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More about Norway (was: Norway or Bust!)

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  • elfuncle
    I ran Michael Moore s video about Norway a second time and noticed some of the things he says: The Norwegians only drink [alcohol] because they want to save
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 30, 2007
      I ran Michael Moore's video about Norway a second time and noticed
      some of the things he says:

      "The Norwegians only drink [alcohol] because they want to save the


      And he continues:

      "In fact they love the earth so much they wouldn't dream of letting a
      private company own all their oil reserves."

      This is a sloppy and inaccurate reporting of the facts. There are
      several oil companies in Norway, and they are all private, none of
      them are state owned. The two leading oil companies were, until only a
      month or two ago, Statoil and Hydro, so the leading gas stations here
      are Statoil and Hydro-Texaco. But in order to be bigger and tougher on
      the multinational market, Statoil and Hydro just merged into one
      company: Statoil-Hydro.

      What Michael Moore is getting at, is that the Norwegian state owns a
      lot of shares in Statoil-Hydro. This means that the state has a
      so-called oil-fund. These profits are not based upon public ownership
      of the company but the shares owned by the state. This also gives the
      politicians, the people in parliament, authority to demand that
      executives are fired when corruption scandals hit the press, and this
      happens over and over again. Some five years ago, the CEO and other
      top execs in Statoil had to go because of a bribery or kickback
      scandal in Iran. As late as this summer, the Hydro CEO and other
      leaders had to go because of a similar scandal in some African country.

      And incidentally, these Norwegian oil companies are participating with
      other multinational oil companies in the plunder of natural resources
      in poor countries like Nigeria, and they're also on the prowl in Iraq
      along with the rest of the crooks and oppressors. Oil is a dirty
      business, and it doesn't get any cleaner just because some state
      governments own shares in them. As a matter of fact, that's only a
      motivator for countries like Norway to comply with US politics by
      sending bombs and pilots and troops to Afghanistan and military
      intelligence to Iran, where the endeavor is made to destabilize the
      regime because that's what Washington wants, getting Norway up on
      Iran's hit list for terror attacks.

      Although Michael Moore is sloppy and inaccurate, he's also very funny
      and entertaining and the main point is that he gets the Fox people and
      the Republicans mad as hell. And that main point in this case is that
      health care in the United States is sick. It would suffice to say that
      it's better in other countries, but Moore wants to say it's perfect
      because he's a full-fledged state socialist. In his paradise, all
      private companies, large and small, should be turned over to the state
      and then owned and operated by the state 100 per cent. In other words,
      economic Communism.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13"
      <TomBuoyed@...> wrote:
      > Tarjei,
      > Just came aross this 8 minute video of what Michael Moore cut out of
      > his movie "Sicko" because it was too unbelievable.
      > Hellzapoppin' Tarjei, you really do live in Utopia. What do I have to
      > do to emigrate to Norway?
      > Tom
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