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Sources (was: Demonology/ Sorat - 666 - Salomo's seal)

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Thank you for this, Ottmar. One usually has to do a lot of literary digging to find instances where something or other that Steiner spoke of has been mentioned
    Message 1 of 24 , Jul 26, 2007
      Thank you for this, Ottmar. One usually has to do
      a lot of literary digging to find instances where
      something or other that Steiner spoke of has been
      mentioned by his predecessors. He had a very
      sophisticated library in his study, and those who
      claim that he was a fraud, like our beloved
      pilgimage sister Diana, are prone to insist that
      Steiner was only duplicating his sources, and
      that spiritual investigations and seership had nothing to do with it.

      But we know better than that. When Rudolf Steiner
      discovered that something he was about to reveal
      of an occult nature had never before been said,
      he would make sure he had the approval of the
      progressive hierarchies, which is why he
      sometimes said something like: "It is the will of
      the spiritual world that these things be given to
      humanity today....", "This is now being revealed
      to mankind because..." etc. If he discovered that
      something had been given out previously, in
      earlier centuries, it was a burden off his shoulders, and off his karma.

      Which reminds me: In connection with the masonic
      Temple Legend and elsewhere, Steiner spoke of the
      first book of Genesis, about the seven Elohim
      Spirits who created the solar system and life on
      earth and so on, and that one of these,
      Yahve-Elohim or Jehovah, acquired dictatorial
      control of earth-evolution, pushing the other
      Elohims away (chasing them off to the sun), and
      made himself sole ruler (the jealous god
      tolerating none other and all that). Apart from
      the Freemasons and Blavatsky, I've heard that
      this version of Genesis has also been described
      in some medieval texts; does anyone else know
      about such texts, about the seven Elohims and Yahve's coup d'etat?



      Ottmar wrote:

      >Sure there are old sources on Sorat, 666 and so on.
      >In the book by Adamah Booz, Die sieben heiligen Grundsäulen der
      >Ewigkeit und Zeit, (in English something like: The 7 holy pillars of
      >eternity and time, which is a compilation of older texts and
      >traditions) Leipzig 1783 you find at the back of the book a coloured
      >table of about 75 to 40 cm which is called Liber Naturae Apertus, the
      >open book of nature. This book of nature gives 5 kingdoms: Spiritali,
      >Astrali, Minerali, Animali et Vegetabili. In the kingdom of Spirits
      >there a 7 columns: the 7 holy names of God, the 7 Archangles, the 7
      >thrones in heaven, the 7 intelligences, the 7 demons, the 7 virtues,
      >the seven magic squares.
      >Now, what in regno astrali is the sun, is in regno spiritali Eloah,
      >Lux generans as the holy name of God (Ehieh -Saturn, Adonai -
      >Jupiter, El Gibbor - Mars, Schaddai - Venus, Iah - Mercure, and the
      >Tetragrammaton - Moon). Again: Eloah – Michael (and Salomo`s seal) –
      >Och (+seal) – Nachiel (111+ seal) – Sorat (666+ seal) – Virtues
      >(Puritas +Claritas sensum) – magic square.
      >In a book `Thule' by the Dutch author Munin Nederlander, Breda
      >1992 ISBN 9065560092 you find the explanation or the secret where
      >the seals of Salomo come from or rather where the patterns derive
      >from. In Steiner's GA you only find an approximate sign or design of
      >the seals of Sorat and Nachiel. In anthroposophic literature you also
      >find the approximate seals of Michael, Oriphiel and Gabriel. All of
      >them and the seals of the other archangels, intelligences and demons
      >are inscribed in the magic squares!
      >Wouldn't it be a great idea, if some American anthroposophist printed
      >that table with all the drawings, colours and signs plus a
      >translation from Latin into English, German and perhaps Spanish? I`m
      >sure you'll find a copy of that famous book in an American library.
      >Regards Ottmar
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