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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Rev Jeremiah Wright

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  • robin wolfe
    Dear Tarjei, Thank you! I had the privilege to grow up in a household where tolerance was the norm and I have tried to personally ignore politics after living
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2008
      Dear Tarjei,

      Thank you!

      I had the privilege to grow up in a household where tolerance was the norm and I  have tried to personally ignore politics after living in the DC area for 15 years. Obviously that is no longer possible.



      elfuncle <hisholiness@...> wrote:
      You've got to hear Jeremiah Wright's sermon, it rocks!

      http://tinyurl. com/2qtqyb

      Turn your speakers up.

      I suspected that Jeremiah Wright was right for the most part, with the
      sole exception that Hillary was an unfair target on this particular
      issue. But he's bull's eye on US politics and chickens coming hone to
      roost just like Malcolm X said -- ask Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman,
      Howard Zinn. Seymour Hersh, Robert Fisk, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, John
      Perkins, Chalmers Johnson -- the list goes on and on and these are all
      white folks. And that God bless America thing is such a pain in the
      ass to listen to, the only god possibly favoring America above other
      geographical regions would have to Ahriman because he's fixing to
      incarnate there soon.

      Notice that the media, especially Fox News, are doing JW exactly like
      the those chronically constipated hole dwellers in that unthinkable,
      unflushable, unplumbable is doing RS -- repeating the same isolated
      awful-sounding quotes to the public over and over a hundred times
      until they hopefully stick. Fox News is competing with the Chinese
      media coverage of the Tibetan situation, As a matter of fact, they
      would do an excellent job in Chinese media, and in Burma too.

      Yes indeed, Jeremiah Wright is correct all the way, which means that
      Barack may be a lot more progressive at heart than we've been
      suspecting. But Barack is also a vey slick politician (on top of
      having integrity, especially by refusing to drop his church because of
      political expediency, oratory talent, and Hollywood appeal not seen
      since JFK) -- check out his foreign policy under the microscope for
      starters, he's just going to shift the troops around in the Middle
      East and leave all the contractors in Iraq under the Quisling regime
      installed by the US, but I suspect they'll get kicked out of Iraq
      eventually just like they got kicked out of Vietnam .. when they're
      unwanted in a country, the Pentagon can't make good enough weapons to
      succeed..... Barack is cutting deals right and left, because he's
      uniting the people, which means he'll do business as usual from center
      stage when in office. And if the hawks doubt him, he may bomb a
      country or two during his first just to get an edge on his reelection
      -- just like all the others. Everybody in that office has been a mean
      son of a bitch with the possible exceptions of Ford and Carter.

      Anyway, incorrigible cynic as I am about all things political from my
      anarchosophical perspective, Barack is simply the lesser of three
      evils; an even lesser evil was Ohio senator Dennis Cucinich who
      dropped out of the race early because he doesn't have that flashy
      Hollywood smile and inspirational speeches that lift us into luciferic
      heights with our emotions like the Kennedys and the Obamas -- in one
      way, more dangerously seductive than unsympathetc villains. Yep I have
      to admit I like Barack and his family too and I've got the Obama fever
      like so many others, but beware of the seductive illusions that are
      always present in politics, especially top-professional charismatic
      politics. He's like a movie star or rock artist, people line up to
      vote for him instead of buying movie or concert tickets. Me too would
      like to look forward to catching Barack's State of the Union addresses
      live on CNN at 2 AM.

      Incidentally. regarding America and race, I'm working on a pearl
      coming to a computer near you very soon.

      What Quising regimes are concerned, my father was a telegrapher for
      the Norwegian underground resistance during the Nazi occulation, it
      was our Vidkun Quisling whose name became an infamous international
      noun for that sort of thing. And the US been installing Quisling
      regimes all over Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa ever
      since 1953, when they installed their first Quisling, the Shah of Iran.



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    • elfuncle
      ... maybe he is the islamic morph anti-christ (3 X 666) ?? JFK was the papal antichrist I guess, so Obama would have to take a different title, like the World
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 27, 2008
        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "SCos" <vtsophia@...>

        > excuse me while i puke on their high school diploma. and obama,
        maybe he is the islamic morph anti-christ (3 X 666) ??

        JFK was the papal antichrist I guess, so Obama would have to take a
        different title, like the World Prince; Hillary is the Whore of
        Babylon, and McCain is the Dragon. The incumbent administration
        consists merely of vampires and werewolves, but Pelosi is probably
        Beelzebub, and the others -- Leviathan, Asmodeus, Balberith, Astaroth,
        Verrine, Gressil, Sonneillon, Carreau, Carnivean, Oeillet, Rosier,
        Verrier, Belias, Olivier, Iuvart -- they're all in Congress, and the
        rest are state governors. Arnold, of course, is Sorat himself.

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