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Tom's Offering

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  • tmasthenes13
    Hi Dottie, You know I really took to heart your sincere question to me Tom, what do you have to offer? So I decided to take it into my sleep and did so. When
    Message 1 of 117 , Nov 12, 2007
      Hi Dottie,

      You know I really took to heart your sincere question to me "Tom, what
      do you have to offer?" So I decided to take it into my sleep and did
      so. When I woke up, the answer was so clear and obvious, I had to
      exclaim: "Why didn't I think of this before?"

      Well, here's the answer. Dottie. You and I should create together:

      A Hollywood Public Relations Firm for Anthroposophy!

      I mean, look first at our geographical destinies. You live and work on
      the border of West Hollywood. I live and work on the border of North
      Hollywood. Like mystery streams from the West and North, we could
      converge in Hollywood, ("Ground Minus Zero" to echo Bob Dylan). Thus
      we could finally put anthroposophy on the media map, to take its place
      with every other movement. ( Of course our biggest competitor here
      would be the Church of Scientology, but we can deal with them.)

      You know the maxim of Hollywood PR firms: "The only thing worse than
      bad publicity is no publicity." Right now, what little publicity
      anthroposophy has is largely bad due to our Critics, but we can work
      to change that now. Here's how.

      First, let me tell you how my negative perceptions of Saturday were
      turned positive today. You see, Dottie, ever since you got back from
      Emerson College, I had been very dismayed at the awful hype, i.e.
      hyperbole, exaggeration, overblown claims that you were piling on to
      Frank Chester and Sergei Prokofieff. Have you ever considered how
      insulting it might be to Frank and Sergei for you to bloat their
      importance like they were cartoon character super-heroes?

      Let me quote you from post #34312
      And it occurs to me that Sergei Prokofieff was the
      answer to Ahriman's incarnation, or maybe a better way
      to say it is that he was able to consciously challenge
      and move forward Rudolf Steiner's work on the Being of
      Anthroposophia and also the New Mysteries inherent in
      the Foundation Stone Meditation and the deed brought
      forth by our teacher at the Christmas Foundation
      Meeting of 1923/24.

      Sergei was the direct answer to the Ahrimanic
      incarnation from the Steiner impulse.

      And later in the same post, you lay this on poor Frank Chester
      "This work by Frank Chester could not have come forth
      without the protection of the higher forces. What he
      has touched upon, for those who working diligently on
      the heart forces, is immeasurably important and will
      make the difference for the next epoch."
      and in post 34346
      "Frank Chester has just made an inspired discovery not seen before
      this side of the Threshold."

      You know, Dottie, now I understand why Ms. Diana Winters used the word
      "breath-taking" in regard to your exaggerations and overstatements of

      For these claims about SP (the direct answer to Ahriman) and FC (the
      difference for the next epoch) are so outlandish, so absurdly
      inflated, overstated and overblown that it really does take one's
      breath away.

      Even more, Dottie, your well-meaning and sincere exaggerations
      probably do more damage to the real work of FC and Dennis K. than any
      of the critics do! I mean, who needs debunking critics like Dugan or
      Staudenmaier, when you, Dottie, do a much better job of destroying
      Frank's and Dennis's credibility with your puffed up, wild-ass
      assertions about their work and its significance in the world.

      Well, that's exactly why we need to start a PR firm together, for
      etherically and astrally speaking, we are each at opposite ends of a
      polarity. And thus I could help deflate and cool down all the "hot
      air" you spout about FC and DK, even SP! In turn, you can help me melt
      the "ice cube," as it were, of my own crystallized self-importance.

      Let me quote Dr. Steiner from this important lecture of 1922 so we can
      have proper references.

      Man's Life on Earth and in the Spiritual Worlds, London GA 218
      London, 16th November, 1922
      "And now, if you are able to look with real insight into man's etheric
      nature, — not merely into his physical, but into his etheric nature —
      you will find there too, occasion for disappointment to the Ahrimanic
      and Luciferic powers.

      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ETHERIC BODY++++++++++++++++++++++

      For when the Luciferic powers are victorious over the Ahrimanic in the
      ether-body, then the person becomes a liar, he becomes an habitual
      liar [Pathological liar]

      In that case he is obviously not moral; and so he falls out of the
      world within which Lucifer would like to secure him. Instead of making
      him a moral automaton, Lucifer has turned him into a liar.

      And, strange as it may seem, the fact that the person becomes addicted
      to lying is a weapon in the hands of the good Powers, to aid them in
      rescuing him from Lucifer.

      For when someone turns liar, — well, that can be ameliorated in the
      further course of karma; whereas if Lucifer were really to gain the
      victory he seeks, the Earth would lose that human soul, it would soar
      right away above the Earth.


      If, on the other hand, Ahriman were to conquer, or come near to
      conquering, in the ether body, then the person would become possessed
      — possessed by his own cleverness. And since he is inwardly possessed
      by it, the cleverness must needs remain within him. It has hold of
      him; his ether-body is absolutely charged with it. And so there is no
      possibility for Ahriman to draw out the instincts and impulses; they
      are stuck fast in the ether-body, because the person is possessed by
      his cleverness.

      Here too, then, will be plenty of opportunity for Lucifer and Ahriman
      to experience bitter frustration and disappointment, when addiction to
      lying, or on the other hand, obsession follows as a consequence of
      their apparent victories.

      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ASTRAL BODY+++++++++++++++++++

      Let us now see what can happen with the astral body.

      Suppose the Ahrimanic powers come near to being victorious in the
      astral body. The person in question will in this case tend to become
      an out-and-out egoist. But that will mean that he, as an egoist, keeps
      fast hold of his instincts, and there will be no chance for Ahriman to
      snatch them away. So once more, Ahriman's prize escapes him.


      Suppose on the other hand. Lucifer nearly gains a victory [in the
      astral body.]

      Then the person is liable to turn into a dreamer in the astral body,
      to become an ego-less dreamer, who is, as one says, "not in his right
      mind." Such things happen; it can well be that people succumb, if only
      for a time, to such a condition.

      The Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers are thus subject to disillusionment
      on earth in many directions."

      So, let's review. You know that I am in danger of losing my etheric
      cleverness to Ahriman, so I am protected from Ahriman by becoming such
      a strong Luciferic egotist that I hoard all that cleverness for
      myself. (Check off "out and out" egotism also for my astral body.)

      You at the opposite pole are always in danger of floating off to
      Lucifer's kingdom (8th sphere) but you are protected from Lucifer by
      Ahriman. As Dr. Steiner says, this protection is actually you becoming
      "addicted to lying" or becoming an "habitual liar." (As well, you
      become an "egoless dreamer" in your own astral body, but that's
      protection, too.)

      Now these words of Rudolf Steiner about lying are very harsh so I
      would like to massage and spin them as a Public Relations person would
      do. Rather than used the terms "habitual liar" or even the more
      modern term "pathological liar," I would note that "pathological lying
      begins at home."

      That is to say: Before you can lie to others, you must first lie to
      yourself, i.e. become self-deceived or self-deluded. And yet this very
      self-delusion becomes the Ahrimanic ballast or grounding of the
      otherwise untethered Luciferic "hot air balloon" of your soul floating
      off to the 8th Sphere.

      So, Dottie, back to the PR firm. What I propose is to take the content
      of your Luciferic gushing and exaggerations about all these figures,
      like FC and DK, who are certainly accomplishing good things in the
      outer world which need to be recognized for their value. I would then
      apply my Ahrimanic talent at limiting, contracting, cooing down,
      densifying, etc., and thus forming, forging, cutting down to size,
      your enthusiastic delusions into at least "room temperature" artifacts
      that could then be properly evaluated by interested people in the
      "outside world," especially scientific types.

      (Hopefully, in the process, you would accept as a gift some of my ego
      forces from my own vast storehouses of excess egotism which would help
      you put a little more ego into your default state of "egoless dreaming.")

      However, there is a much more efficient way of doing that. Dottie, you
      really need a good personal assistant, a PDA in fact. I would
      immediately hire Ms. Diana Winters as your special PDA --- that is
      "Personal Double Assistant."

      To understand why, go back to July 2006 and the lecture Dennis Klocek
      gave at USC during the Anthroposophia Conference that you organized.
      As you recall, Dennis spoke several times about the need to confront
      the Shadow or Double before we could develop the right relationship to
      Anthroposophia. And the technique he taught was very simple.

      Dennis told us to take whatever we experienced as criticism coming
      from other people and treat that criticism as if it were coming from
      our own self. Why? Because whatever we perceive as disdain,
      disparagement, even ridicule coming at us from other people is really
      coming from our Double. By attributing the criticism to others, we
      deny that it is really our own faults and foibles that are being
      brought to us by those people. Imagine if we could truly say to
      ourselves: "Hey, I resemble that remark!"

      And honestly, I can find no other candidate on WC or AT as qualified
      as Ms. Winters in reflecting back to you, Dottie, the faults and
      foibles you project out from your own Double. She goes right to the
      heart-thinking of the matter and in so few words as well! You owe her
      such a karmic debt of gratitude, Dottie. So we'll pay her top dollar
      and maybe even add in a bonus like "hazardous duty pay," although I
      sense that Ms. Winters would really enjoy her work and probably do it
      for next to nothing out of the goodness and perspicacity of her heart.

      But now let me gush about the wondrous teachings of Rudolf Steiner.
      Isn't it breathtaking to live in such an ironic universe where
      one's very own egotism can become an actual shield against Ahriman?
      And where one's own deluded thinking can become a shield against Lucifer?

      You see how we balance Dottie? I have such delusions of grandeur
      about myself and you have equal delusions of grandeur about other
      people (esp. DK, FC, SP).

      And such mutual fructification of our delusions is exactly what would
      make our Hollywood Public Relations firm a real powerful means of
      disseminating anthroposophy into the public.

      And you know, New Age folks who are familiar with "The Secret" would
      say that we are demonstrating the Law of Attraction: my delusions and
      yours resonate at the same frequency.

      All good and bad things, (that's a Manichean farewell)

      Thomas E. Mellett

      PS My middle name is Edward, but I think I'll change it to Ego for
      now. Thanks, Dottie.
    • Frank Thomas Smith
      ... Tarjei to Diana: ...you re kicking against the pricks. So wear a cup already.
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        Tarjei to Diana:

        "...you're kicking against the pricks."

        So wear a cup already.
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