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  • rmcgrath333
    Good day. I have a friend who has spoken and spend time with Judith Von Halle many times. She shared with me that Judith felt she was to bring humanities
    Message 1 of 32 , Sep 5, 2007
      Good day. I have a friend who has spoken and spend time with Judith
      Von Halle many times. She shared with me that Judith felt she was
      to bring humanities glance back to the "Christ". Through Judith
      bringing her expierences back and putting through the rigors of
      Spiritual Science to test the validity of the expierence, before
      even speaking about them publicly. I have bought both of her books
      and find her insight to be well thought through and collaborated
      with the understanding of Anthroposophy, which Rudolph Steiner
      graced us with. It is true she no longer eats and I understand her
      sustance comes from attending "The School of Spiritual Science, or
      First Class", which to me makes since as "The School of Micheal"
      does not belong to the physical world, but belongs to the spiritual
      world, and we are graced with the oppurtunity to expierence this on
      earth. The depth of her work I find deeply profound to those seeking
      to truely work towards understanding the Christ mysteries, and
      the "Cosmic Word", which is necessary to develop this relationship
      and further the understanding continously as we become more
      developed in the consciousness soul. It is also necessary after
      death to have this relationship to Christ in order to remain
      conscious on after death. It is the 3rd attribut neccessary the
      first two are a morality, religious or spiritual life. She is an
      upstanding member of the Society, and deeply devoted to
      Anthroposophy. Her understanding on the development and necessity
      of the spoken word and to be heart to heart with another individual
      when sharing is quite clear. It is obvious how these forces can be
      distorted through emails where there is no heart forces. Only ones
      antipathies and sympathies dissifering what has been shared. Imagine
      if everyone truly connected to the Christ in them. We would than
      treat each other differently and perhaps not speak to others in the
      way I have seen on this panel. Imagine if you were speaking to
      Christ and he to you. I think the writing on this sight would be
      different than I have expierenced. Let us also not forget that
      Saint Francis of Assissi expierenced stigmata as well, and he was
      one of Buddha's student who today in sacrifice works with Buddha on
      the moon. This was also expierenced after the turning point of
      time. So I don't know if this is old or future. I can remain open
      with a question on this and form no judgment. I can't find a
      corralation with Judith Von Halle's work with the life to
      Gordianko's, as Judith is bring true insights in about the Christ to
      raise our thinking, feeling and willing. And speaks out of her own
      understandings put through again the rigors of Spiritual Science,
      and like Christ does it in a very loving way. THe only contraversoy
      would be if one can be open to consider through spiritual science
      and test what she offers as suggested through the 6 basic
      excercises, and how that works in their own antipathies and
      sympathies is up to the individual and where they are on there
      development. There is no attack on Anthroposophy or the heart of
      this being, Anthroposophia, by Judith. SHe leads us to find the
      truth of our task and the need for our personal work through
      humility to connect "to not I but the Christ in me".

      This is my expierence of her work in her books, and includes
      discussions my friend who spend personal time with her shared with
      me. I would encourage those who are interested in deepening their
      understanding on the "Christ" to get her two books. I believe they
      are now available in the USA. I am grateful for Judith taking what
      is expierenced in stigmata and sharing the deeper understanding of
      the Christ that she has expierenced through this intiation of
      stigmata. The Catholic church controls and doesn't allow the public
      to see directly from the individual who expiereces it to allow the
      truth to be public knowledge and not hidden, as I have read the
      writting on Padre Pio's life. Judith has also renewed through
      Anthroposophical understanding the expierence of stigmata.
      Aristotle also had to Christianize his teachings. These mysteries
      to also have to be imbued through the Consciousness Soul of our
      age. When I contemplate what that must be to expierence the truth
      of what took place at that time and expiereced directly through the
      Sacrifice of the Chirst. It invokes the deepest level of humility
      in my soul just contemplating what that might have been. Well, she
      is expierenceing it each week Thursday through Sunday. I am grateful
      for her creating the thought and feeling in me to be mindful of the
      Christ every week and what happened each day of the week for Christ
      and what do I need to be mindful of in walking my weekly day to day
      activity in gratitude to Christ's gift of grace for humanity and me.

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, plong agadal
      <plongplong0525@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I've met Judith when she was lecturing in the UK
      > She doesnt eat. and every week she experiences the
      > crucifixion and the holy week. She has the stigmata
      > which they bleed all the time and are very painful.
      > She said that what she experiences will eventually be
      > experienced by everyone in the course of their
      > development.
      > She is quite young but very healthy. But recently she
      > cancelled her lecturing activity everywhere due to ill
      > health.
      > She time travels but only through events of her past
      > experiences.
      > plong
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    • hsmyla
      Food, or eating, is not a means of energy production as such. Actually, the laws of thermal dynamics, or any physical-chemical laws at that, don t hold true
      Message 32 of 32 , May 1, 2011
        Food, or eating, is not a means of energy production as such. Actually, the laws of thermal dynamics, or any physical-chemical laws at that, don't hold true once inside the living organism; instead, you have there, a whole different organization.
        Eating food , most importantly, is used for all members of man, not just the physical, to work, working to give the astral and ego bodies a place to work against the countering forces of the physical and etheric.
        You see, we have digestion being a completely personal experience, being entirely marked by the ego. This can be seen in physical science as everyone has a different blood composition, for instance. In order for the ego to work; i.e., to have logical and rational thinking, the human must be able to first overcome all the forces of the foreign substance brought into the body; then the substance is raised up, to cosmic being, for a brief time as it passes the intestinal wall to the cosmic forces, then it is made physical again, delivered through the blood, which is permeated always with the ego, into each person's own respective building material; i.e., protein.
        In other words, food is not for energy perse, but for allowing the four bodies of man to work in harmony: the metabolic pole in digesting and movement in limbs, i.e., willing, countering the nerve-sense pole, i.e., thinking, while the heart lungs in the rhythmic system, i.e., feeling, mediating these two opposing forces.

        We can use some external help to support this three-fold being of man by turning to his relationship to the three-fold plant and deriving various and specific substances from it according to each man's circumstances. The plant, generally, forget trees here, is an inverted man. To keep it brief and to allow your own thinking on this:
        Roots - nerve-sense system - thinking - Brain;
        Leaves - rhythmic system - feeling - Lungs;
        Flowers - metabolic-limb system - willing - Kidneys;
        Of course there are other special foods out there like milk and fruit and honey
        and so on that each have their qualities.
        Fruit - circulatory system - blood;
        Seed - Organ formation - Heart

        You see, we have a breaking down process constantly opposing a building-up force.
        Therefore, it is not about how many calories we take; but rather whether or not we can overcome the substances brought, awakening the cosmic forces, quickening them, and ripening them within.
        Man is not merely some combustion machine as most people think.

        I am still thinking how one can go without food indefinitely. We need a warmth
        process in order for the ego-consciousness to work and nutrition provides just
        that, and more, that being nutrients.
        This reminds me of how a large heater was built in Nicolaus von der Flue's chamber because he supposedly stopped eating. This was in has last 20 or so years of life.
        We also see with Judith von halle that she had been her been most of her life with some form physical eating of food substance to obtain the forces necessary to maintain her organisation. So, perhaps after recognition of an important task, these people can last, only for a certain amount of time, without nutrition as such. It might very well be that this is a sign that these people will and know they will die soon.

        It sure would be nice to not have to eat anymore because as for some people it can be a major hindrance of mind, body, and soul, and for instance, enslaving one in obsessive thoughts about food, body image, etc. However, overcoming this could be good spiritual work.

        P.S., If you want, see Rudolf Steiner on brain-sand which is very accurate according to what we see through material science and gives good insight into thinking and how eating can play an important role.


        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Kim" <kimgm@...> wrote:
        > The idea are that with a running chakra system you get the energy from
        > the spiritual world directly so you don't need food for energy
        > production.
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        > >
        > >
        > >
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        > kimgm@ wrote:
        > > >
        > > > If Prokofief was so insulted as he says, he is not the master he
        > tries to
        > > > get others to believe.
        > > > We had a discussion about those stigmatas earlier in this group and
        > we found
        > > > that Steiner had described the stigmatas as part of the Christian
        > path, not
        > > > anything abnormal. That she haven't eaten for years, or at least
        > only a
        > > > little, is really not a miracle it's simply a consequence of the
        > initiation,
        > > > but most choose to eat, although a kind of diet.
        > >
        > > You gotta be kidding, Kim. You make it sound like diet-coke instead of
        > the real thing.
        > > Frank
        > >
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