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Solstice, Galactic Center and the Heart

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  • tmasthenes13
    Here is a nice correlation of today s Winter Solstice with the Galactic Center and the Heart, given the identification of the Galactic Center as the Heart of
    Message 1 of 38 , Dec 22 7:10 AM
      Here is a nice correlation of today's Winter Solstice with the
      Galactic Center and the Heart, given the identification of the
      Galactic Center as the "Heart of our galaxy."


      Conscious Heart of the Heavens

      Pluto, Jupiter, and Sun conjunct the Galactic Center

      (Winter Solstice 2007)

      by Anthony J. McGettigan


      The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto conjoin--just as Pluto aligns with
      the Galactic Center for the first time in 250 years. All this
      coinciding with Winter Solstice; the Sun's southern solstice is
      currently closely aligned with the Galactic Equator and within a short
      few degrees of its closest approach to the Galactic Center. The
      importance of this event is great--perhaps the most significant
      celestial event of the new century.


      He links to a 1998 interview with Joseph Chilton Pearce, which
      mentions Waldorf and Steiner:


      Pearce mentions Steiner's view of the heart as not a pump and then
      links to the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder.


      Now get ready to see that Sun at Midnight!

    • winters_diana
      ... you ... social intercourse ... forces ... towards a ... while ... Sure. You re all taking big steps toward MANKIND S EARTHLY EVOLUTION here.
      Message 38 of 38 , Jan 4, 2008
        >Diana, when you view disputes between individuals on this list,
        > witness seperate individuals engage themselves in
        social 'intercourse'
        > using a mix of: given conscious, sub and unconscious 'soul
        > (in varying degrees of experienced awareness) which they apply
        towards a
        > common fraternal goal: they employ the method of socialization to
        > individualy 'hammer out' what is spiritually TRUE for our epoch-
        > relying on THE living spiritual force connected to the impulse of
        > Anthroposophy.
        > This is a BIG human step which feeds itself into MANKIND'S EARTHLY
        > EVOLUTION.

        Sure. You're all taking big steps toward MANKIND'S EARTHLY EVOLUTION
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