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Manas from Heaven

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  • dottie zold
    Mabel Collins: 1888   Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears. Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness. Before the
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      Mabel Collins: 1888


      'Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears.

      Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.

      Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it

      must have lost the power to wound. Before the soul can stand

      in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the

      blood of the heart.'

      Dear Friends,


      Considering things have changed a bit yesterday it seems to me that I can have a better understanding of the humor of the Gods, so spoken many times by many a poet. And this leads me to the thought of karma.


      It seems to me that karma will have its day. We must find a way to recognize that all our karma that has not been resolved will meet us. And if we are conscious, or are working towards consciousness and have a steady faith and practice in the Christic principles that have arisen out of the Mystery of Golgotha, and now by extension the Mystery of the Christmas Conference otherwise known as the Christmas Foundation Meeting, we shall take our karma in hand with the courage we have built up in our exercises over however many years we have been studying.


      We must meet our karma in this lifetime to the best of our ability head on with a thinking heart. Not just a heart that feels, nor a head that thinks, but what occurs through the marriage procession of uniting the two for this consciousness soul age. And when we do we will well be on our way to working with the highest teachers brought forth through the Mother-lodge of Humanity.


      If the utmost task of the student of Rudolf Steiner is to develop the Ego, to birth the Ego, then we must take our karma in hand. And if we do this lightly or even in the sense as President Bush who said 'bring 'em on' we are so going to be in a very big mess. A really big mess. It is done with a steadfast heart, one that knows it will shake, but through the friendships we develop we can meet these incidents rightly. If we over and over ask while sobbing or whatever may be, what ails me, how can I change my behavior, please help me to see what is trying to speak to me, the Being will step in and avail yourself to yourself. This is Anthroposophia. She shows us to ourselves. She is the Being of the Consciousness Soul Age. She is the modern emissary of the Sophia. One in which the ressurectional forces live as well as the community building element.


      If we look at Jesus and what he was able to lift himself to we have a greater appreciation  of him as a human being and the path thereof. He could not carry that Cross alone, he was so weakened by the thoughts and actions of man, and the use thereof by the Prince of this World, the one he came to save, as one part of a seven fold mystery, that another had to help him, be compelled, or so we are told, to help him. He had a community of friends who walked along and heard him, and tried with him to reach higher levels. Jesus did not reach this ability alone. All along the way he met with those in the karmic past, if we consider the Zarathustra child's past, and know and can see where this was leading. Zarathustra guiding this Being, this sister soul of Adam, to what would become the sacrifice for man, on a microcosmic level, of what had just been from a macro-cosmic level, to finally a death that would be the marriage of the human and cosmic world in all its possibilities to heal the Fall, speaks of what we, each of us, must accomplish. And because Christ came and because the Sister Soul of Adam, sacrificed themselves, we can know beyond a shadow of a doubt, we do not walk alone. And we will be lifted up and out of the misery of our thinking once we are able, to as John the Baptist brought, 'change our thinking'.


      Intuition and Will move together. I believe these are the Father principles in this world. And to me it seems we can consciously trace the path of Rudolf Steiner more clearly when we our own selves work this path towards the goal of the Christ Principle which is building toward the next Hierarchy known by many names and also this one: the Hierarchy of the Good, or even the Tenth Hierarchy.


      It seems to me that I can understand by my experiences recently that at some point when we meet our Teacher, as a good student is wont to do, this teacher becomes the Being that thinks within us.  It's not a separate voice any longer once introductions are made. Rather it seems to me that it is represented as an Intuition, but not of the kind that we were very good at as Shepherds rather as one that now has knowledge through the marriage of the heart and mind along the lines of Mabel Collins passage shared above.


      I think this is how Rudolf Steiner shared the passages we find in Calender of the Soul. It seems if we follow the traditional translation we find the 'being thinks in me' type of sharing. If we follow some of those re translations we are finding man thinking instead of the Being that thought in Rudolf Steiner. We find it is being made in the 'me' instead of the essential 'we' that is inherent in the original wording of Rudolf Steiner. Or at least that is what occurred to me today through my experience of the Being, my Teacher, thinking in me.


      Intuition with a capitol I has to do with the Being thinking in us. It is Manas from Heaven. Even our memory changes in the sense that once we allow our antipathies and sympathies of a thing to fall away, even that a car is blue, that has just passed by, the Teacher can think in us. This is co working with the Spiritual Worlds. And it can only be available either through force of the Being, black magic, or by total surrender through the consciousness soul.


      I want to share a passage from The Foundation Stone, a book by Willem Zeylmans Emmichoven.  I found it yesterday as I was looking to quiet my own thinking. The italics will be mine unless otherwise stated. I did this as i was so shocked to find what I had in the first passage that I had to reread it over and over again. I just couldn't believe what I had just read. There is also a mention of the 'fourth mystery' here which calls to mind for me the fourth precept of Mabel Collins passage above.


      Rudolf Steiner's Departure:


      "The General Anthroposophical Society, which received its form through the Christmas Meeting, had an organic structure. It has already been mentioned that the national societies - after they had become clear about their tasks - had banded together as the General Anthroposophical Society, in order to realize, through this merging,  the wide human aims of the movement. Through joining together, their own tasks were deepened in relation to the needs of humanity at large. In a sense, therefore, the children appeared before the mother was born. But when the mother appeared, the children could recognize their own nature in her being.


      During the Foundation Meeting at Christmas 1923, Rudolf Steiner proposed the formation of the Vorstand in which he was to have the role of Vorsitzender (President). The meeting agreed with great enthusiasm.


      This Vorstand was conceived as a small group existing within the Society whose task was leadership and initiative. 'To live Anthroposophy and put it into practice' was to be the Vorstand's prime task. The officials of the different national society's had, so to speak, a standing invitation which enabled them, when in Dornach, to consider themselves as members of the Vorstand not only as advisers, but, as Rudolf Steiner expressed it, as members with equal rights. Every arrangement for the future was made on the basis of 'we'. Rudolf Steiner always spoke of the Vorstand as a unity: 'The Vorstand will' or 'the Vorstand has'. In the Statutes, the national societies were not mentioned as such. Only 'Groups formed locally or for particular purposes' are referred to. The word 'we' is used throughout. It was expected that the members everywhere would experience themselves as groups in new social forms. 'The cultivation of the soul on the basis of knowledge of the spiritual world' was the general theme. One may also say that through the Christmas meeting a general summons went out to each individual to experience himself within the Society, (Emmichoven's italics) and to assist consciously in carrying this community. The Foundation Stone Meditation provided the path to this experience.


      For the Free High School, other Statutes are involved. To begin with, Rudolf Steiner took over the leadership of this High School, as he himself said. In this role, his task was to work as a spiritual teacher in all aspects of the anthroposophical life. The First Class was established by him and also brought to a provisional conclusion. A beginning was made in the Medical Section towards putting the different Sections on an esoteric basis. The Sections were linked as such to the First Class, and only members of the Class could belong to their respective Sections.


      It is clear that Rudolf Steiner made a tremendous sacrifice in linking himself with the Society in so intimate a way. That he did so was a spiritual event of the deepest significance, not only for his own destiny but for that of all members. When a spiritual teacher links himself to his pupils, it means that he takes upon himself their destinies as well. From the Foundation Meeting on, there existed not only the personal relationship of the teacher to pupil, which had held in very many cases previously, but the Teacher, as first Vorsitzender of the Society, also embraced all the members into his own Karma. This esoteric element, as Rudolf Steiner said, was now to imbue the whole Movement. As a result, everything which the members neglected to do or failed to comprehend in this respect would from then on represent a direct obstacle in Rudolf Steiner's own path. He wished to bring the members to recognize themselves and each other against the background of the historical stream to which they belonged. In this way, truly fraternal feeling could arise and be cultivated even between strongly contrasting personalities. Each member was gradually to come to know the spiritual streams which, within the various Mysteries, had prepared over thousands of years for the Mystery of Golgotha and its subsequent effects. In particular, Rudolf Steiner described, in mighty spiritual pictures, the events which had taken place in the spiritual world since the twelfth century: the spiritual council of the leading representatives of these streams, of the Michael School, and the Cosmic Cult. It was made clear that very, very many of those who found their way into the Anthroposophical Movement on earth had taken part in these events.


       When one looks back after 33 years on this indescribably exalted revelation, one can see what a responsibility the members took upon themselves, simply through listening to these revelations apart from anything else. And when one then considers that the manner in which they reacted could be directly helpful or harmful to Rudolf Steiner, it is not surprising that after a time Rudolf Steiner fell ill. He himself indicated that his illness was not due to overwork, giving too many lectures or such like, but rather to endless conversations. It became clear that the members did not respond inwardly to his impulses, but rather loaded him with their personal problems. During September 1924, the last month of his active work among the members, ten to fifteen such conversations took place each day, in between the four to five lectures which he held daily.


      We have seen how the first Goetheanum went up in flames. Rudolf Steiner had brought down from exalted spiritual realms the formative forces of the physical and the etheric worlds. One may also say that the forces of his own etheric sheath were built into it. When the building met its fiery death, not only Rudolf Steiner's work but his own life forces were affected. One could feel that from then on he had constantly to take new life-forces into himself from the cosmic spaces. During his lectures, he could live directly in the spirit and renew himself from the spirit; but when he had to concern himself on the physical plane with all kinds of external problems, or with people and all their complications, his organism was worn down. His body was like a fragile sheath after the fire. When his sheath lit up, illumined by the spirit, one experienced the mighty forces of his spiritual being.


      During his illness, he could no longer speak to the members as before; nevertheless, he wrote every day the Letters which contained both the last and the highest of what he still had to say. His death, as has already been mentioned in the introduction to this book, was taken up into the great Mystery which an attempt has here been made to describe; it appeared as the fourth phase of this Mystery. The laying of the Foundation Stone made the Stone visible in physical, mineral, form as a double pentagonal dodecahedron. As the Goetheanum grew, its forms and colours became a path of training for Imaginative consciousness. Although it was brought down from the highest spiritual worlds and reborn as Inspiration in Rudolf Steiner's soul, it displayed its nature on earth in image form, only to be fully appreciated by Imaginative consciousness. The Foundation Stone which was laid in the hearts of men in 1923, was the transformed Gotheanum itself. For the images carried up by the flames and transformed in the fire, came resounding back from the spiritual heights in the words of the Foundation Stone, to be experienced in Inspiration.


      Just as the Goetheanum building rose up on the first Foundation Stone, so the General Anthroposophical Society was to grow up from the second Foundation Stone as a society in which the human soul could be at home. Rudolf Steiner's departure into the spiritual world was for us a shattering sign that the individual was not yet in a position to make the necessary sacrifices to form this new spiritual community. This departure, therefore, could become for us the task of developing Intuitive consciousness.


      In Imagination, the soul rises up to the pictures which reveal themselves spiritually; but these pictures, although they have a spiritual origin, still have a subjective colouring. The Imagination must be banished once more from the soul, they must be removed by auto-suggestion, as Rudolf Steiner also expressed it. The aim is to remain awake with an empty consciousness, so that the spiritual world may allow its Inspirations to stream in. But to achieve Intuition, all egotism must have been overcome, so that the pure will may become a vessel for the Will of the Spirit. In Intuition, Rudolf Steiner also once said, one gives oneself to the Gods as food, one allows oneself to be consumed by them.


      With these inadequate words the fourth phase of the Mystery which is connected with the Foundation Stone may perhaps be expressed. Following Rudolf Steiner's death, the central task can only be the spiritual awakening of the Ego in each individual, and the further treading of anthroposophical paths in free community. In this sense it will be possible to speak of a continuation of the impulse of the Christmas Meeting."


       All good things,





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