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Re: Mother Superior Jump the Gun

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  • dottie zold
    Tom its not about jumping the gun rather it is about discerning how Ahriman uses Lucifer to meet his aims. The church is the perfect place for this to occur
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2007
      Tom its not about jumping the gun rather it is about discerning how
      Ahriman uses Lucifer to meet his aims. The church is the perfect
      place for this to occur especially in our consciousness soul age.

      The rituals, no matter what they used to be connected to have been
      compromised long ago, long ago. We can actually place it I believe,
      a few hundred years before the 869 Council. It was a leading up to,
      is my understanding in my studies so far. The great teachers were
      actually leading out of the church as can be experienced by Thomas
      Aquinas if one follows his course, not only in his lifetime but in
      his subsequent lives.

      The pictures created to use inspire people are now used to
      indoctrinate people. They have been corrupted as well is my thought.
      New pictures must be created out of our time. We must be the
      initiators of our own pictures. And these pictures come via the
      thinking. Our little I must meet our larger I in a way that all of
      the sheaths, every last piece is cleansed of what was before.

      Knowing our biographies allows us to know where our work continues
      and where certain antipathies and sympathies arise from as well. If
      we do not come to know our biographies then we are kind of blindly
      meeting our karma without it be conscious in us as to where we are
      heading. And I am not talking about a 'well I think I was so and so'
      rather what is being transformed from the past into the future.

      So in that there are many streams we have to be discerning at to
      which ones serve the future of the mysteries, the ongoing evolution
      of man. Its not about what I feel like and which stream I like etc.
      rather it is about discerning what serves the future goals of
      humanity. The church structure does not.

      In regards to Ms. von Halle its more about where her listeners will
      go with the information just as it was true for those that felt
      aligned with the Prokofieff impulse. And it is incumbant upon these
      teachers to create ever and again the normalcy of who they are in
      this biography. If one allows oneself to be protected and hidden and
      cared for specially we have an issue that hearkens back to the
      church. Its one thing to make a biography known in a matter of
      course, its another to actually bring a sentient connection to it
      that then bonds others due to the personality and not the content.
      Its not only important for the listeners but really really important
      to the teacher who is said to be of a such past personality etc. And
      I'd rather fight for that freedom of that teacher then to allow that
      persons work to be lost to Ahriman via Lucifer. Mostly what I have
      heard is not about her work but about who she was in a past life
      etc. And the greatness of her work is connected to the Stigmata.
      This is really a big issue for her and for the others. May she find
      a way is my thought.

      In regards to the Nuns: Anthroposophia is experienced as a Mary.
      Problem becomes when it takes away from ones thinking or enslaves
      others to that persons thinking. I haven't read enough of that
      movement to know if it was used as inspiration and then worked out
      through each persons own thinking. This would be the hope. Same with
      any great teacher.

      All good things,

      > Frank,
      > I just read your reply and came across this news story, which
      > is a cautionary tale for both sides, I suppose, of the Catholic
      > divide. Is this the way the Goetheanum will end when Michael's
      > is done in the 23rd century?
      > For theme music, please play from the Beatles' White
      Album: "Happiness
      > is a Warm Gun"
      > "Mother Superior Jump the Gun!
      > "Mother Superior Jump the Gun!
      > "Mother Superior Jump the Gun!
      > Happiness . . . is a warm gun
      > Bang Bang Shoot Shoot!
      > Happiness . . . is a warm gun
      > Bang Bang Shoot Shoot!
      > Happiness . . . is a warm ...
      > yes it is ..... guuuuunnnnn
      > ----------------------------------------------------
      > http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?
      > ==========================================================
      > Italian archbishop closes convent after nuns come to blows
      > ==========================================================
      > A convent in southern Italy is being shut down after
      a quarrel among
      > its last three remaining nuns ended in blows, press reports said
      > Sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista, reportedly upset about their
      > mother superior's authoritarian ways, scratched her in the face and
      > threw her to the ground at Santa Clara convent near Bari in an
      > incident in July that was kept quiet until now.
      > Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri tried to reconcile the nuns
      > finally decided in late August that they had "clearly lost their
      > religious vocation" and asked the Vatican for permission to close
      > convent.
      > Sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista moved to another convent, but
      > Sister Liliana barricaded herself inside, refusing to leave, the
      > reports said, adding that she suspected Battista Pichierri of
      > to cede the convent to another community.
      > Liliana has been at the convent since its founding in 1963.
      > ================================================================
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