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Re: Outpatients need medication (was: Max Heindel again.... )

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  • taiannah
    I ve got something for us as well. The Joker and the Thief. Now this is what I mean by Michael School research. To treat others as we would want to be treated,
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 22, 2008
      I've got something for us as well.

      The Joker and the Thief.

      Now this is what I mean by Michael School research. To treat others
      as we would want to be treated, is to raise up the words and thinking
      of others and bring a social healing, (little different than Sexual
      healing and Marvin Gay) streaming back into society and culture. The
      very spirit of the discussion, the very Michael Mood of the insights
      of our generations and our beloved poets, thinkers and writers, that
      raise the bar... all have the manners of the Michael School.

      When Steiner unfolds biographies in his Karma lectures, he has
      inwardly warmed himself in the fire and glow of the personalities he
      presents. You can feel this warmth. Because Spiritual Science is
      based on observing the higher striving of those like Hendrix, Dylan,
      REM, Robin Williams, Michael Moore and treating them as we would like
      to be treated in the Michael School.

      If Steiner or the Spirits in us that resemble the Michael Spirit in
      Steiner, looked at our contemporary contributions to the world, he
      would take in a great sweep of all that is part of the spiritual
      striving of mankind. He would define the place and the time in which
      a person lived... and he would connect their striving to the high
      wonders of the goals of humanity.

      So finding miracles even in the teeth of a dead dog, is part of the
      empathy and sympathy of vision. Michael Miller interestingly brought
      in the Joker as a wild card in the card game. In a card game you have
      stakes, odds, wins and losses.. You have card sharks and thieves. You
      have the Primal Ur Thief that hung next to Christ on the Cross, as an
      aside, but the Intellectual Soul and the Joker without an anchor in
      objective Logos vision has the freedom to think life is a joke, be in
      the hand of ACES, Kings, Queens and be invisible but be a secret
      potential the hidden force of Grace.

      Now this begs the question, if the Joker is Wild, Is he the Fool of
      the Tarot deck? Does he represent the Ego being, that can be amongst
      Kings, ACES, Queens, Gays and Straight flushes and play any role.
      Shouldn't the Joker have a standpoint or is the free standpoint
      really owned by the Joker? Kings and Queens seem to think that the
      world owes them the living they have been born into. Certainly the
      vain psychological profile of George Bush reeks of this Yalii Jock
      grunge standard. But for the Fool or the Joker in the deck the
      secrets of Karma might say otherwise.

      What Our Kings Fools our Fools Kings, you say?

      The Joker may be the Grail bearing fool or Goose boy, Parsifal. One
      day a fool without a name, the next day the Grail Bearer with his
      name carved in the Secret of the Moon.. Released from karmic field of
      error, name appears written in the Moon? Erased from the need for
      Physical Incarnation? Or do we Caspar Hauser him under a stairway
      and fear to murder him outright because he is an Angel not a Man.

      Now the Thief that Dylan is talking about or Michael was talking
      about, certainly has to be honest. Because in reality the entire
      Political and merchandizing world we are in is dishonest from
      Haliburton to WalMart. But they are not considered thieves. Thieves
      that Dylan seems to be considering, are those who have broken away
      from the laws dominated by corrupt thinking and have worked their
      way, not without danger, to a standpoint where the Logos can live and
      the Rights Sphere of humanity can shine, with or without U.N. or U.S.

      Instead of "we will have War no matter what you say", The Thieves
      code that seemed to be promoted in Michael's essay was that the Logos
      and the Human sphere of Rights will prevail against those that have
      bargained with the Devil to say that the Devil is right and the
      Christ is wrong. Right and Wrong and Law abiding citizen and thief
      have changed meanings.

      What you say, up is down and down is up? Stop you make me dizzy.

      So the Joker, in my opinion, can incarnate in a very bad situation,
      get dealt a very bad hand. How can the Joker survive if he is dealt
      into a very bad hand. People can request different cards, or Fold and
      get rid of the knot of bad ju ju they got when they were born.

      All in all a pleasure to read and bring to the surface again, the
      unsung warriors who have wrestled as each of us wrestle in our way to
      carry Anthroposophy into Tomorrow.

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