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On Gabriel

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  • dottie zold
    On Gabriel:   Dear Friends, I have been thinking about Gabriel since Kim has brought a question to our list. And today I found myself, reading the Karma
    Message 1 of 49 , Jun 2, 2008

      On Gabriel:


      Dear Friends, I have been thinking about Gabriel since Kim has brought a question to our list. And today I found myself, reading the Karma VI series and this has a bit to do with Gabriel.

      It seems the Gabriel time is one that is most markedly different than the Michael time: they stand in complete contrast, one of physical hereditary and the other of spiritual considerations. Night and Day almost.  And this got me to thinking about Gabriel’s role with Islam. It is said that Mohammed, blessed be he, was taken through the gates of the Seven Heavens by Gabriel. Now, it was Mohammed that was able to bring the divided people to one God; the last of the sons of Abraham.

      Considering Gabriel’s connection with the Moon, Jahve, and Lucifer, one has to consider an interesting relationship between the two Archangels considered to be at polar opposites according to Rudolf Steiner. I have the image of Gabriel as Lucifer. How can that be? What is Gabriel’s role at the Fall? What is Gabriel’s role after the Fall? How is it that Gabriel would lead Muhammed through the Seven Heavens?

      Here’s what Rudolf Steiner has to say in chapter 8:

      “Gabriel rules over the whole realm of physical forces of  heredity within humanity. He is the supersensible Spirit who is connected essentially with the sequence of the generations, who is – if I may put it  so – the great Guardian Spirit of the mothers, who bring children into the world. Gabriel has to do with births, with the embryonic development of the human being. The forces of Gabriel work in the spiritual processes underlying the physical process of propagation. And so it is only since this recent Gabriel rulership that the physical propagation of mankind on Earth has come into connection in the real sense with the Christ impulse.

      (…) In any study of the earthly circumstances of humanity it is extremely important to realize that the Gabriel rulership which in the spiritual sphere has an effect upon what is most deeply physical is always followed by the regency of Michael, who has to do with the spiritual element in culture. The Archangel Gabriel, therefore, is the Divine Guardian of the process of physical propagation. The spirit who has to do with the development of the sciences, of the arts, of the cultural element of the epoch, is the Archangel known in Christianity as Michael. “

      Dottie: It would seem natural to me that Gabriel would lead Mohammed through the seven gates. And that it would be a time of great dogma towards the human self in relations to Mohammed his very self: where he would be the revelation down deep into the physical bondage of understanding. Whereas Gabriel’s reign would bring about a strong current of nationalism, Michael’s according to Rudolf Steiner, brings about a great collaboration of peoples, a cosmopolitan outlook. During Michael’s time the impulse to overcome the racial distinctions and cultural separations. This is a basic foundation of Rudolf Steiner’s work on behalf of Michael, who knows no boundaries of religious, cultural, or racial ties. In this way we become Michaelmen.

      In looking at a few who seem to be overbearingly against the Hebrews for their stance in the middle east I have to say it is very non Michaelic gesture to be caught up in such separations and outrageousness.  And then to sashay the holocaust as if it wasn’t so bad after all is the turning in on themselves that is very Ahrimanic like in gesture: he gets you at both ends. It’s the way the far left and the far right meet in their differences; where they are actually twins of one another in the very lowest common denominator of what man has to offer, especially as a Michael student. There is this ahrimanization of Michael’s work that can be seen in a very definitive manner. And it is quite disturbing to watch Michael’s Intelligence be used in this manner.

      All good things,


    • dottie zold
      Ooops it should say without her nothing moves, as we are dealing with the fallen Sophia .   d ... From: dottie zold <dottie_z@yahoo.com> Subject:
      Message 49 of 49 , Jun 10, 2008

        Ooops it should say " without her nothing moves, as we are dealing with the fallen Sophia'.



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        Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Feet
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        Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 12:14 PM

        Hey Friends,


        I have wondered for years why it is that they said the 'feet' represented the sexual organ. Well, it is said the Hebrews say this. And of course we always see, just about always, the Magdalene at the feet of Jesus on the Cross. Always at the feet. And the other Mary usually at the head. When there are three they are positioned head hand feet.


        Today I realized when contemplating again on the Kaballah, that we have the feet, which is also mentioned in the bible as 'take your shoes of you are on Holy Ground'. Now I have considered all of this before but it just suddenly hit  home that the 'feet' is the body of the Tree of Life. And we are looking at the Root Chakra, what is often considered the sexual chakra, yet in a higher sense we are dealing with 'creativity'.


        So we know the Magdalene represents the Malkuth, the root chakra, and without her nothing has to deal with the fallen Sophia.


        But I just thought it interesting to consider why the feet were considered by the Hebrews to respresent the sexual organ! Now we know, it was their mystery teachings.


        All good things,



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