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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Invisible Cross

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  • Albert Sándor
    I just wanted to share a fine piece of music, with lyrics perhaps about personal /karmic hell. Why should I explain it ? It speaks for itself. And even if I d
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 31, 2008
      I just wanted to share a fine piece of music, with lyrics perhaps about personal /karmic hell.
      Why should I explain it ? It speaks for itself. And even if I'd explain, I could only explain what it means for me ... being grateful for the continuity of my breath and heart rythm since I've first fell in love with this song fifteen years ago, the fact that I found it today by browsing youtube, realizing the universal message of it's lyrics, thinking of a dear person also in hell on the other side of the globe, and sending the link under this impulse, without even watching it (I ran it in the background of my browser, while working.)
      All you folks think you own my life
      But you never made any sacrifice
      Demons they are on my trail
      Im standing at the crossroads of the hell
      I look to the left I look to the right
      Therere hands that grab me on every side

      All you folks think I got my price
      At which Ill sell all that is mine
      You think money rules when all else fails
      Go sell your soul and keep your shell
      Im trying to protect what I keep inside
      All the reasons why I live my life

      Some say the devil be a mystical thing
      I say the devil he a walking man
      He a fool he a liar conjurer and a thief
      He try to tell you what you want
      Try to tell you what you need

      Standing at the point
      The road it cross you down
      What is at your back
      Which way do you turn
      Who will come to find you first
      Your devils or your gods

      All you folks think you run my life
      Say I should be willing to compromise
      I say all you demons go back to hell
      Ill save my soul save myself
      Just a simple share. It does not come cloes to what you shared ... and the lyrics alone are questionables in it's various interpretations.
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      I'm sorry jesterknown, I don't do the youtube scene. Maybe you can put  in words what you might like to be known.


      All good things,


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      Well, be careful what you wish for Albert Sandor. Be very careful, for before we reach anything higher we must reach the lowest. Although  you jest, as you are the jester known, and as you know, the spirit works in funny ways. Especially if you think what you know is better than another.


      All good things,


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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_ tomorrow] The Invisible Cross
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      Hey, it is becoming crowded. I hope at least some of us will be granted access to the superior floors.
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      Dear Friends,


      I am in hell:) Funny this hell, its the only way to have the feet washed with the blood of the heart: the final precept of Mabel Collins Light on the Path. There just is no other way. And its beautiful if you can bring thinking to the experience at that very moment and moments through what is termed 'etherization of the blood' in Rudolf Steiner's work.


      Mabel Collins: 1888


      'Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears.

      Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.

      Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it

      must have lost the power to wound. Before the soul can stand

      in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the

      blood of the heart.'


      And in this it seems to me we can find the cross, and in the human being this represents the 'essence of the invisible cross' we carry everyday, consciously or unconsciously. Steiner student or not. And even in that the Steiner student has an even greater responsibility to be awake to this invisible cross and the forebearance to carry it in a conscious manner. It is an inner activity that is compelled by the outer circumstances. Just as was true for Christ.

      This passage by Mabel Collins is the entry way to what must take place in order to 'take up the body and walk'. And this is the responsibility, if I may be so bold, of the Steiner student who is compelled to do this work.

      As a Steiner student who is willing to do the exercises and live a life that puts your fanny on the line, it is a good thing. If all you do is put your fanny on the line and try to impose your will on another it doesn't work. Although the final precept might be what you are working on, as long as you have the power to wound in your speech, in your future birth/creative organ, you will suffer for the sake of suffering, or being outcast without the true ability to find your brotherhood in its highest element. As long as you have the power to wound and do not ask of your own self, 'what ails me' instead of 'what ails thee' in moments of adversity with another, you will continue to suffer if you are one who has the capacity to rise to the capacity of 'taking up the body' and walking.


      Those four precepts have to do with moral imagination. And the reason it is so important is due to the fact that one must not enter into the spiritual realms and participate in Manna if they have not outed their desires of the lower ego, not necessarily in regards to sex, rather in regards to your brother in adversarial moments. This is the Christ deed in a nutshell: he completely surrendered to the Christ as we must do. He was so weakened because his spiritual bodies had given itself over to man, his adversary, at that time. To the Prince of this world. He surrendered His entire Being, unto the Earth so that it could be saved. So must we do in order to be like Christ.


      The Prince, the Hosts of this world, use human beings to affect their desires of total domination of the Spirit. This is why the Christ could sweat beads of blood: it is a sign the Body was completely washed with the blood of the heart. Man becomes weakened through the attacks of others to the point that the body cannot withstand as the power of the Prince and Hosts are able to enter in and are like parasites on the flowers of man, the chakras of man. And this is how the Christ could feel weakened as well as other things stated by Rudolf Steiner.


      The Christ could say 'Father forgive them' as this is the final experience man must have in order to truly reach up to his furtherance of his spiritual evolution. Some may be at certain points on this Invisible Cross and can take care to know consciously where he is at this point in time.

      'For they know not what they do' is true for man in relations to the other in his life, seemingly good or bad.


      In order to work in the spiritual worlds we must not have the power to wound or affect another out of our own wants and desires, antipathies and/or sympathies, if we are going to do it from a human point of view, from our own current being at this particular time.  And if we take ourselves well in hand we can be led to those experiences consciously that are transforming our spirit bodies.


      Currently it is not the time for the Stigmata as we are in the Consciousness Soul Age. If we have a stigmata as this is par for our particular course of our biography it is one thing, however if we work to obtain this stigmata through jesuit practices we walk a path of magic unbeknownst to our selves. One may think having the stigmata in this life time is where we are leading ourselves, this would not be true in as far as I have been able to understand.


      If we contemplate the wounds of the Christ we would have to come to an understanding of what this means for our spirit bodies, not for knowledge in the sense that it affects our being ever tied closer to the bodies, no, rather for understanding for that particular time what the Christ Himself had to do in order to rise. When others such as St. Francis attained this stigmata it was due to the suffering he understood to not be suffering yet the other found it was suffering: St. Francis suffered for others so that they would not have to suffer alone. And in this willingness to suffer for another, to sacrafice for another, he attained to the final passage of this passage by Mable Collins: his feet were washed with the blood of the heart.


      Christ was preparing his disciples for this washing, His Very Self. And the reason the Magdalene was there to begin this is that she stands and stood at the feet position of the Tree: the Malkutha. This is why it is said that the daugther is closest to the Father in the Tree of Life on the kaballa: it is only through her, Anthroposophia, that the human can find the Christ and therefore the Way to the Father. He will have woken up his Will through this action of total conscious surrender. And then just like Daniel and also St. Paul, the Angel will lift you out of the lions den of man for your willingness to sacrafice for another.


      This happens as well in and most with the karmic situations. If one is truly acting from a selfless position, and not THINKING they are acting from a selfless position, one can choose to sacrafice for another human being, a friend in the spiritual worlds before birth, instead of just walking through the maze of suffering and joy. We must consider to have the experience and then THINK of the experience that is occurring. This is how we can be conscious of what is taking place in the spirit bodies on the human body as we move through the experience. If we think about what is occuring, the fluctuations of the body in relations to the issue, versus the issue itself, we will find our way to the final precept of the passage offered up to the world via Mabel Collins. And then we will have an experience of what it means to have the host devouring the spirit through our thoughts. And then we must change our thoughts in that moment, and if you can be awake to it you will experience how the spirit, how you help your spirit body to fight the host, the parasites, that are trying to take over and infiltrate the spirit.


      Moral imagination is such a key. It is not about a human morals, rather spiritual morals. See human morals do not take into account karma, it only takes into account the morals of the human world with no reconciling one to the other in relations to past lives and what has been chosen by the human beings interacting. And that is why the father suffers for his daughters sacrafice: he can not bear to see on the human level what she has chosen over and over again just as the angels and all the cosmic world had to turn away from watching: for He had chosen this moment, the Christ, and it was unbearable, unimagineable to witness such an act: the fire of love was too bright for all.


      John Barnwell has offered the greatest gift I have found of all the  books I have read since Steiner's time. This book Arcana of Light on the Path is a gift just as the passage via Mabel Collins was a gift to the human world by the great teachers of mankind.


      If we look at the Christ in His final acts we shall find this invisible cross speaking to us about our own passage from life to life. If we consider the sweating of blood in relations to the washing of the feet, and also to the water changing into wine, we shall find greater understanding in our experience. If we consider the 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do' we shall find our work in this world which is so beautifully spoken through the 'turn the cheek seven times seventy' that has been so misunderstood by the world and also by Steiner students who fight the true meaning of that world with the whole 'well look at what he did in the Temple to those exchanging monies'. So misunderstood and just a way of trying to stop the final surrender. The three questions that were posed to Peter after the Christ had transitioned had to do with the fact that he could not allow his feet to be washed with the blood of the heart. He could not. If we look at all his denials we find mans denial over and over again.


      The invisible cross when consciously recogized allows us to bear it even though we may sweat blood. If we know we do this in Christ and continue to walk and shake in our boots, we will no longer need food rather we will be supplied with Manas. Manas from heaven.


      All good things,





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