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"Smoking Gun" in GA 346?

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  • elfuncle
    I can imagine that certain individuals over in the Hole -- also known as the WC or the Unthinkable Facility -- may be promted to scan through GA 346 in search
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      I can imagine that certain individuals over in the Hole -- also known
      as the WC or the Unthinkable Facility -- may be promted to scan
      through GA 346 in search of some sort of scandalous smoking gun
      precisely because this text has been kept confidential by the
      Christian Community for so many years. Dan Dugan, for instance, has
      repeatedly complained that the CC is hiding unpublished
      Steiner-secrets, and Peter Staudenmaier has insisted that Steiner's
      "worst stuff" pn race has not been translated.

      But what GA 346 is concerned, unless these so-called "critics" (who
      certainly cannot be described as critical thinkers) happen to be
      occultists, they'll be disappointed. And occultists they're definitely
      not. They're atheists and agnostics for the most part, and some of
      them are Christian fundamentalists. So when they search for scandal in
      this text, the bombshells will elude them.

      Here is one example of a bombshell from Lecture 18 (Dornach, 22
      September 1924)


      "This ahrimanic power known as Satan in Christian tradition is not
      strong enough to have any effect in the various levels of the cosmos
      that are above the human being. It is inconceivable, for example, that
      the intelligence of, say, an Angelos could be directly seized by this
      satanic power. Such a thing can only happen in certain exceptional
      cases. Knowledge of the possibility that, in the future, moments can
      arise in which the satanic power will be strong enough to bind to
      itself not only human beings via their intellectuality but also beings
      from the realm of the Angeloi, particularly Archangeloi—this knowledge
      still belongs at present to the higher secrets of occultism about
      which for the present one must not speak and which can only be
      revealed under certain circumstances. So just now we can only hint at
      the fact that in future the temptation and seduction even of beings
      from the hierarchy of the Angeloi and especially the Archangeloi might
      be possible."

      Steiner is not releasing the entire bomb here, in case some
      practitioners of left-handed occultism should pick up on this with the
      knowledge how to exploit it, but as he says, he is hinting at it. And
      that alone is good enough reason to keep this material out of public
      reach -- for seventy years anyway.

      Steiner continues:

      "What we have to reckon with today is that the power
      called Satan in the Christian tradition has the ability to attach
      itself to something in the human being that exists in him as
      independently as does the intellect. Once the intellectuality in the
      human being has been taken hold of by the ahrimanic power, then the
      human being can be torn away from his evolution and taken to quite
      other paths simply by having his being dragged along by his intellect
      to which Satan has the power to attach himself. This would not be
      possible in the case of any other force of soul or spirit, nor in the
      case of any bodily force in the human being. It is possible only in
      the case of the intellect, for the intellect is situated in the human
      being in a way that makes it the most independent of all aspects.
      Every other aspect is attached in one way or another to certain divine
      powers. So if Satan wanted to seize hold of feeling, for example, or
      of desires and wishes in the human being, he would find himself up
      against the supra-human forces hidden in these soul capacities. The
      intellectuality is the first aspect with which the human being can
      detach himself from the beings who bring about his personal evolution.
      It is the first aspect in which the human being must attach himself
      through total freedom to those powers who from the beginning have been
      present in his evolution."

      This fascinating theme is also treated in GA 211 ("Exoteric and
      Esoteric Christianity", Dornach, April 2nd 1922):


      "You see, in far distant ages people never contemplated death as an
      end. Their problem was at the most one dealing with the special nature
      of metamorphosis involved. They asked whether the breath leaves man
      and continues streaming, and whether the soul enters thereby into
      eternity; or else, they had some other conception of the way in which
      the life of spirit and soul continues. They thought about the nature
      of this continuation, but they did not think of death as an end. Only
      with the approach of the Mystery of Golgotha people really felt that
      death has a meaning and that life on earth is something that
      ends.This, of course, did not assume the form of a problem formulated
      in a philosophical or scientific way, but it entered the soul as a
      feeling. Men on earth had to come to this feeling, for it was
      necessary for the evolution of mankind that the understanding, or the
      intellect, should enter life on earth. But the intellect depends on
      the fact that we are able to die. I have often mentioned this. Man had
      therefore to become entangled in death. He had to become acquainted
      with death. The old ages in which man knew nothing of death were all
      non-intellectualistic. Men received their ideas through inspirations
      from the spiritual world and did not think about them. There was no
      intellect. But the intellect had to come. If we express it in a
      soul-spiritual way, the understanding could come only because man is
      able to die and carries within him all the time the forces of death.
      In a physical way, we might say that death can enter because man
      deposits salts, i.e. solid mineral substances, dead substances, not
      only in the body, but also in his brain. The brain has the constant
      tendency to deposit salt — I might say, toward an incomplete
      ossification. So that the brain contains a constant tendency toward
      death. This inoculation of death had to enter in mankind. And I might
      say, that the result of this necessary development — that death began
      to have a real influence in man's life — was the outward acquaintance
      with death. If men had remained the same as in the past, where they
      did not really know death, they would never have been able to develop
      an intellect, for the intellect is only possible in a world where
      death holds sway.

      "This is how matters stand, seen from a human aspect. But they can
      also be contemplated from the aspect of the higher hierarchies, and
      then they will appear as follows: The higher hierarchies contain in
      their being the forces that have formed Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and
      finally the Earth. If the higher hierarchies had expressed their
      teachings amongst themselves, as it were, up to the Mystery of
      Golgotha, they would have said: We can form the Earth out of Saturn,
      Sun and Moon. But if the Earth were to contain only what we have
      placed into Saturn, Sun and Moon it would never have been able to
      develop beings who know something about death, and can therefore
      develop the intellect within them. We, the higher hierarchies, are
      able to let an Earth proceed out of the Moon, on which there are men
      who know nothing of death, and on which they cannot develop the
      intellect. It is not possible for us, higher hierarchies, to form the
      Earth in such a way that it is able to supply the forces which lead
      man towards the intellect. We must rely, for this, on an entirely
      different being, on a being who comes from another direction than our
      own — The Ahrimanic Being. Ahriman is a being who does not belong to
      our hierarchy. Ahriman comes into the stream of evolution from another
      direction. If we tolerate Ahriman in the evolution of the Earth, if we
      allow him a share in it, he brings us death, and with it, the
      intellect, and we can take up in the human being death and intellect.
      Ahriman knows death, because he is at one with the Earth and has
      trodden paths which have brought him into connection with the
      evolution of the Earth. He is an initiate, a sage of death, and for
      this reason he is the ruler of the intellect. The gods had to reckon
      with Ahriman — if I may express it in this way. They had to say: the
      evolution cannot proceed without Ahriman. It is only a question of
      admitting Ahriman into the evolution. But if Ahriman is admitted and
      becomes the lord of death and, consequently, of the intellect too, we
      forfeit the Earth, and Ahriman, whose sole interest lies in permeating
      the Earth with intellect, will claim the Earth for himself. The gods
      faced the great problem of losing to a certain extent their rule over
      the Earth in favour of Ahriman. There was only one possibility — that
      the gods themselves should learn to know something which they could
      not learn in their godly abodes which were not permeated by Ahriman —
      namely, that the gods should learn to know death itself, on the Earth,
      through one of their emissaries — the Christ. A god had to die on
      earth, and he had to die in such a way that this was not grounded in
      the wisdom of the gods, but in the human error which would hold sway
      if Ahriman alone were to rule. A god had to pass through death and he
      had to overcome death."

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