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Fwd: the war of all against all

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  • tmasthenes13
    Hey, this is worth a cross-posting because it pulls us out of the present white-negro discussion of Steiner-Racism-Past and opens up the white-yellow
    Message 1 of 54 , Oct 30, 2007
      Hey, this is worth a cross-posting because it pulls us out of the
      present white-negro discussion of Steiner-Racism-Past and opens up the
      white-yellow foundation of Steiner-Racism-Future.

      Thank you Peter, for reminding us of what we can look forward to in
      the realm of race relations.


      --- In waldorf-critics@yahoogroups.com, Peter Staudenmaier
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      Roger pointed out a wide range of texts in which Steiner discusses the
      coming "war of all against all" which will mark the transition to the
      next era in cosmic and human evolution, an era in which humankind will
      divide into a "good race" and an "evil race" according to Steiner.
      This idea continues to play a role within Waldorf contexts, for
      example in the work of Michaela Glöckler. Two quick additions to the
      material Roger gathered:

      1. In case anyone would like to assess the translation that Roger
      provided of the Steiner passage about the coming war between white
      people and non-white people, here is the full passage in the existing
      official anthroposophical translation. This English edition of the
      lecture has never been published, as far as I can determine; like so
      many of Steiner's works, it circulates among anthroposophists in
      typescript form. I found a copy of the typescript several years ago at
      the Rudolf Steiner Library in Ghent, New York. Here is how the full
      passage reads:

      "And what is the characteristic that must particularly develop in this
      culture-epoch? It is one that was kindled through the Mystery of Golgotha,
      namely that spiritual impulses have been led down right into the directly
      physically-human, that as it were the flesh must be laid hold of by the
      spirit. It has not yet happened. It will not happen till Spiritual Science
      has one day spread more widely over the earth and many more men bring
      it to
      expression in direct life, until, one could say, the spirit comes to
      expression in every movement of hand, of finger, in the most everyday
      affairs. But it was for the sake of bringing down the spiritual
      impulse that
      Christ became flesh in a human body. And the characteristic of the mission
      of white humanity in general is to carry down the spirit, to
      impregnate the
      flesh with the spirit. Man has his white skin that the spirit may work in
      the skin when it descends to the physical plane. The task of our fifth
      culture-epoch, prepared through the preceding four epochs, is to make the
      outer physical body a shrine for the spirit. We must acquaint
      ourselves with
      those cultural impluses which show the tendency to bring the spirit
      into the
      flesh, into everyday matters. When we quite recognise this, then we shall
      also be clear that where the spirit has still to work as spirit, where
      in a
      certain way it has to stay behind in its development -- because in our
      it should descend into the flesh -- where it stays behind, takes a demonic
      character and does not completely permeate the flesh, there the white skin
      does not appear. Atavistic forces are present which do not let the spirit
      come into complete harmony with the flesh.

      In the sixth post-Atlantean Culture epoch the task will be to know the
      spirit as something hovering in the surroundings, to recognise the spirit
      more in the elemental world, because that epoch must prepare the knowledge
      of the spirit in the physical environment. That could not easily come
      if ancient atavistic forces were not preserved which recognise the
      spirit in
      its purely elemental life. But these things do not enter the world without
      the most violent struggles. White humanity is still on the way to take the
      spirit more and more deeply into its own being. Yellow humanity is on the
      way to conserve that age in which the spirit is held away from the
      body, is
      sought purely outside the human physical organisation. This makes it
      inevitable that the transition from the fifth culture epoch to the sixth
      will will bring about a violent struggle of the white and yellow races in
      the most varied domains. What precedes these struggles will occupy
      world-history up to the decisive events of the great contests between the
      white world and the coloured world."

      (Rudolf Steiner, "The Christ-Impulse as Bearer of the Union of the
      and the Bodily", typescript "For Members of the Anthroposophical Society",
      translated by M. Cotterell)

      The original passage can be found in Rudolf Steiner, Die geistigen
      Hintergr√ľnde des Ersten Weltkrieges, Dornach 1974, pp. 37-38.

      2. Of the books by Steiner available in English, perhaps the one that
      discusses this theme most extensively is Rudolf Steiner, The
      Apocalypse of St. John (Anthroposophical Publishing Company, London
      1958). In this book, Steiner explains that the coming "War of All
      against All" will serve to separate the racial
      wheat from chaff, with the lower racial forms remaining bound to their
      physical nature, while the higher racial forms take part in the coming
      marriage of intellect and spirit:

      "All those will participate in this marriage who take into themselves
      the impulse of Christ Jesus and they will form the great brotherhood
      which will
      survive the great War, which will experience enmity and persecution,
      but will provide the foundation for the good race. After this great
      War has brought out the animal nature in those who have remained in
      the old forms, the good race will arise, and this race will carry over
      into the future that which is to be the spiritually elevated culture
      in that future epoch." (p. 135)

      Steiner emphasizes that this crucial difference between the race of
      good and
      the race of evil will be manifested physically "in the epoch following the
      great War of All against All":

      "Upon the forehead and in the whole physiognomy it will be written whether
      the person is good or evil. He will show in his face what is contained in
      his inmost soul. What a man has developed within himself, whether he has
      exercised good or evil impulses, will be written on his forehead.
      After the
      great War of All against All there will be two kinds of human beings.
      who had previously tried to follow the call to the spiritual life, who
      cultivated the spiritualizing and ennobling of their inner spiritual life,
      will show this inward life on their faces and express it in their gestures
      and the movements of their hands. And those who have turned away from the
      spiritual life, represented by the community of Laodicea, who were
      neither warm nor cold, will pass into the following epoch as those who
      retard human evolution, who preserve the backward forces of evolution
      have been left behind. They will show the evil passions, impulses and
      instincts hostile to the spiritual in an ugly, unintelligent, evil-looking
      countenance. In their gestures and hand-movements, in everything they do,
      they will present an outer image of the ugliness in their soul. Just as
      humanity has separated into races and communities, in the future it will
      divide into two great streams, the good and the evil. And what is in their
      souls will be outwardly manifest, they will no longer be able to hide it."
      (p. 82)

      Steiner continues:

      "Man still has something within him which must separate itself from the
      universal evolution as a descending branch, as the other animal forms have
      done. That which man has within him as tendency to good and evil, to
      cleverness and stupidity, to beauty and ugliness, represents the
      of an upward progress or a remaining behind. Just as the animal form has
      developed out of progressing humanity, so will the race of evil with the
      horrible faces develop out of it as it progresses towards spirituality and
      reaches the later goal of humanity. In the future there will not only
      be the
      animal forms which are the incarnated images of human passions, but there
      will also be a race in which will live what man now hides within him as a
      portion of evil, which today he can still conceal but which later will be
      manifest." (p. 84)

      According to Steiner, cosmic evolution functions in this way so that "that
      might be destroyed which is not worthy to take part in the ascent of
      humanity." (p. 89) This is, indeed, what makes spiritual progress
      "Humanity has risen by throwing out the lower forms in order to purify
      itself and it will rise still higher by separating another kingdom of
      nature, the kingdom of the evil race. Thus mankind rises upward." (p. 84)

      This idea is spelled out further in the same book:

      "You might now be inclined to say: Is it not an extremely bitter thought
      that whole bodies of peoples remain immature and do not develop their
      capacities; that only a small group becomes capable of providing the germ
      for the next civilization? This thought will no longer disquiet you if you
      distinguish between race-development and individual soul-development,
      for no
      soul is condemned to remain in one particular race. The race may fall
      behind; the community of people may remain backward, but the souls
      beyond the several races. If we wish to form a true conception of this we
      must say that all the souls now living in bodies in civilized
      countries were
      formerly incarnated in Atlantean bodies. A few developed there in the
      requisite manner, and did not remain in Atlantean bodies. As they had
      developed further they could become the souls of the bodies which had also
      progressed further. Only the souls which as souls had remained
      backward had
      to take bodies which as bodies had remained at a lower stage. If all the
      souls had progressed, the backward races would either have decreased very
      much in population, or the bodies would be occupied by newly incoming
      at a low stage of development. For there are always souls which can
      backward bodies. No soul is bound to a backward body if it does not bind
      itself to it."

      (Steiner, The Apocalypse of St. John p. 80)

      "The relation between soul-development and race-development is
      preserved to
      us in a wonderful myth. Let us imagine race following race, civilization
      following civilization. The soul going through its earth mission in the
      right way is incarnated in a certain race; it strives upward in this race,
      and acquires the capacities of this race in order next time to be
      in a higher one. Only the souls which sink in the race and do not work out
      of the physical materiality, are held back in the race by their own
      as one might say. They appear a second time in the same race and
      a third time in bodies in similarly formed races. Such souls hold back the
      bodies of the race. This has been wonderfully described in a legend. We
      know, indeed, that man progresses further in the fulfillment of the
      of the earth by following the great Leaders of humanity who point out the
      goals to be attained; if he rejects them, if he does not follow them, he
      must remain behind with his race, for he cannot then get beyond it. Let us
      think of a personality who has the good fortune to meet a great Leader of
      humanity, let us suppose such a personality confronting Christ Jesus
      himself, for example; he sees how all his deeds are evidence for leading
      humanity forward, but he will have nothing to do with this progress, he
      rejects the Leader of humanity. Such a personality, such a soul would be
      condemned to remain in the race. If we follow this thought to its
      such a soul would have to appear again and again in the same race, and we
      have the legend of Ahasuerus who had to appear in the same race again and
      again because he rejected Christ Jesus. Great truths concerning the
      evolution of humanity are placed before us in such a legend as this."

      (Rudolf Steiner, The Apocalypse of St. John, pp. 80-81)

      "We are now beginning to comprehend the spiritual world from our
      present intellectual civilization. It is the aim of true
      Anthroposophy, from
      out of the present intellectual standards, to comprehend the spiritual
      world, and to gather together those who can understand the call to
      spiritualize the world. These will not form a separate colony but will be
      gathered from every nation and will gradually pass into the sixth age,
      is to say, not yet beyond the great War, but primarily into the sixth age,
      for necessities still exist which are connected with old race ties. In our
      epoch, races and civilizations are still intermingled. The true idea
      of race
      has lost its meaning but it still plays a certain part. It is quite
      impossible at present for every mission to be carried out equally by every
      people. Certain nations are predestined to carry out a particular mission.
      The nations which today are the vehicles of Western civilization were
      to lead the fifth age to its zenith; they were the nations who were to
      develop the intellect." (133-4)

      Steiner also offers a brief recapitulation of the Aryan myth, without
      the term Aryan (although the translator does, in an explanatory note on p.
      177), and summarizes his doctrine of small "gifted" elect groups advancing
      racially while the rest decline. He writes of "a migration of people
      starting from there [Atlantis] and going towards the East and from it a
      number of tribes proceeding, which then populate Europe. All that is
      contained in the population of Europe originated in this way. The most
      gifted portion of the Atlanteans wandered towards central Asia; from there
      proceeded the various civilizations up to our own, as we have
      described. So
      we see that our present civilization originated in a small group of
      Atlanteans." (140)

      But not all races are so lucky. "It was in the fifth stage when this
      emigration began; so that the specially chosen population of Atlantis
      lies at the foundation of our culture is taken from the fifth Atlantean
      race, for in Atlantis we may speak of races. A sixth and a seventh
      These were, so to speak, the lukewarm races. They also survived the great
      flood but there was no living sprouting force in them. They were
      related to
      the fifth Atlantean civilization somewhat as the bark which is
      lignified and
      hardened is related to the sappy stem. These two races which followed the
      actual root-race were incapable of developing, they were overripe, so to
      speak. You may still se stragglers of these old overripe races today,
      especially among the Chinese." (140) Steiner then explains that these
      racially inferior groups who are incapable of further development will not
      be able to join "the good race" after "the War of All against All". (141)

      Peter S.

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    • dottie zold
      Hey Friends, Looking over this past weekend and what Frank Chester brought forth I am finding correlations everywhere within me and without. It s like the
      Message 54 of 54 , Nov 8, 2007
        Hey Friends,

        Looking over this past weekend and what Frank Chester
        brought forth I am finding correlations everywhere
        within me and without. It's like the Spirits of Form,
        and that Being who helps us to the Christ, whom Kelly
        Connor mentioned as an early consideration,
        Anthroposophia, as the Lower Guardian. That's
        interesting to me as I had been looking at the same
        damn thing last year and early this year. Oh well, I
        guess time and further study and contemplation will

        Anyhow, I wanted to share a thought on what is termed
        as the 'new organ of perception' by Rudolf Steiner,
        that amazing damn man. Now that Frank has opened the
        thought to the seven sided form, never shown before in
        the world, and connected it to the heart and the eye
        at the same time, I find myself thinking and
        contemplating and living with this.

        And this brought me to an understanding or maybe a
        thought towards how this organ perceives and what is
        different than what thinking and feeling are
        seperately. It seems to me that when developing this
        organ, through enobling our thinking and our feeling,
        I imagine in relations to everything and everything in
        life, we experience the Thinking and the Feeling right
        there in the silence of the heart. From there it seems
        to me that we are then aided in our Willing. And out
        of that it seems to me that higher perception and
        working with the Beings occur.

        This book The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail is an
        astonishing book for one who is interested in
        understanding deeply within this new organ and the
        significance of the Holy Grail.

        But the feeling and the thinking within what is also
        termed the 'Fifth Chamber' is of a higher order. I
        think its there we have to find a way to work out of
        when we do our relations and when we do our daily
        lives. It's almost as if from this region it rays out,
        rays out and also rays in and is meeting microcosm and
        macrocosm at the same time. Oh how the Beings must
        rejoice finding human beings who are able to penetrate
        to this understanding and experience and ongoing
        committment to develop this organ.

        All good things,

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