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Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits

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  • elfuncle
    We ve discussed this topic recently, and here is what I came across at the closing of the fifth lecture (of eighteen) in GA 346:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2008
      We've discussed this topic recently, and here is what I came across at
      the closing of the fifth lecture (of eighteen) in GA 346:


      There are people today who are in some ways educated in an apocalyptic
      manner. They are educated apocalyptically in a way that gives them an
      education of the will that is oriented specifically towards the Roman
      Catholic church. These are the Jesuits. Jesuit education, the
      exercises of the Jesuits, have a strongly apocalyptic aspect. The
      exercises of the Jesuits involve a schooling of the will such as is
      always at the foun¬dation of any apocalyptic, any revelatory vision.

      Educating the will is the most important aspect for anyone who takes
      seriously a genuine priesthood in the sense of a Christian renewal.
      Such a person must understand the Book of Revelation if he is to see
      in it the right impulse for the will, whereas a very one-sided impulse
      for the will was given by Ignatius of Loyola, a grand impulse no
      doubt, but an ex¬tremely onesided one. Today this has become
      ahrimanically rigid, but especially in looking at Ignatius of Loyola
      we are shown how wrong it is to look at the world in any other way but
      through spiritual science. People still attribute the development of
      the Jesuits today to Ignatius of Loyola, but this is wrong. Ignatius
      of Loyola has long since been rein¬carnated and has of course
      extricated himself entirely from that earlier stream. He lived anew as
      Emanuel Swedenborg, and the development of the Jesuits since then has
      slid right into the realm of Ahriman; it no longer harks back to
      Ignatius of Loyola but works now in accordance with Ahriman's
      purposes.5 You could say that this is the shadow, the counter-image of
      what you yourselves must train yourselves to be by, as I have said,
      taking the Book of Revelation into your `I' in such a way that your
      `I' becomes the sum of powers that work in an apocalyptic way.


      ( -- Rudolf Steiner, "The Book of Revelation and the Work of the
      Priest", Lecture Five, Dornach, 9 September 1924, GA 346) )

      This entire lecture is now being posted very shortly.

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