithic Mediterraneans are most
      likely the same people that RS called the
      *Akkadians*; they fit the description;
      they are different from the Aryan ancestors
      that went with Manu to Central Asia.

      Now, this nasty racist Steiner said some
      nasty things about our dear Akkadian
      ancestors; for instance he groups them
      with those inscrutable, decadent Orientals:

      "The Atlanteans gradually evolved though seven sub-races: Rmoahals, Tlavatli, and primal Toltecs, Turanians, Semites, Akkadians and Mongols. It was among the primal Semites that the unification of the two points first occurred, and clear self-consciousness arose. The two following sub-races, the primal Akkadians and Mongols, really went beyond the goal of Atlantean humanity."

      . . . and worse, with those decadent

      "We now come to the region where the original Semitic element mingled with the new. Rishi-Priests migrated there and found decadent Primal Semites and also decadent Acadians. Thus the Manu founded a new branch by amalgamating his immigrants with the decadent Primal Semites — those who during the time of their prime in Atlantean Civilization had developed the art of arithmetic. The outcome was the wisdom of Chaldea: astrology, astronomy, astronomical observatories, the calendar, and principles of measure and weight. The immigrants who amalgamated with the ancient trading people, the Acadians, were used, in this combination, to create new colonies: the Phoenicians and the Tyrians."

      But he doesn't stop there; he even bad-
      mouths our Celtic ancestors as having
      polluted their race with decadent
      Hyperborean blood:

      "In the north, the mingling of Hyperborean and Rishi civilization produced the new Celtic Civilization. What had been found there originally was an Atlantean-Hyperborean element with which little could be done. It was necessary for a new impulse to be given, and the result was the mixing of the Celtic with the Druidic Culture. The reason why Druidic Culture had so much spirituality was because it was still able to absorb the sublime spirituality that surpassed the Atlantean and the Lemurian. Because the Celtic element had the Hyperborean strain in it, it could not hold its own and petered out in the subsequent civilizations."

      -- Tom, what does this mean? Are we,
      you and I, so bastardized that we do not
      qualify as belonging to the superior
      Jupiter race? Does our polluted, decadent
      ancestry explain why we are so phukked-up?
      Do you think that you could get me into
      the WC so that we could inaugurate the
      Anthro-Akkadian Liberation Front?

      Decadently yours,

      Robert Mason
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