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Re: racist is as racist does

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  • holderlin66
    When I lived in Atlanta, I lived very near Emory college. Of course now I live and work in Austin Texas. But small cheese mice, small cheese mice that felt
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 31, 2007

      When I lived in Atlanta, I lived very near Emory college.  Of course now I live and work in Austin Texas.  But small cheese mice, small cheese mice that felt compelled to play the game with our friend from the WC..., it should be well understood from within the infected and diseased whitebread intellectual soul, that at times is brilliant, Steiner would always admit that brilliance was certainly there, but really I can see brilliant and read brilliant morons who do not have the priviledge of encountering Dr. Steiner and Spiritual Science every day of the week. 

      I extract brilliant, cunning, and brilliant insights from MSM but they won't have in this lifetime the opportunity we have had to roll with Steiner.  That is how we roll.  That is how we Anthro third generation, Second Saturn Returners roll.  That is how, Amfortas appears to us today in our Second Saturn Return, a weakness in our brilliant intellectual sheen and sensing we can't get what we want or even what Steiner hoped for from the shrunken little selfish peanuts that really couldn't care less.  It is all so much Californication.

      Given the opportunity to roll with the Michael School in this incarnation, should not make us bored, should not make us spoiled, because Uncle Tom and Tarjei themselves in the ole Saturn Return Amfortas boredom stream, all along felt, along with so many others that somehow Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science has to be reduced to a game.  A game everyone can play, and of course enable those with unschooled sympathies and antipathies and enable those with intellectual repulsion to everything, such as reincarnation and the Science of the Christ Event that Spiritual Science repesents -  because in the whole matrix of things and people, life must be a game of sorts, no need to have those ole Nominalistic and Realism battles that apparent old Unger and Avverroes and old Aquinas used to have -  Even with the fact that Aristotle was saved through the kind of Arabistic intellect... the mighty Aristotle Observer Himself, would suck it all into the mighty Consciousness Soul sincerity of Spiritual Science hoped for, schooling.

      Entering the Intellectual Soul and discovering that you are so bored and so uncreative and so uninterested in the depths and current events of our TIME that you think that degrading Steiner and playing with the WC  is like shooting fish in a barrel,  can only be justified when we understand how our Saturn Return Generation is not only aware of our mission, but somehow ashamed that we seemed to falter in that great work of the dignity of Humanity we learned from Spiritual Science.  We look around at some of our fellow cotton balled and sympathy and antipathy ping-pong champions and in the GAME of the INtellectual SOUL we look directly into our shame and say, "Is that all there is?"

      Go ahead belittle and tickle, play games as much as you like in your heads with the forces of Spiritual Science know just how much you enabled, as enablers, you enabled Anthroposophy to be treated as some sort of game.... how U enabled the ratings wars of sympathies and antipathies and all for the sake of fun and fellowship with sweet sarcasm. 

      While it is true that intuition and Humor itself on the Reprsentative of Man, the Groupe,  flutters like a butterfly hovering over the whole scene to give it balance -  All of you know how brilliant and True Harvey was and all of U know how I admired his ability to phrase the intuitions and complexities...and how most scurried away like spoiled little kids, when this, this, very interesting removed Harvey B. Shakespeare -  And Harvey really resembled the busts of Shakespeare and I thought, well here might Shakespeare be but without the hovering Christian Rosenkreuz inspiration, now just a former memory living in Harvey, but look at the humming bird hovering intuitions Harvey wrote.  Intuitions laced with such rich glimmerings....it felt, ungrounded, luciferic and yet always, always rich in relation to the solidity of Spiritual Science and the moral compass.  And it damned well felt at most times like Shakespeare or the memory there of.

      The Dead!  Ya I have singular worries over Paul Platt and less worries but a warm interest in Paulina. But frankly, since most are now apparently playing with Anthroposophy out of their boredom and their brilliance, if we look at the potent issue of Saturn's second return - Oh sorry, I hate to interject how potent is the disturbing karma of Steiner 98 and Denver and all the brilliant mind discipline of having been swept into Military Intelligence and really gaining, from certain people here, from military intelligence training, what was gained was part of the sly sting of the Ahrimanic laced Kool-Aid that easily becomes gamesmenship in intelligent Michael schooling and lack of sincerity in intelligent Michael students. 

      Ya there is a lot of Arabism in the residual Military Intelligence sweet meat of riding the Ahrimanic forces that so richly gather our sons and daughters and recognize their brilliant, cold and cunning gifts and remove them, ever so slyly, remove them from the embracing of Christ Sciences as real physics with real physics laws given by the mighty Elohim instead of the mini Einstein.  So many problems, so many unanswered questions, so many rich experiences, so many threads and important factors that lead right to the heart of Spiritual Science. And our responses should be who we are and what we are looking at and what we think is core of the issue. Even when we know that in point of fact most people all along this path, our path, had to be numbed from the full impact of the truth as it is reflected back to us, in what we know we have encountered in ourselves and in our own double.  Most people don't really and can't really take the piercing glare of our doubles that so many of us have encountered.  For those, it is painful for some of us to say that indeed there is a Reality to the Spiritual World and the laws of development and we are students and carriers of the Michael Impulse.

      Yes you can take a chapter from out of the Intellectual Soul lesson book here and watch how Spiritual Science becomes ensnared in games, and how difficult, to the point of boredom it appears to let oneself open up and  enjoy the warm moral forces of the Consciousness Soul.  Undeserved, still full of our ENERGIZER  bunny intellectual soul brilliance?  Still unsatisfied because the Logos of Love and the Logos of Wisdom, isn't spun enough into playful meaninglessness and used to enable sympathies and antipathies?  Still got some nervous energy you need to spend while still searching for the horrific failures and weaknesses that has brought the Anthro World to point where we feel nearly irrelevant....

      Everyday something pops up from where ever that shows the immense relevance of Dr. Steiner's contribution to the Logos of Wisdom of this Fifth Epoch.  And TRUE, it can be see wallowing in sympathies and antipathies and pettiness and games, or it can shoot off like mighty star shining light over the darkened impulses we second stringers, we second or third generation Anthros represent.


      http://bp0.blogger.com/_a-Su2SAnGYU/RyhYeH-KS2I/AAAAAAAACMs/fYXoPM9_Yx8/s320/piss+on+racism.jpgPiss on racism! That's essentially what the students at Emory University had to say to David Horowitz and his 'message' of Islamo-Fascism.

      His message is not wanted nor are his attempts to spread hatred using the university as a tool for this.

      Fox News taped the incident at Emory... it can be seen below...
      Eat more Whitebread you bunch of Cracker Intellectual Soul Sissies
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