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Re: on Judith von Halle

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  • Robert Mason
    ... speeding bus in the Ukraine in 1999.
    Message 1 of 32 , Sep 6, 2007
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      To "Fr. Thomasius", who wrote:

      >>. . . . Irina [Gordienko] was killed by that
      speeding bus in the Ukraine in 1999.<<

      Robert writes:

      I'd be very interested to see any *reliable*
      details you might bring forward about IG's
      death. As far as I know, the facts are obscure,
      and suspiciously so. I had though she was
      killed somewhere near Moscow:

      Irina Gordienko

      Irina Gordienko - Autorin des Buches „Die Grundlegung der neuen Mysterien durch
      Sergej.O. Prokofieff".

      Irina ist im Sommer 1999 ums Leben gekommen. Sie lebte mit ihrer Mutter und
      Tochter in Moskau. Sie hatten ein Ferienhaus auf dem Lande. Den ganzen Sommer
      verbrachte Irinas Mutter mit der Enkelin in diesem Ferienhaus. Irina arbeitete
      im Sommer in Moskau und nur manchmal besuchte sie ihre Mutter und ihre Tochter
      auf dem Lande - sie brachte ihnen Nahrungsmittel aus Moskau mit. Es gab keine
      telefonische Verbindung zwischen dem Ferienhaus und der Moskauer Wohnung. Wenn
      Irina die Familie lange nicht besuchte, bedeutete das für die Mutter, daß sie
      viel Arbeit hat und nicht kommen kann.

      An jenem Tag war Irina auf der Rückreise nach Moskau - und verschwand. Die
      Freunde in Moskau dachten, daß Irina auf dem Lande sei; die Mutter, daß sie in
      Moskau ist. So dauerte es ungefähr fünf Wochen lang. Dann kam ein Verwandter
      nach Moskau und wollte sie besuchen, aber als er sie zu Hause nicht fand, fuhr
      er zum Ferienhaus, weil er glaubte, sie sei dort. - Dann haben sie bei der
      Polizei angefragt.

      Dort hat man erzählt, daß schon vor einem Monat Irina von einem Auto überfahren
      wurde und am gleichen Tag im Spital starb. Sie hatte ihren Bürgerpass bei sich
      und die Polizei hat während dieses Monats ein paar Mal probiert, ihre Verwandten
      in Moskau telefonisch zu erreichen, aber niemand hat geantwortet. Dann haben sie
      Irina selber begraben.---Der Mutter wurde der Friedhof und die Grabnummer

      Dies ist die ganze Information die man hat.---Die Mutter verzichtete, diese
      tragische Geschichte weiter untersuchen zu lassen.Der Ex-Mann von Irina lebt in
      Amerika (als Emigrant).

      (Diese Ausführungen verdanke ich Herrn Gennadij Bondarew.
      Norbert Reuter den 5. Februar 2002)

      "Fr. Thomasius" wrote:

      >>. . . . those petty doctrinaire elements
      (probably past life Catholics) in the
      Anthroposophical Society who are so deeply
      contemptuous of the Catholic Church ---
      perhaps because they themselves are terrified
      of the reality of the 5th Post-Atlantean epoch
      . . . .<<

      Robert writes:

      I don't follow your thought here. How would
      "terror" of *Sturm und Drang* associated with
      the Consciousness Soul/5th Epoch lead anyone
      to "contempt" of the Roman Church? Seems to
      me, if one wished to avoid that 5th Epoch
      "terror", one would more likely be pushed
      exactly in the opposite direction: into the
      RCC, which is (was?) a 4th Epoch/Intellectual
      Soul institution, at best. (At worst . . .
      well, a lot worse.) As with Tomberg . . . .

      Well, greetings from a former *naïf* who once
      wandered into a disorderly house called
      *Steiner98* and there lost his cyber virginity
      to the "Maitreya" himself, no less.

      Robert Mason

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    • hsmyla
      Food, or eating, is not a means of energy production as such. Actually, the laws of thermal dynamics, or any physical-chemical laws at that, don t hold true
      Message 32 of 32 , May 1, 2011
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        Food, or eating, is not a means of energy production as such. Actually, the laws of thermal dynamics, or any physical-chemical laws at that, don't hold true once inside the living organism; instead, you have there, a whole different organization.
        Eating food , most importantly, is used for all members of man, not just the physical, to work, working to give the astral and ego bodies a place to work against the countering forces of the physical and etheric.
        You see, we have digestion being a completely personal experience, being entirely marked by the ego. This can be seen in physical science as everyone has a different blood composition, for instance. In order for the ego to work; i.e., to have logical and rational thinking, the human must be able to first overcome all the forces of the foreign substance brought into the body; then the substance is raised up, to cosmic being, for a brief time as it passes the intestinal wall to the cosmic forces, then it is made physical again, delivered through the blood, which is permeated always with the ego, into each person's own respective building material; i.e., protein.
        In other words, food is not for energy perse, but for allowing the four bodies of man to work in harmony: the metabolic pole in digesting and movement in limbs, i.e., willing, countering the nerve-sense pole, i.e., thinking, while the heart lungs in the rhythmic system, i.e., feeling, mediating these two opposing forces.

        We can use some external help to support this three-fold being of man by turning to his relationship to the three-fold plant and deriving various and specific substances from it according to each man's circumstances. The plant, generally, forget trees here, is an inverted man. To keep it brief and to allow your own thinking on this:
        Roots - nerve-sense system - thinking - Brain;
        Leaves - rhythmic system - feeling - Lungs;
        Flowers - metabolic-limb system - willing - Kidneys;
        Of course there are other special foods out there like milk and fruit and honey
        and so on that each have their qualities.
        Fruit - circulatory system - blood;
        Seed - Organ formation - Heart

        You see, we have a breaking down process constantly opposing a building-up force.
        Therefore, it is not about how many calories we take; but rather whether or not we can overcome the substances brought, awakening the cosmic forces, quickening them, and ripening them within.
        Man is not merely some combustion machine as most people think.

        I am still thinking how one can go without food indefinitely. We need a warmth
        process in order for the ego-consciousness to work and nutrition provides just
        that, and more, that being nutrients.
        This reminds me of how a large heater was built in Nicolaus von der Flue's chamber because he supposedly stopped eating. This was in has last 20 or so years of life.
        We also see with Judith von halle that she had been her been most of her life with some form physical eating of food substance to obtain the forces necessary to maintain her organisation. So, perhaps after recognition of an important task, these people can last, only for a certain amount of time, without nutrition as such. It might very well be that this is a sign that these people will and know they will die soon.

        It sure would be nice to not have to eat anymore because as for some people it can be a major hindrance of mind, body, and soul, and for instance, enslaving one in obsessive thoughts about food, body image, etc. However, overcoming this could be good spiritual work.

        P.S., If you want, see Rudolf Steiner on brain-sand which is very accurate according to what we see through material science and gives good insight into thinking and how eating can play an important role.


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Kim" <kimgm@...> wrote:
        > The idea are that with a running chakra system you get the energy from
        > the spiritual world directly so you don't need food for energy
        > production.
        > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith"
        > <fts.trasla@> wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Kim Graae Munch"
        > kimgm@ wrote:
        > > >
        > > > If Prokofief was so insulted as he says, he is not the master he
        > tries to
        > > > get others to believe.
        > > > We had a discussion about those stigmatas earlier in this group and
        > we found
        > > > that Steiner had described the stigmatas as part of the Christian
        > path, not
        > > > anything abnormal. That she haven't eaten for years, or at least
        > only a
        > > > little, is really not a miracle it's simply a consequence of the
        > initiation,
        > > > but most choose to eat, although a kind of diet.
        > >
        > > You gotta be kidding, Kim. You make it sound like diet-coke instead of
        > the real thing.
        > > Frank
        > >
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