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Re: Analities and banalities in the Abyss

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  • elfuncle
    ... He said, Agnosticism is a misfortune, but Atheism is a disease, and the difference is significant. Got to find that quote -- Lo and behold, I didn t find
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" <eltrigal78@...> wrote:

      > I think you're being too harsh with them, Tarjei. You see, they are
      > atheists - at least the hard core is. Now that's nothing to to chide
      > them about; one should only pity them. After all, Steiner said that
      > atheism is an illness..or something like that.

      He said, Agnosticism is a misfortune, but Atheism is a disease, and the difference is significant. Got to find that quote -- Lo and behold, I didn't find that one exactly, doesn't seem to be online, but I did find another instance where RS mentions atheism being a disease:


      It was impossible for the ancient Greeks who retained the remnants of ancient Mystery culture to be an atheist — although it happened in a few abnormal cases, but not to the degree it occurs today. Atheism has only arisen in more recent times, at least in its radical form. For the Greek who was really imbued with dialectics felt the Divine holding sway in thinking, even in thinking void of content.

      If we know this and then look upon the appearance of atheism, upon the complete denial of the Divine, we shall find the reason for this atheism. Only those human beings, my dear friends — naturally, we need the methods of spiritual science in order to recognize this — only those human beings are atheists in whose organism something is organically disturbed. To be sure, this may lie in very delicate structural conditions, but it is a fact that atheism is in reality a disease.

      This is the first thing we have to hold fast: atheism is a disease. For, if our organism is completely healthy, the harmonious functioning of its various members will bring it about that we ourselves sense our origin from the Divine — ex deo nascimur.
      ( -- Rudolf Steiner: The Mission of the Archangel Michael, IV: The Culture of the Mysteries and the Michael Impulse. Self-knowledge and its Permeation of the Three Strata of Consciousness, Dornach 28th November, 1919, GA 194)

      > And many admirable
      > people are and have been atheists.

      Absolutely, and some of them were good friends of Steiner too, like Benjamin Tucker ans Ernst Haeckel for starters. Steiner preferred self-dependent thinking atheists to lazy-thinking religious theologians. If he had to choose between a religionist and an atheist, he would pick the atheist every time.

      > The problem with the WC variety is
      > that they are *fundamentalist* atheists.

      That's why they find everything Steiner wrote and said thoroughly disgusting. But they're masochists I guess, they prefer to be miserable and read things that give them nightmares. Perhaps they're hoping the Doctor will cure their constipation if they torture themselves with his teachings long enough.

      > So any spiritual movement is
      > anathema to them and the fight it with bare fangs and no holds bared.

      Religions too. They've been discussing the Mystery of Golgotha lately -- typically with a hard focus on whether the Romans or the Jews killed Jesus Christ (because of course all anthroposophists blame present-day Jews because they're anti-Semitic to the core). And the consensus in that literally speaking god-forsaken place is that Jesus Christ was a fictitious character in a book of imaginative fiction (the Bible), the trial and execution of Christ probably never happend, and who cares if it did, because he was only a phoney full of guru tricks and deceptions anyway.

      I'm telling you, someone should send a few links to the PLANS-supporting fundamentalists and tell them that their angry and almighty and mean savior will get so riled up over this that he'll rip up their town with a hurricane and do another big earthquake in San Fransisco, the capital of PLANS, because of all that blasphemy going on. They should be supporting Christian causes, not atheist ungodly hell-holes.

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