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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: on Dylan

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  • Albert Sándor
    To confess my faith: Where have you been my blue eyed son ... and ... a hard rain s a gonna fall (I stiil needed to include a doomsay :) ) ... From: Mike
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2008
      To confess my faith:
      " Where have you been my blue eyed son ...
      and ...
      a hard rain's a gonna fall"
      (I stiil needed to include a doomsay :) )
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      Subject: [anthroposophy_ tomorrow] Re: on ahriman
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      > Nevermind, wrong lecture. I felt that something is wrong, still I
      posted like a fool. No wonder beacuse I am a fool. :)

      No need to put yourself down -- lighten up, give us some hole-jokes or
      something, Fables from the Crypt.

      The notion that Lucifer is superior to Christ sounds more like Blavatsky
      to me, although she didn't recognize Christ at all, and she was a mean
      Gandalf denier as well --

      I just had a scary thought. I know that we have been weeding out the Gandalf deniers lately. But in light of the new hole Nazis, I was wondering... what if... I mean... there are actually... Dylan deniers in our midst!


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