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Anarchosophy Revisited

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  • elfuncle
    Here is a sneak peak at an excerpt from the tenth lecture in GA 346, being posted here very soon: *************************************** King of all Kings,
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 16, 2008
      Here is a sneak peak at an excerpt from the tenth lecture in GA 346,
      being posted here very soon:


      "King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords. This is the third guise. What
      is the nature of a king, the nature of a lord?

      If we get to know the essential inner meaning of the Latin word
      dominus we shall discover what language itself means in this instance,
      quite apart from what spiritual science has to say: A lord is someone
      on the earth or in the world who has been chosen to point the
      direction for another. How long will outer lords be needed on the
      earth? How long will the commandments of outer lords be needed, even
      the commandments of those who are outer spiritual lords of the earth?
      They will be needed only until the moment when Christ, with the name
      none but he understands, shall dwell within the human being. Then
      every human being will be able to follow Christ in his own being, in
      his own soul. Then everyone will strive to realize that in himself
      which desires to realize the will of the human being out of inner
      love. Then will the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings live in each
      Seen spiritually, this is the time in which we ourselves are now
      living. The fact that we are living in this time is merely disguised
      by the way human beings continue to live in their old ways, denying as
      much as they can in every field the fact that Christ now dwells in
      them. It has to be said that there is much in many human beings that
      is preparing them in the right way for the etheric appearance of
      Christ, who is of course a being descending from the divine world. But
      people must prepare for this by finding the wellspring of their
      actions and deeds within themselves.


      Comment: This is one way to explain some of the difference between
      anarchism and anthroposophy: An anarchist, at least in the external,
      political sense that is best known, wishes to enforce a social
      structure free from authority upon his surroundings, upon other
      people. An anarchosophist, on the other hand, simply has no ruler or
      leader, and he ows his obedience to nobody. He is the homeless outlaw,
      the indefatigable unarmed, non-violent insurgent whose revolution is
      not directed at external rule, but at the rulership of his own soul
      (Kyrios in Greek), where his ascendance to the throne makes external
      authority superfluous, redundant, useless. He is usually forbidden to
      speak or write by the authorities because his ideas are considered
      seditious, unpatriotic, and very dangerous. And if anyone asks him who
      gives himn the right to be an outlaw in blatant disregard for rulers
      and leaders, he'll say: "Not I, but Christ in me."

      So don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters.

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