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Re: Ms. Halle's work (2008 Olympiad)

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  • gaelman58
    ... Yankees, Marine Corps, Harvard, etc...it can be fun and originates from our sentimental side...insight and fairness have no place here. - not Catholics,
    Message 1 of 147 , Oct 1, 2007
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith"
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      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13"
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      > >
      > >
      > > The decks (of the Good Ship Anthropop) are cleared. Let the Catholic
      > > Bashing Games begin!!!!
      > >
      > Ok, let it. First of all though, let's correct your definition: I love
      > to bash the Catholic CHURCH

      :)...which, of course, is the same kind of thing as bashing the
      Yankees, Marine Corps, Harvard, etc...it can be fun and originates
      from our sentimental side...insight and fairness have no place here.

      - not Catholics,

      Thy nose groweth longer...you enjoy the hell out of bashing individual
      people...so do I.

      who are poor souls
      > paralyzed since infancy by fear of eternal Dantean hellfire (except
      > Gman occasionally, but that's understandable). Why do I think the
      > Church is deserving of a good bash

      > 1. It's a throwback to medieval pompousness; just look at their royal
      > uniforms, especially the Pope, whoever he is.

      Translations of the numbered items:

      "Screw the traditions of those I don't like...I make exception for
      baseball players who still wear knickers and don't like metal bats".

      > 2. It's misogynist.

      "The ubiquitous veneration of the Virgin Mary and all those females
      saints is a ploy to cover the misogyny"

      > 3. It's contaminated by criminal perverts in priests' robes.

      "Those priests, by virtue of being priests, are not the kind of gay
      folks who are attracted to young men, that I defend on most
      occasions...I like how the latter vote."

      > 4. It has continuously collaborated with fascist political regimes,
      > from Europe to Latin America.

      "I share this hatred of the Church with enligthened folks like, say,
      Stalin, Castro, Chavez, etc...I do not believe the lies spread by
      Einstein, Golda Meir and the Chief Rabbi of Rome concerning that
      fascist swine Pius XII...although, I'm absolutely mysified by those
      goddamned Jesuits are always getting tangled up in the left-wing stuff.

      > 5. It considers itself the ONLY true Christian organization and its
      > dogma the only truth.

      "I know Gaelman will say I do not understand the meaning of the word
      "dogma" and have an inability to grasp what Steiner had to say about
      it...but I'll continue to misuse it knowing that I have a sympathetic
      audience...that is, they have the same politics...and besides, I know
      full well that Irish Catholic bastard is just sitting and waiting for
      me to get into the business of broaching the subject using Steiner as
      my 'source'."

      > 6. It's corrupt.

      "Hey, how can one deny the obvious truths put forth by Hollywood, TV
      comedians and the New York Times?...I am, like most folks here...a
      thoroughly modern Millie."

      > 7. I need seven, so: it believes it can forgive sins. And why not, as
      > Christ's representative on earth.

      "Never mind what the Catechism says about it...those folks are
      liars...after all, through my intuitive gifts I know more about
      Catholicism than the Catholic do."

      > There are more and all are invited to add to the list. There are some
      > among the clergy who have tried to go in a different direction, but
      > they were soon silenced.
      > Oh, by the way, the Church was the most violent opposition to
      > anthroposophy during Steiner's lifetime. In fact, if we want to go the
      > conspiracy road about the first Goetheanum - guess who dun it.
      > Dominus vobiscum (sp?),
      > Frank

      Re: The Catholic/Arson conspiracy theory...what can one say?...Its
      difficult for me to think that Doc Sardonicus is, in the final
      analysis, a loon...the AT has him hitting in the meat of the order and
      one of the starting rotation...or the main closer...

      There's got to be a plausible reason for this lapse into lunacy...I
      gotta work on that one...G.
    • ted.wrinch
      Quote2: Diana Winters: I m not sure it is exactly correct to say that Peter opposes anthroposophy... (this Quote of the ... is getting silly). T. Ted
      Message 147 of 147 , Feb 6, 2012
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        Diana Winters:

        "I'm not sure it is exactly correct to say that Peter "opposes" anthroposophy..."

        (this 'Quote of the ...' is getting silly).


        Ted Wrinch

        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" <fts.trasla@...> wrote:
        > Peter Stadenmaier:
        > "Whether it is true and whether it is racist have nothing to do with one another."
        > Wha???
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorf-critics/message/22603
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