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Fwd: Calendar of the Soul 15 - anthro on the net

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      Anthroposophy on the Net - Calendar of the Soul
      See printable version above
      Rudolf Steiner’s
      Calendar of the Soul[July 15, 2007 - July 21, 2007]
      Fifteenth Week  
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      I feel the Spirit’s weaving
      As if enchanted by the world’s phenomena;
      And my true self has now been wrapped
      In the dimness of the senses,
      Giving to me at last the strength
      Which I myself, confined and bound,
      Lack power to achieve alone.
      * translation by John Thomson.
      I feel myself enchanted, as Spirit
      weaves within th glory of the world.
      The dimness of the senses casts
      a shroud around my True Self.
      But the veil bestows a strength that,
      powerless within its own narrow vision
      my I Being could never give itself.
      - translation by Dennis Klocek. 
      I feel as if enchanted
      in the glory of the weaving Spirit.
      It has nested my own being
      inside the dullness of my senses---

      to grant me the power
      that I cannot give myself---

      for my Ego lives
      within its limitations.
      * translation by Tom Mellett. 
      I feel enchanted weaving
      Of spirit within outer glory.
      In dullness of the senses
      It has enwrapt my being
      In order to bestow the strength
      Which in its narrow bounds my I
      Is powerless to give itself.
      * translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch
      Ich fühle wie verzaubert
      Im Weltenschein des Geistes Weben:
      Es hat in Sinnesdumpfheit
      Gehüllt mein Eigenwesen,
      Zu schenken mir die Kraft:
      Die, ohnmächtig sich selbst zu geben,
      Mein Ich in seinen Schranken ist.
      * original German by Rudolf Steiner.
      I feel the Spirit weave
      trance-charmèd in the world's array;
      in drowsihood of sense
      it muffled my sole self
      to tender me the strength
      myself I am too poor to furnish forth
      helpless within these narrow bounds.

      The Year Participated
      translation by Owen Barfield



      About the Calendar of the Soul - by Rudolf Steiner 

      The year has a life of its own, and the human soul can share in that life and become part of it. In listening week by week to the changing language of the year, the soul will find a way to discover also its own nature; it will realize how forces are stirring within its being and giving it new life and strength. Such forces are awakened if one develops a profound sympathy with the course of the year and all the meaning it brings to

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