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Re: Rabbi Gershom on Cyanide in the Holocaust

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  • winters_diana
    ... You might be on to something there. ... Anyone hear about the huge new Nazi archive that is just about to open (or maybe already did) in Germany? Something
    Message 1 of 136 , Oct 4, 2007
      >And maybe a lot of Holocaust Denial is simply people not wanting to
      >even be reminded of the thought that complete annihilation of one's
      >entire being is possible.

      You might be on to something there.

      >And maybe the obsession of so many people on the other side, those
      >who always hold the Deniers "feet to the fire" avoid the
      >annihilation issue by focusing exclusively on the Holocaust
      >victims as fixed in their historical time period. Never forget! But
      >also: Never Move On.

      Anyone hear about the huge new Nazi archive that is just about to
      open (or maybe already did) in Germany? Something like 30 million
      new documents will become accessible to family members of Nazi
      victims. I suppose all the people still alive who experienced the
      camps or lost loved ones in them should "move on," should not
      be "fixed in an historical time period."

      It's too stupid to be really angry about, and too childish. It's
      just sad really, and actually even sadder to read Dottie's ignorant
      and reflexive responses trying to be part of the in-group.
      this is just such a sad spectacle, this list.

      >So thank you Diana, and I hope that you will weigh in on this issue
      >of the diametrically opposed views of what happened to the Holocaust

      I hate to break it to you. There isn't any question what happened to
      most Holocaust victims, you're inventing a drama to entertain and
      distract yourself, only the details of various individuals' fates
      remain unknown. The rest of this is horseshit.

      >Let me elucidate: there are many Anthropops like me who fully
      >acknowledge the racism and antisemitism of Steiner as brought forth
      >by all the Critics, etc., but the "escape hatch" we always use is
      >the "trap door of reincarnation," saying essentially, OK there's
      >all these racial levels and divisions and sub-races, but all that
      >gets taken care of eventually because people reincarnate in
      >different races,

      Interesting that you do recognize that this is a "trap door," and
      are happy with that.

      >Now with this Holocaust and cyanide question, there is a new twist.

      I'm sorry to disillusion you, but there is nothing new in this, from
      one vantage point it seems to get more ridiculous all the time, but
      the more it changes the more it stays the same.

      Try to hear this Tom: the "cyanide twist" is NOT NEW. It brought
      Bradford out of the woodwork because like a lot of anthroposophists
      he loves spy stuff and conspiracies and anything he can type into
      google with "CIA" and get lots of hits. There are lots more
      titillating fantasies where this one came from. How can you think
      this is new?

      >Both sides of the cyanide argument here accept reincarnation while
      >you reject it. Therefore, I would welcome your perspective.

      On what? I think I've probably made my perspective pretty clear. Not
      loud enough maybe? HORSESHIT.

    • gaelman58
      ... Sister Jo: So, there s not too much to be gained from the labels as the world turns...that is, with respect to one s actual experience...a palpable fact
      Message 136 of 136 , Oct 20, 2007
        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Jo Ann Schwartz
        <sr_joanna@...> wrote:
        > Gaelman:
        > > Here's the deal on those you refer to as "lesbians and
        > > gays"...as with almost everyone else, their willingness
        > > to fool around is on a bit of a spectrum...with the "who
        > > of it" more important than the "what of it...a "gay" guy
        > > is more apt to want to fool around with Meryl Streep than
        > > Dick Cheney and a "lesbian" would generally prefer me
        > > (oh, yes indeed) over Anne Coulter.
        > Dude! Your examples are absurd. After all, even for
        > so-called "heterosexuals" I bet more women would want to
        > fool around with Brad Pitt than Dick Cheney; and more men
        > would want to fool around with Angelina Jolie than Anne
        > Coulter. Heck, I bet a lot of straight *guys* would rather
        > fool around with Brad Pitt than Dick Cheney. (I'd sure pick
        > Angelina over Anne! <G>) So the *real* question is, would
        > you rather fool around with Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie...
        > Which is to say, yeah, most folks are not at either extreme
        > of the continuum -- neither totally straight nor totally
        > gay, but somewhere in between. So what?

        Sister Jo: So, there's not too much to be gained from the labels as
        the world turns...that is, with respect to one's actual
        experience...a palpable fact that one generally ignores when being
        political, eh?

        Ok, where are we now in the he said/she said thing? Breslin?...ah
        yes, that seminal thinker...right in there with Rosie, Carlin and
        > Musing, Angie or Brad... Angie or Brad... decisions,
        > decisions, decisions....

        You're going for Brad. And that's the end of that. :)...and if it
        comes to Angie or me...you're going for me...and...a la Madeline
        Kahn in "Young Frankenstein", your voice will waft on the night
        air, "AAAAAh sweet mystery of life at last I've found you"...Gman

        > JoAnn
        > "Life's short and we never have enough time for the hearts of
        those who travel the way with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to
        be kind." --Henri-Frederic Amiel
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