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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Should racism be criminalized? (was: Gulags for Anthros?)

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  • dottie zold
    It s the whole Bondarev/Hale/Robert they did it to themselves it wasn t that bad anyway , that s what they get for denying the Christ scheme trying to hook
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 27, 2007
      It's the whole Bondarev/Hale/Robert 'they did it to
      themselves' 'it wasn't that bad anyway', that's what
      they get for denying the Christ' scheme trying to hook
      its own nefarious egoick up to Rudolf Steiner's
      teachings: it's the only way they get heard.

      I think Germany's stance is a good one and a strong
      one taken into consideration the evil that befell that
      country. They had a strong response and I think it
      appropriate for their overcoming and keeping front and
      center, what can happen when a people are hoodwinked
      by propganda by their politicians/religious leaders.

      I can't stand to see, unconsciously or not, that
      Robert and Bondarev do this thing where they act like
      they are speaking about one thing 'locking up anthros'
      when really its about defending holocaust deniers.
      Maybe he thinks most anthros are holocaust deniers
      like him, Hale, and Bondarev and therefor they are in
      danger. Disgraceful.


      > Frank wrote:
      > > Well, well.
      > > One could also check this out about Pastor Lerle:
      > >
      > >
      > > Lerle is a wacko and his case of no interest, but
      > it has been picked
      > > up by the radical right and turned into cause
      > celebre. Robert goes in
      > > for such things, as we already know.
      > Robert is probably a hole-rat in cahoots with Peter
      > Staudenmaier,
      > because all this garbage of his serves PS' agenda,
      > namely to prove
      > that many anthroposophists are anti-Semites,
      > holocaust deniers, and
      > neo-Nazis because such things allegedly characterize
      > the roots and
      > history of their movement.
      > And when Robert says this is about repressing free
      > speech for
      > anthroposophists, he is actually putting an equation
      > mark between
      > anthroposophy and anti-Semitic holocaust denial. If
      > this Lerle
      > character had gotten into trouble for anything
      > unrelated to Jews and
      > Holocaust, it wouldn't have interested Robert,
      > because he's as
      > obsessed with the topic as Staudenmaier is, dragging
      > one anthro-Nazi
      > after another out of the sewer and shoving them down
      > our throats.
      > Personally, I wish he'd save this unpalatable gore
      > of his for
      > Stormfront, Aryan Nation, and the Hole (WC) where it
      > all belongs.
      > (Feed it to Diana's anthro-eating cat Adolf, who is
      > unlikely to eat
      > Robert.)
      > > I have to mention one mitigating
      > > circumstance though. I think that Germany makes a
      > mistake in banning
      > > books, especially "Mein Kampf" and writings by
      > wackos like Lerle:
      > I agree. I also find it problematic that European
      > countries, including
      > Norway, criminalize racist utterances and actually
      > punish people with
      > fines and imprisonment for what they say or write.
      > On the other hand,
      > when Robert links this particular limitation on free
      > speech to
      > anthroposophy, he is saying that anthroposophy is
      > racist and
      > anti-Semitic. And that is why I think he is an agent
      > of the Hole, and
      > a close friend of Dan Dugan, Peter Staudenmaier,
      > Diana, and all the
      > others who seek to smear Rudolf Steiner's legacy,
      > anthroposophy, and
      > Waldorf.
      > Tarjei

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