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Re: Superior-inferior, but coffee skin color?

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  • tmasthenes13
    ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/technology/technology.html?in_article_id=489653&in_page_id=1965 ...
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith"
      <eltrigal78@...> wrote:
      > Sound familiar?

      "Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger
      penises, according to Curry in a report commissioned for men's
      satellite TV channel Bravo.

      Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and
      pert breasts, according to Curry.

      Racial differences will be a thing of the past as interbreeding
      produces a single coffee-coloured skin tone."


      Hey Frank,

      The penile prognostication is every guy's wet dream, as it were, but
      the pert rack part? No way, Jose, as I crave my bazongas to be huge so
      that I can feel again like an infant engulfed within the vast universe
      of mother's soothing mammaries.

      But our new skin color as coffee? Depends on the roast, I suppose, but
      I imagine it'll be the same skin color of all the "Meskins" now in the

      Which raises the unnerving racial question: if everybody will have
      light-to-medium roast coffee skin color, then how will we be able to
      discriminate between the rich, ruling elite and the inferior slave

      Well, I'm sure there are genetic engineers working on this problem
      right now, and that they will develop the proper lighter skin tones
      for the ruling class by the 4th millennium.

      In the meantime, I guess we will have that "War of All Against All"
      to help us overcome present racism and set the stage for the Dual
      Races of the future.


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