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  • elfuncle
    ... Gandalf denial? Now that s high blasphemy, and I certainly hope nobody is making any unauthorized drawings of the holy wizard..... Tarjei
    Message 1 of 31 , Mar 31, 2008
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      > You forgot "Gandalf denial"....:)

      Gandalf denial? Now that's high blasphemy, and I certainly hope nobody
      is making any unauthorized drawings of the holy wizard.....

    • dottie zold
      Well, of course we could start one there Engemi. That would be cool. Once we get off the ground here I am looking for the next place. Only thing is that I just
      Message 31 of 31 , May 24, 2008

        Well, of course we could start one there Engemi. That would be cool. Once we get off the ground here I am looking for the next place. Only thing is that I just had a dream or an understanding where I need to also open hostels for the Youth Movement like they have at the bottom of the Hill in Dornach. Same set up exactly! I'm gonna put the word out here in Los Angeles about the idea and I am sure I can find good support for this. This way they will have a home base for their endeavors.


        You know I had this kinda waking dream where I first found a painting of Jeanne d'Arch with Archangel Michael and Saint Margaret. The color of Michael's spirit body was pretty interesting and I had never seen it painted in that manner. Reminded me a bit of what the phantom body of Christ. And then the next day I was walking in this old salvage yard looking for some historical pieces for Elderberries when out of the ground flew up this butterfly the same color as Michael's spirit body in the painting. I watched it hover around me and I thought it was so friendly that it was going to stop and sit for a while on my arm. Alas it did not and flew up into the sky yonder. And then I was at Pepboys waiting for E. when suddenly I saw this bird, a little aggressive I'd say and it was chasing something. And I realized it was chasing a butterfly! And the butterfly was the same color as the butterfly at the salvage yard which was the same as Archangel Michael's spirit body: this shimmering white laced with sparkles of light gold. And did you know that this bird chased it up into the air and then swooped down with it and then FLEW UNDER THE CHASSEY OF THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean the bird flew under the chassey of the car...I mean this was one hell of a bird is all I could thing of. And I sat there and waited to see what the hell! was going to happen when suddenly the bird falls to its feet, under the chassey and is EATING the butterfly!. Now, did YOU know birds ate butterflies? Did you? Well, I certainly never knew such a thing. My friend Nicholas said 'yeah, sure, of course I knew that! Well.... what can I say??? So this bird is eating the wings of this butterfly. And I'm wondering what the hell! is going on. I wondered what the meaning of it was. I thought maybe it is saying even birds, the nature beings are participating in the Intelligence of Michael. I mean I just did not know what to think. And then, and then, the next day I was sitting at this red light early in the morning when I noticed this man hanging a banner across this building. Now it was an interesting set up because he did not look comfortable being swung around on this poll. In fact he looked down right scared from his body position. Now I wanted to see how the hell this pole in the air was going to manuever him around this structure sticking out from the building and which he would have to get around in order to finish hanging this banner. So I don't know how the light stayed red this long but it did. And then I saw the pole was backing up instead of going up and over the structure in the way. And the light turned green. Now the light turned green and as my eyes were looking up for so long at that moment in time I happened to turn the corner and look up to my left. And what did i see? I saw this structure, that can only be seen from that one point that I was looking up from, and it was exactly like some portions of the Goetheanum. !!! And then I knew that i was going to be building Goetheanums all across the country! And tehn I had to get my Michaelangelo that is working with me to go and see it. We had to actually park the car and walk up the hillside in order to see it. Whew.


        And then this morning it came to me in my sleep I think that we need youth hostels here as well. And I forgot about it until I had seen my roommate with a friend from the Rudolf Steiner Sacramento College who was here for the weekend. And guess what? The kid slept in his car because he didn't want to bother anyone. Whew. And the night before another young man from Portland came down to interview with a school here for Waldorf. And so the idea is born that we need youth hostels. Isn't it funny how things work when one is open to Anthropsoposophia and how the work of Rudolf Steiner on behalf of Archangel Michael, on behalf of Christ, moves in the world? Aint it frieken funny as all hell!



        So, anyone want help me do this? :)


        All good things,



        p.s. Man, I put out a call a few years back for the Round Table and got no takers save Harvey. And so they had to get the invisible ones:)))) to stand with me tall and firm. That's all I can say.

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        Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Repost / Dottie
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        Date: Saturday, May 24, 2008, 10:40 AM

        This is wonderful
        I often thought about your conference talks
        and what would happen in the future
        because you were so begeistered
        I am in awe. Yet it had to start somewehre
        and where better than in the US. It is time!
        That ia the kind of leading which is supposed to  start happening.
        I would like to know more about it and find out
        if it would be possible at all to start such an inisiative over here
        But I will contact you on that 

        Ah, see Anthroposopohia is in the World Engemi...she is in the world, and now that many have awoken consciously to this sister of Michael as a supersensible being She is able to work even further!


        I am about to create little Goetheanums all across the country here. And under the name Elderberies no less. Have you ever heard the legend: Elder be the Ladies tree, cut it down and cursed ye be'? Well the legend goes that Christ was hung on Elder wood. Wonder what that is trying to convey. And then it continues that Judas hung himself on an Elder tree. Problem being that it is a five foot tall bush at most. Interesting.


        Elderberries is going to enter into the social of each specific community. It is going to be the ressurenctional force of the community it resides in. Each of these holy places will offer the community a place to come together and create for itself a threefold social order in and of itself that will be the transformed Johannine Community in our time.


        The study of Anthroposophia and the conferences etc. help to create a community center in which we can work out of. It is said that in the future there will be communities that Ahriman will not be able to enter. Working with the Foundation Stone Meditation allows us to transform our spirit bodies in right relations to the cosmic world beings and our ongoing evolution. It was Anthroposophia that bespoke that forth at the Christmas Conference of 1923/24. When we realize who we are working with we can be awake to the fact that this supersensible being shows us to our true nature, and ever onwards to Christ.


        When we further contemplate where Anthroposophia resides, we realize what this has to do with the new organ of perception.Conferen ce and study groups help us to build the new community around the Being of the community.  


        All good things,


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        From: muskiet <muskiet@telkomsa. net>
        Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_ tomorrow] Repost / Dottie
        To: anthroposophy_ tomorrow@ yahoogroups. com
        Date: Saturday, May 24, 2008, 2:41 AM

        It came through to me, just fine
        But thanks anyway, Jennifer
        I wanted to comment about "thine own backyards"
        which is no different from mine own backyard
        It seems as if this is happening all around
        Here in South Africa we find what is called Xenophobia by the
        press on a daily basis: frightening, warlike clashes between "locals" and "aliens"
        It is not Xenophobia, it is evil getting the upperhand
        because for so long said evil were not attended to.
        Morals ar so low, we cannot really speak of morality in my country anymore
        People take what they want without thinking
        Someones ox, someones car, someones wife, someones thinking
        And yet Ronnie Kazerills - minister in the gov, said
        THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING    ???
        but were caught unawares 
        not only here with us
        but also in Zimbabwe where god knows.
        there seems to be no god anymore  
        For those of you who have strong heads,
        I can forward a file with photo's if you let me know
        Life is horrendously taxing, especcially on the people
        who could face it the least. Everything financial is escalating:
        food prices doubled in the last three months
        Fuel 80% higher, transport 60% up, Now they use corn for energy
        there's going to be a food shortage in the whole of africa - they say.
        Everything moral and emmotional is getting harder to bear
        and yet, in some corners we find life going on as if nothing is amiss
        The Beautiful, the Wealthy, The game and sea Lodges
        those in charge, those who are supposed to know
        They fly away to every corner of the world
        at the drop of a bird's feather
        And where is anthroposopia?
        Holding conferences and talks and workshops
        oy vhey

        Hi, Dottie! I am taking the liberty of reposting this one of yours
        because for some reason it came through to the group without word


        You wrote:

        And let me stress the point we have done no less to our innercity
        neighborhoods: abandoned them. We took what we wanted and then we
        moved on. Not good humanity and definitely not good anthroposophy.

        We do not even have to look at the 'third world' countries, we can
        look right in our own backyard to see evidence of what occurs when
        there are no educational opportunities and no businesses willing to
        be humane.

        Did you ever walk in on a Pep Boys at the auto counter? Well let me
        tell that man has to suffer such indiginities its not even funny. And
        the richer you are the ruder you are. Disgusting. And all for $8. an
        hour. That young man has to answer the phone, because most likely its
        a hidden employee working to catch them not answering the phone, deal
        with ignorant people at the counter wanting their cars fixed
        yesterday, and each other. All to make the owners of this company
        richer. There is no just compensation for what a man has to offer the
        world when they have to be held to such indiginities while the rich
        get richer and the poor get poorer.

        And that's where Rudolf Steiner's Three Fold Social Order comes in
        at. However, we don't have the ability each of us to find a way to
        bring this to the greater world as a whole. We need to do this. It is
        in the Threefold Social Order that we can make a difference and
        create a balance of sorts for man. We are not talking equal because
        we all have our trials and tribulations, however we are talking
        humane. And for Steiner students I would think we would recognize the
        Michaelic Impulse in that gesture.

        Detroit, murder capitol of the country. No jobs, no education, no
        opportunities. However boy have the casinos moved in and guess who
        gets to pay and play: not the ones living on the outskirts that will
        never see a dime, not even when they have no other place to build and
        start kicking them out of their rundown row homes. Not even then.

        How to keep the white man on top is what the name of that article
        from the Wallstreet Journal should be called. Don't be accountable
        for the ongoing actions of depressing another group of people for
        something we started in the first place, and continue in the last
        place: using the uneducated as the reason we do so.

        We are all going to die. What have you offered that makes your life
        having been worthy to those we leave behind? I ain't looking for
        your judgements rather I am looking for your love.

        All good things,

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