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Constipation Revisited

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  • elfuncle
    I posted the following quote by Henry Barnes (excerpt): http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy_tomorrow/message/36771 As a result, I arrived in Stuttgart
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2008
      I posted the following quote by Henry Barnes (excerpt):


      "As a result, I arrived in Stuttgart eight months after Hitler had
      been Waldorf Teacher Training Course, I came to realize that the Nazi
      government was gradually tightening a noose in the hope that the
      school would sooner or later close on its own. The Jewish teachers had
      to leave, and there was to be no new first grade. Every lesson had to
      begin with a "Heil Hitler" salute, and parents got into trouble if
      their children were not enrolled in a Hitler Youth Group. The school,
      however, did not give in. Finally, in March, 1938, the school was
      forced to close by government order."

      Someone over in the Hole picked up on this, because they have some
      chronic sick obsession to link RS, anthroposophy and Waldorf education
      to Hitler and Nazism. Interestingly, the early Nazis were among the
      first initial opponents of Steiner's public work externally, and the
      Hole Dwellers are their heirs, the spiritual heirs of the early Nazis
      who are endeavoring in vein to project their own pathology on their
      opponents, namely the Nazi mindset.

      Serious opposition against Steiner from powerful occult quarters
      started after the lecture cycle "From Jesus to Christ" in 1911 (GA
      131), and present-day opposition is undoubtedly directed from similar
      quarters, which may explain some of the obsessive pathology expressed
      by some hole creatures across various internet forums, where they get
      kicked off one such forum after another because of outrageousness only
      to return under pseudonyms and handles.

      But the bottom line with the WC, the Unthinkable Facility, is still
      the old story that the inhabitants of this facility, also known as the
      Unplumbable Toilet, are suffering from chronic constipation.

      The reason for this is twofold: The constipation in this group became
      severe and affexted virtually all its members when the Unthinkable
      Facility, the WC, became unplumbable and unflushable a long time ago.
      That is not the only reason, however, because quite a few
      hole-dwellers were already constipated, and Rudolf Steiner explained
      the reason why on December 30, 1922, in Dornach. He said the following:

      "It would be extraordinarily interesting, for example, to consider the
      following. You see, there were a great many philosophers in
      England—Hobbes, Bacon, Locke, Hume. These philosophers, even including
      John Stuart Mill, led essentially to the great rise of materialism.
      These philosophers all had such heavy thoughts that they could not
      penetrate the spiritual with their thoughts. They clung to matter with
      their thoughts. It would be extraordinarily interesting to examine the
      digestions of all these philosophers, these many philosophers. I am
      convinced they all suffered from constipation! Starting with Hobbes in
      the seventeenth cen-tury, and proceeding all the way into the
      nineteenth, this whole philosophy that brought us materialism was
      actually caused by the constipation of individual philosophers! This
      materialism could have been prevented—what I say now is not in
      earnest, I only wish to make a joke!—if one had given Hobbes, Bacon,
      Locke, and the others regular laxatives in their youth. Then all this
      materialism most likely would not have arisen."

      (-- Rudolf Steiner: "Fever versus shock; pregnancy", Dornach, December
      30, 1922, Health and Illness, Volume 2, GA 348)

      As it turns out, the hole-dwellers refuse to be treated with laxatives
      or homeopathic remedies or anthro-medicine, so they just keep on
      suffering. I am aware, of course, that Rudolf Steiner claimed to be
      joking when he made the above statement, the volume at hand is full of
      jokes, but the hole-dwellers disagree and insist that he should be
      taken in earnest in this particular lecture cycle especially, in the
      deepest, gravest seriousness -- especially when he said that a
      pregnant white woman reading a novel written by a Negro would have a
      mulatto baby as a result of such reading.

      So I say OK let's be very serious here: The Unthinkable facility is
      unplumbable and unflushable, it stinks to high heaven, and the
      residents there are constipated and unable to shit. So because they
      can't produce any new shit, they have to regurgitate and recirculate
      old shit, and this is precisely what is being done in this case.

      You see, I posted the Barnes quote in question to the hole no less
      than nine years ago:


      Here you can see the contextual intro and ending punchline as well.

      The reason why I posted it here now was that appreciative comment was
      made concerning Steiner's prophesy about the rise of the Beast in 1933
      (Hitler) in a lecture cycle that is first now being made available
      online, and Henry Barnes was an eyewitness to this event first hand.

      The hole dwellers are incapable of producing anything new or
      refreshing or original or creative, however, because they're
      constipated by their materialism and by the lack of plumbing at the
      WC. So they exhume shit that's nine years old -- excreted by DD in a
      miraculous hour in February that year -- repeating the same silly
      charges. And the answers to this silliness were also posted in the
      hole by myself and by others in February 1999:


      In certain cases the difference between constipation and nostalgia is
      virtually non-existent.

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