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  • Albert S├índor
    I subscribe. It is genuine, up close personal, touching, wise ... anything you want. It is clarrifying. It is extremely helpful. It is just what I needed. It
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      I subscribe. It is genuine, up close personal, touching, wise ... anything you want.
      It is clarrifying. It is extremely helpful. It is just what I needed.
      It makes spirituality real, as it is not in my soul anymore, but apparently, it is there in the outer world, in other souls too. I am not alone.
      Hey ... I can't say how greatly I value what Dottie shared.
      You are not alone, either, Dottie. I hope you know that. If not, I say it again. You are not alone, sister.
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      From: Kim
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      Dearest Dottie,

      You are so right and I think this is one of your best pieces ever.

      With Love

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      > Hey Friends,
      > Whew. Well, what a year it has been is all I can say! I remember
      turning 45 in December and realizing that all my efforts were going to
      come together in this year, all my work was somehow ready to be
      transformed into a new way of working. But funny as I was going
      through this most difficult year I failed to reconcile my feeling of
      what I was saying with what the reality would be towards the
      understanding that 'all would be transformed into something new'. I
      guess in some way we don't realize what is required for
      transformations to happen. And if we did I think we would work from
      our personality to alter the painful moments into something more
      manageable for ourselves. Which of course would be total delusion and
      depending on our capacity, black magic.
      > There is something about our personalities that so gets in the way.
      In each of us. We get in our own way of the Beings trying to work with
      us and through us. Again depending on the capacity it can have greater
      concerns and bring about greater tragic moments, or seemingly tragic
      moments, that really are nothing but the Beings, those working with
      us, are throwing in our way to get us back on track of our purpose.
      And depending on our capacity what they are working on in the world,
      along side of us.
      > Intent is a big thing. I mighty big thing. Thinking in and of itself
      is a spiritual activity. We all do it. Some of us have our reactions
      in things which is not a spiritual activity. As usually it is based on
      some type of feeling that is unrecognized and then turns into some
      willing that is unbalanced even though we think we are being balanced,
      and then chaos ensues, chaos has oh so many normal looking forms I
      would have to say. So many different ways of chaos that one would not
      know that within chaos is birth. However we tend to just live in a
      chaos that has now become conditioned to who we are and what we think.
      And usually its not even thinking, its dead thoughts moving back and
      forth, up and down, all over the place. Real thinking requires
      > Transforming our regular thinking on any given subject we are
      committed, to whether this be politically or personally, is so
      important towards our spiritual development. One can check their
      personal picks of the week and personal rants of the week to see where
      they were a few years back. Anything change or are you still saying
      and repeating the dead thoughts out of unrecognized feelings or
      feelings you have made your own and made sure they stay there, until
      the cows come home? What solutions have you come up with in your
      personal relationships that do not work, or in your political
      outlooks, or work place, that actually are transformative towards
      those you consider adversaries or adversarial? Any? Or are you still
      repeating the same words over and over and findings lots of others who
      agree with you?
      > In order for us to move past the point of 'building our hut' we must
      find a way to let the personality move out and allow the higher beings
      to think i us. It is our birthright to reach for the gold bar. As
      Steiner students it is imperative that we give the utmost we can
      towards this goal of co working with the higher beings. I think we
      tend to co work with our own thinking instead of moving to the
      thirteenth step of co working with that which we do not know but do
      understand to be there, or do experience from time to time as being
      there along side of us unseen but definitely with us. Waiting. It's
      kinda like looking down for the ones who light up from within due to
      the work they are doing on themselves: not how nice and good they are
      becoming but how they are getting appalled by their own behavior,
      their own inability to transform the relationships and incidents
      around them in a higher way, instead of a 'my way or the highway' way.
      > One must become appalled and if we are not we must put ourselves in
      the position to be appalled by ourselves. It is the only way unless
      you are already working, co working with the Beings and the Masters on
      a conscious level. When we become appalled and reach out to the Beings
      of the spiritual world, to any who might be listening and willing, and
      we are desperate enough in ourselves, not about the situation, but
      about our own seeming inability to change our thinking, to transform
      ourselves, to meet the other more perfectly, our own inabilities to
      'see' what is trying to be said, to 'hear' what is trying to speak to
      us, they will answer. Not to soothe you, again depending on your
      capacity, but to walk you through to the thinking you are trying to
      find, the transformation you are trying to make, they will walk you
      through it. And if you are conscious in this and sincere and do this
      not for yourself but for the other who you consider to be adversarial,
      > you shall be able to begin  co working with them in a new way. You
      shall meet your teacher.
      > It's one thing to have our own thinking, no matter how nice, and
      another to have a Being thinking in us. The Masters think in us. And
      we can know the difference when it is a Master and when it is our own
      thinking if we pay very close attention to how our own thoughts
      resonate within us, our own patterns. It is a delicate task to realize
      who is who, however, one can know when they let themselves silence all
      thought: when we let the words fall away.
      > When we let the words fall away we experience a silence. And when
      this silence occurs, the Masters can speak. And you will find that you
      know this Master although he sounds a little different then when you
      first encountered him when you began this path. If we all look back on
      the moments when we began this path, many of us will remember moments
      when it seemed we were talking to ourselves, or had the question, 'who
      is that talking to me, is it me or is it someone else'? At one point I
      had to ask 'is this me talking to myself or what'? I mean it was so
      vivid that I was having this ongoing conversation and at some point I
      was like 'whoa, what is this'. I had woken up to something new but
      still undefined. Well, now its more or less defined in knowing it is a
      Being of the spiritual worlds helping me to build my hut.
      > And now the Being seems a bit different, that Master seems like more
      of a grownup voice a more solid and steady voice, a more 'thank
      goodness you are now able to hear me, and we got work to do' kinda voice.
      > If we do not let the words fall away we will not hear the Master who
      we are now able to interact with. And it is important that we do so as
      they will think in us and our Will will have woken up or is in the
      process of waking up. And our Will wakes up when we have met the
      Masters who can work through us if we are practicing the good
      brotherhood path, blessed be we and our work. If not 'whoa unto the
      world and our own being'.
      > We can tell whose work is their own and who has reached the point of
      working with the Masters. We can tell the difference between their
      ongoing thinking and the Christ Thinking of a higher order. We can
      tell because there is no 'me' in the words, it is of the 'we'. Blessed
      by Harvey is all I can say. Really. Blessed be Harvey. And it is not a
      judgment of those that speak the 'me' and those who speak the 'we'
      rather it is solely to have a greater understanding of what we our own
      selves are heading towards. Have we done our work and the ego has
      fallen away so the higher beings can work in us, or is the work we
      done for our own imaginations and our own feelings thinking we are
      doing or saying something good for the world? If we know not ourselves
      we will not be able to answer. If you answered right away you have to
      begin all over again. For there was no thinking and only reaction: 
      not of the higher workings of one allowing the Beings/Masters to speak
      > through you.
      > I am of the Manichean path. So for me this work of cringing and
      changing my behaviors comes most naturally for me as I am working on
      brotherhood. It is was an idea that became and ideal in me. I didn 't
      really understand what that meant. I held myself to be Love as someone
      gave me that picture of myself many years back, thirteen now i
      believe. And it seems along the way I came to a thought of
      brotherhood. Always had the Christ in me so it was always connected to
      my understanding of a Christ sacrificing way of attaining brotherhood.
      But really who knows what moving from an idea to an ideal will truly
      cost? No one really. The cost is enormous, the human outward cost, if
      one considers it from that point of view, but from a spiritual point
      of view it is a debt to be paid to the Christ who came into the World
      for us. Not that one thinks of it in that manner, nor even lives in it
      in that manner, rather one wakes up to the responsibility that Christ
      > forth out of his own sacrifice.
      > So this turning of the idea to the ideal is heart wrenching and one
      can better understand the words found in Light on the Path by Mabel
      > 'Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears.
      > Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.
      > Before the voice can speak in the presence of the Masters, it
      > must have lost the power to wound. Before the soul can stand
      > in the presence of the Masters, its feet must be washed in the
      > blood of the heart.'
      > This text is a Manichean text to me. I have been working with those
      four percepts for many many years now. I have pondered them and
      thought I knew what they meant, or rather understood what stood behind
      them. But in truth I only understood the human portion of what stood
      behind those words. But now due to my idea finally becoming an ideal,
      through so much what looks like heartache, I have come to understand
      the spiritual import of those words and what they have to do with my
      own initiatic path.
      > I recall so many people loving Valentines' Meditations of the
      Tarot'. And I just didn't' get it. I didn't get what the big fuss was
      all about. I couldn't' t understand what was so helpful towards our
      development in what was being shared. I couldn't understand why
      everyone else got the importance or the grandness of it all and I just
      did not. And now I understand after re finding once again The Arcana
      of Light on the Path brought forth by John Barnwell. The depth is
      different: one speaks from a human perspective, and the other one from
      a Master perspective, two very different perspectives although trying
      to lead towards helping us ever onward.
      > And this is also the difference between building the hut and now the
      hut roof opens up and you begin working with another voice, a higher
      voice, a Master, who will now become your teacher if you have arrived
      at the place where you can be trusted that you take on the Egyptian
      creed: the laborer is worthy of his hire'.
      > And to me this has allot to do with the instreaming of the Sixth
      Epoch. These Masters are working with us to help us and it doesn't
      look like help, rather it looks like hell. And for the human who has
      not transformed his thinking it is hell. But for the human who is just
      looking at it as hell without thinking what does this have to do with
      my own behaviors misses the point. The behavior that brought about the
      situation, and it is your own doing for your own higher good, has to
      be transformed. No manner of just 'thinking about it' is going to
      alter this behavior that has to be transformed: it must be washed in
      the blood of the heart as put forth as the fourth percept. if it is
      not painful it is not truth. There must be felt an inner pain of the
      desire to change the behaviour that has brought you to the downfall or
      whatever it is that is on the line.
      > And its funny. Because the downfall, the death, is actually life, if
      we allow it to speak to us as to what is trying to be transformed. I
      sat in my room and I troubled myself over my own behavior although to
      everyone else it is not behavior but another's that brought us to this
      point. But I in myself am aware of what I could have done differently.
      And even though I am the one being vilified, I knew to ask what does
      this have to do with me. And because I asked and was pained to come to
      an understanding of my own biggest concern is how I stay in my
      brotherhood no matter that on a human level I have every reason to be
      outraged in some sense. But I am not.
      > As a Steiner student we are called to transform ourselves, those
      that have set the initiatic path before them as a reality. I was awake
      to my own shortcomings and my only concern then was how do I help
      those whose ugly behaviors have gifted me with the voice of the Master
      due to my being able to transform my thinking out of what seemed like
      a gutting to me. The gift I received is incredible but it was not done
      for the gift, rather the soul wants to separate from the false body it
      finds itself trapped into thinking it is the real body. The soul wants
      to and needs to separate itself out and to be in but not of.
      > Our dream life will speak to us in pictures as people speak to us in
      words. And we can have a new imagination as to how we work with the
      Master. He is directly with us at all times: we now collaborate and
      work from a position of oneness. Working with a Master means that one
      will let the words fall away, ones own thoughts on sounds, pictures,
      events, need to be silenced. What one perceives as prized thinking or
      what they came to themselves really means naught in the long run. For
      we somehow put a value on what we have to offer, how smart we were
      etc. It means nothing.
      > To have a Being a Master think in you is the highest form of
      surrender one can offer truly to the spiritual worlds, it is our gift
      to offer, this form of 'getting ourselves out of the way'. This does
      not mean we cease thinking, to the contrary, we now think with the
      Being as the Master is now thinking in us. Almost always it seems the
      response is actually recognition, not a yeah or a nay, but a
      recognition of a truth that serves a question that the soul has been
      pondering or trying towards for all of this lifetime in a way. We have
      found our way to the teacher.
      >  Well, I have been interrupted by something happening over at the
      Clubhouse: we have an event with Amy Brenneman from Judging Amy and
      NYPD Blues for girls who injure themselves on purpose. So I've lost my
      train of thought and shall say goodbye.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie

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