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Re: This is a Letter to Your Beautiful Mind

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  • write3chairs
    ... How are we to know our people ? I come here to this group and very much feel that I am among my own; it s a sense of inherent belonging.
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 4, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, laquerencia33 wrote:

      > Howdy Jennifer - I was taken aback when I moved
      > to this small town how often I was asked which
      > church I went to. Just don't much care for being
      > pigeon-holed by any means so I answered in the
      > most honest way I could that I wasn't a church-goer
      > and tried to leave it at that...knowing some might
      > make erroneous assumptions but really not wanting
      > to get into such matters with relative strangers.
      > It did get to feel intrusive but I think that's
      > just a cultural difference between villages and
      > urban areas. Here, its considered neighborly to ask.
      > Where do I fit in? What I know, of course, is
      > that I don't, not here or in the larger culture
      > either...if we can even call it that. I feel
      > fortunate, largely due to Steiner's influence
      > and also to the traveling I've done, that my
      > identity is of being a citizen of the world
      > rather than strictly as a member of some
      > political/cultural/racial/familial entity.
      > But I do remember Steiner's descriptions somewhere
      > about a stage of Initiation where an individual
      > takes on being a representative of his/her
      > 'people' - and this is what I think I see shining
      > in Mohja these days.

      How are we to know "our people"? I come here to
      this group and very much feel that I am among
      my own; it's a sense of inherent belonging.

      > lv,
      > Deborah
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