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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Stigmata

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  • dottie zold
    Right. Stigmatas also come in different degrees. My mentor has gone through the stigmata process. And has also been thrown up against the wall and had a gash
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2007
      Right. Stigmatas also come in different degrees. My
      mentor has gone through the stigmata process. And has
      also been thrown up against the wall and had a gash on
      her head ala Christian Rosenkruetz. The point is that
      you keep on doing what you do so you do not fall into
      the Luciferic tempation that sets you apart from
      others in this lifetime, or oneslifetime.

      The point of freedom can not be missed. It's always a
      mark on how I see others and what their experiences
      have been. If I find people then telling me what I
      have to do because of their experiences, or what
      otheres have to do, it is a very big issue for me with
      my whole life forces working towards freedom.

      Right now working on understanding the 'take up your
      body and walk' and its hellacious. How does one work
      through these various parts of initiations without
      coming out with all kinds of 'you have to do this and
      that and this and that'? It's hellacious. And this
      leads me to better understand Sister Teresa and her
      judgement on her behaviours and feelings towards God.

      The Pope came out and said basically that she
      experienced God's silence. And that is part of the
      take up your body and walk thing. And its interesting
      because as a woman of God she was treading on walking
      away from that which held her to the Catholic Church:
      another mans thinking for her own. And the Saints of
      old, when they reincarnate, its horrific if they end
      up back in the Church again at this time. Yet it must
      also be one of the biggest growths: to be a Sister of
      the church and to actually find that it holds nothing
      any longer for what she needs for todays time. She
      actually has to deny it. It's pretty incredible to be
      faced with something like that. And what inner
      turmoil. And how excrutiating it must be to know of
      God and of Christ and yet to not experience Him in the
      Hierarchies of this institution. It used to be a safe
      bet. In todays time all bets are off.

      A friend the other day said 'we shall be seekers of
      the truth' and so wherever we might find it, no matter
      where, truth it is. However it doesnt' mean that
      everything else within that work is truth. In todays
      time we are cherry pickers of that which has been so
      broken down that one has to have a good eye and ear to
      find it.

      All good things,

      > I thought I would drop a couple of references about
      > stigmata from RSteiner's lectures. I was going to
      > add a third but it is much too long. It is from his
      > 'Mark' cycle, lecture 7. He speaks of pre-Christian
      > humanity when some individuals would have
      > spontaneous open wounds due to the Ego (or other
      > higher force) descending too deeply into the body to
      > which part of its force bursts out through a weak
      > point in the body. I wonder if the same phenomenon
      > is working in the case of today's stigmatists.
      > "Now he could rise to the third stage. The teacher
      > said to him: "Thou must cultivate a feeling which
      > can endure that all thou holdest highest should be
      > treated with scorn and derision." The scorn and
      > derision must be for him nothing, in comparison with
      > his own inner strength and certainty. Then the pupil
      > experienced two symptoms of Christian initiation. He
      > experienced the crowning with thorns; spiritually he
      > saw himself with the crown of thorns and experienced
      > a kind of pain in the head which is the sign of this
      > stage of initiation. Afterwards, as a fourth
      > experience he had to develop the feeling that his
      > body was no more for him than any other object in
      > the world. He carried the body with him only as an
      > instrument. In many Mystery-schools one learned to
      > accustom oneself to speak in the following way: "My
      > body goes through the door," and so on. In this way
      > the mystic experienced in himself the Crucifixion.
      > He saw himself crucified. The outer symbol was that
      > during the meditation stigmata appeared at the
      > places of the wounds of Christ - in the hands, in
      > the feet and in the right side. This is the
      > blood-trial of the Mystic, the fourth stage of
      > initiation." [The Gospel of St. John and the Ancient
      > Mysteries; Dusseldorf; Nov. 27, 1906 GA-unknown].
      > Then initiation stepped out of the darkness of the
      > mysteries into the brightest daylight. The
      > initiation of all mankind took place historically -
      > symbolically to begin with - at the stage of feeling
      > in a great, mighty personality, the carrier of the
      > highest unifying principle, of the Word, that
      > expresses the hidden Father, that is his
      > manifestation, that since it took on human form it
      > became the son of man and could be the
      > representative for all mankind, the unifying band
      > for all I's: In Christ, the spirit of life, the
      > eternal unifying one. This event was so powerful
      > that it could go on working in every human being who
      > lived by it, right into the appearance of stigmata,
      > right into the most excruciating pains. Feeling was
      > shaken to its depths. An intensity of feeling arose
      > that had never flooded the world in such mighty
      > waves before. The sacrifice of the I had taken place
      > for all in the initiation on the cross of divine
      > love. The physical expression of the I, the blood,
      > had flowed in love for mankind and it worked in such
      > a way that thousands pressed to this initiation, to
      > this death and let their blood stream out in love,
      > in enthusiasm for mankind. How much blood flowed out
      > in this way was never sufficiently emphasized,
      > people are no longer aware of it, not even in
      > theosophical circles. But the waves of enthusiasm
      > that flowed down in this blood and ascended have
      > fulfilled their task. They've become mighty impulse
      > givers. They have made men ripe for an initiation of
      > will.
      > And this is Christ's legacy. [Contents of the
      > Esoteric Classes 1903 or 1904 ]
      > source: www.elib.com
      > rick distasi

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