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Re: Holocaust Denial and Jewish Reincarnation

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  • tmasthenes13
    ... ========================================== Now, now, Sister Triple-Mary Dottie, leave us not get too kitty-catty here when Sister Maria Diana the Huntress,
    Message 1 of 147 , Oct 2, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "dottie zold"
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      > Ms. Winters:
      > > Here - I'm going to try to spoon feed it to you clueless people.
      > >
      > > Here's the links she provided. All you need to do is click on them.
      > You see how she loves us so:) it is a beautiful picture really.
      > Seriously.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie

      Now, now, Sister Triple-Mary Dottie, leave us not get too kitty-catty
      here when Sister Maria Diana the Huntress, (nicknamed Arty for
      Artemis, her alias) makes an apparition, well, appearance, at the
      chapel of our Cyber Convent. This is truly a moment of WHS (World
      Historical Significance), so let us not miss the import.

      Context is everything in the Consciousness Soul Age, so let us take a
      gander at the context (but please don't goose the messenger).

      Sister Diana arrives here to warn us naïve idealists of the ominous
      peril contained in the persona of our new visitor to AT: one Soeur
      Marie Carol de Quebec, whose passion for purging herself and her own
      environment of toxins and poisons (do visit her website
      http://www3.sympatico.ca/carol.canning/ ) might also include the
      purging of the Holocaust itself. This is one viral meme that Sr. Diana
      does not want us infected with.

      So I asked meself: "Self, why would an otherwise perfectly respectable
      Waldorf critic-teacher-mother risk the embarrassment of barging into
      an anthroposophical cyber-saloon (er, do I mean "salon"?) to caution
      clueless self-intoxicated Steinerheads about Holocaust Denial, when
      said subject is such normal silage for the Critics List? Why, Self,
      she seems to be acting like Paul Revere!"

      Then my flash memory blinked (two if by astral; one if by etheric;
      none if by ego). You see, the last time Sister Diana posted to AT was
      on August 20, 2007 when she expressed her sincere and heart-felt
      condolences about the passing of Paulina Leonard.

      So, in a sudden burst of transmogrified enlightenment, Self made me
      realize: Wait! Diana's not acting like PAUL Revere; she's acting like
      PAULINA Revere !

      And then, with a Homeric D'oh slap o'me forehead, it was all downhill
      skiing from there.


      So, Diana, and Carol: I would like to ask both of you the same question:

      Do you believe, or might you even just entertain the possibility that
      you are, in your present life, a reincarnation of someone who was
      murdered in the Holocaust?

      Now I'm not looking for an answer from you, because it is such a
      private matter, but the inspiration you both provided me was to link
      for the first time, the present phenomenon of Holocaust Denial with
      the very knotty question of Jewish Reincarnation and that of course
      leads to the pioneering work of Hasidic Rabbi Yonassem Gershom, with
      whom Paulina Leonard felt a deep connection -- as is attested by my
      reproduction below of two passages written by Paulina almost 4 years
      ago on AT.

      from a post of Paulina dated February 25, 2004


      "For reasons I will not go into here circumstances led me several
      years ago to a personal karmic encounter with Hassidic Rabbi
      Yonassom Gershom. He is a well known lecturer and author
      of two books on reincarnated Holocaust victims, FROM
      has visited Dornach, shared the podium at the Goetheanum
      with members of the Vorstand, and has addressed anthropop
      audiences in Berlin and elsewhere. He had an issue about
      Steiner, but it had to do with one specific issue of translation,
      which was solved when he managed to get the original German
      document. Rabbi Gershom is a very devout Jew, so he does not
      study Steiner, but, he has no ax to grind having to do with anti-
      Semitism that I know about and I know no one who takes the
      matter of the Holocaust more seriously than does Rabbi Gershom."

      And from February 26, 2004

      "Tread lightly, Dottie, as this kind of question can
      really push painful buttons. Rabbi Gershom talks
      about how the Holocaust not only killed the body,
      but, the soul of many. Among the survivors and children
      of survivors there are serious issues, some Jews even
      feel shame, some have turned away from their faith,
      Gershom speaks to the psychological damage that
      has been so great it has taken more than 40 years
      to begin to speak about it. Also, given that the Jews
      say prayers for their dead there is the issue with the
      Hasidim Jew of the souls still trapped and unable
      to move into the light. It doesn't make the news,
      but, it is common knowledge of sensitives, psychics,
      and many who lived near the sites of the former
      Concentration Camps that these places are still
      very much haunted."

      So in the flutter of the breeze of the Cosmic Midnight ride of Paulina
      Revere, might we start a thread about the connection between Holocaust
      Denial and Reincarnation of Holocaust victims, not to mention possibly
      reincarnating Nazi perpetrators?

      (As well as our old friend and early Steiner Internet patron Jeffrey
      Mishlove's startling new conviction that we may not be talking about
      reincarnation here at all, but rather ASR = "Archetypal Synchronistic
      Resonance." http://www.mishlove.com/WilliamJames/matches.htm
      Carol, thank you for providing that Walt Semkiw link.)

      To get things going I supply below a few links to Rabbi Gershom's work.

      First his homepage:

      Then a blurb about his second book:

      From Ashes to Healing:
      Mystical Encounters with the Holocaust
      by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom

      From Ashes to Healing is Reb Gershom's second book, and the companion
      to Beyond the Ashes. More than just a sequel, From Ashes to Healing
      completes the saga begun in the first book by presenting us with
      fifteen gripping testimonies of people who have found extraordinary
      healing through past-life memories, visions, and dreams with Holocaust

      Some of the amazing stories contained in this book include a Jewish
      woman who remembers healing the souls of her people in the afterlife,
      a Canadian goat farmer who located a clock from a past life, and a
      Swedish woman who actually confirmed her memories by visiting the site
      of Buchenwald.

      A FAQ entry where he mentions anthroposophy.

      "Unfortunately, some people have misunderstood my openness to
      diversity as promoting occultism and/or mixing neo-pagan ideas with
      Judaism. This is not my intent at all. So in my second book, From
      Ashes to Healing I clarified my own theological position and clearly
      stated that I am a practicing Hasid. Although I admit to a certain
      fascination with Cayce as a psychic, his theology is far too
      Christian-oriented for me as a Jew. For this reason, I am not a member
      of the A.R.E., even though their press published my books.
      (For the same reason, I am also not an Anthroposophist, even though
      they published the Dutch and German translations.)"

      FAQ site Part 2 : http://www.pinenet.com/rooster/bta-faq2.html
      FAQ site Part 3 : http://www.pinenet.com/rooster/bta-faq3.html

      His 3rd book "Jewish Tales of Reincarnation"


      So thank you Sister Diana, for visiting our Cyber-Convent. I'm
      confident that we will not suffer the fate of those Italian nuns who
      beat up their Mother Superior. Besides, Archbishop Tarjei and Pope
      Pancho I are clueless about how to shut a convent down anyway, though
      they have been known to excommunicate a nun or one or two.

      Fr. Tom
    • ted.wrinch
      Quote2: Diana Winters: I m not sure it is exactly correct to say that Peter opposes anthroposophy... (this Quote of the ... is getting silly). T. Ted
      Message 147 of 147 , Feb 6, 2012

        Diana Winters:

        "I'm not sure it is exactly correct to say that Peter "opposes" anthroposophy..."

        (this 'Quote of the ...' is getting silly).


        Ted Wrinch

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" <fts.trasla@...> wrote:
        > Peter Stadenmaier:
        > "Whether it is true and whether it is racist have nothing to do with one another."
        > Wha???
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorf-critics/message/22603
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