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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Jesuits and Al Qaida (was: bondarev)

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  • dottie zold
    I like Catherine and respect her work. I disagree with her paper and had found it to be full of holes. The paper was written not from an esoteric stand point
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      I like Catherine and respect her work. I disagree with her paper and had found it to be full of holes. The paper was written not from an esoteric stand point but from her own look at the situation which is and was colored by the words put forth by Rudolf Steiner on the Jesuits and the Catholic path. So is my understanding of reading the paper and debating it with her. Right after that we no longer spoke as she felt that I was just reacting like everyone else. I was not. I had gone bit by bit with it and found lots of personal insights that did not feel objective at all. But that's true for most of all of our works in any case.
      Problem is, so it seems to me, is that she and Stephen, Joel, and a few others felt that the remarks against her paper were personal and not objective and that the Steiner students objected as they couldn't bear to see their teacher defamed. I found that her paper was full of holes period and many leaps of faith had to be made in order to believe it as it was her opinion off of what she read not off of an esoteric research point of view.
      She has too much good work to be skewered for that one paper. However I also find the Tomberg students used this paper to continue their need to have Steiner on par with Tomberg.
      All good things,

      Mike Helsher <mhelsher@...> wrote:
      I've read a bit of controversy about this famed article on this list. I haven't read the whole thing myself though. [Brother] Tom seemed to have her an a pedestal  when he mentioned her - do whatever you want - simplistic spin that came out of her first reading of the POF.  I've never heard of this woman before and I wonder what kind of legacy she has left so far. There are alot of good writers out there; I suppose Peter Staudenmaier is on of them. Brother Tom as well. What are the deep down motives for what they write? I ask this because I started writing a book recently and I'm asking myself this question every day. Perhaps the title to the book "Thinking with the power of Love" lends itself to more self scrutiny but still it has me questioning any form of frozen concepts place into cryogenic word  freeze.

      After reviewing some of [Brother] Toms recent writings on this list, the old Goethe quote popped into my head: "thinking about thinking would drive one mad".


       Mike Helsher
      PS. I'm launching a free publication I'm calling "The Wealth Guardian" here in AZ with a first distribution of around 10,000 that will seek to re-define the idea of wealth in all areas of human experience. Its good advertising for my coaching and speaking business but it will also be open to all sorts holistic wealth endeavors. I'm revamping the website and I'm looking for content in many different areas. Let me know your ideas!

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      > '"Steiner is really clear. I think if you are going to aim at
      anyone, discredit him first if you can."
      > well, dottie, i think this has been done rather successfully.
      remember catherine from the old ARK, she wrote a wonderful, well
      researched and well reasoned article on RS's comments about the
      jesuit's spiritual exercises and their whole "will to power" thing. i
      don't want to use the wrong, because RS was perfect in everything, but
      i can say she proved rather convincingly to me that his comments about
      the jesuits were mis-placed. i don't know if her article is still
      archived somewhere on the net.
      > stephen

      During the first days of this forum, in November 2003, Richard Distasi
      and I discussed the lecture cycle "The Book of Revelation and the Work
      of the Priest" (Vorträge und Kurse über christlich-religiö ses Wiurken,
      V. Apokalypse und Priesterwirken, GA 346). I believe it was the very
      last cycle Rudolf Steiner was able to give before his illness put an
      end to his lecturing activities.

      Some of the content became especially interesting in the light of
      9/11, particularly the infuence of Sorath, the Sun Demon, and the
      mystical number 666 in the Apocalypse. Beginning in the year 666,
      Sorath began his strikes every 666 years, with considerable increasing
      strength each time. So Sorath's second strike was in 1332, through
      Catholicism, or to be more precise: Through a special element within
      Catholicism. His third strike came in 1998, through an element within

      In the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, everything evolved much more
      slowly than today -- centuries then may be compared to decades now. So
      about 200 years after Sorath's second strike through Catholicism,
      Ignatius Loyola did his work, giving birth to the Jesuit movement,
      which formed the backbone of the notorious Inquisition.

      Although the Loyola-individualit y reincarnated later as the Swedish
      seer Swedenborg, who refuted the work of his former self, Loyola's
      role in Catholicism is to a certain extent comparable to bin Laden's
      role in Islam, and by the same token, the Jesuit movement may be
      compared to Al Qaida.

      What the Ark archives are concerned, I'm not sure if the content of
      those posts should be considered public domain because I seem to
      recall it was a closed and private group. A dispute arose in those
      days because the PLANS people had planted some kind of mole there and
      re-published certain quotes in the hole (the WC list).

      What is public record, however, is that article by Catherine about
      Rudolf Steiner as some sort of occult kinky sadist who psychologically
      tortured a crazy lady who had the hots for him and tried to make
      scandals. The idea behind this presentation seems to rest upon some
      sort of Freudian obsession with sexuality, suggesting that Steiner was
      sexually active with all women close to him, causing all kinds of
      unsavory intrigues connected with our animal nature.


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