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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Booney Doon Receives Biodynamic® Certification

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Serena, These are also really beautiful community partners I have found over the years as the clubhouse. They are always up for donating their wine for our
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2007
      Hey Serena,

      These are also really beautiful community partners I
      have found over the years as the clubhouse. They are
      always up for donating their wine for our various
      events. I am glad they are being recognized.

      All good things,

      > Bonny Doon Vineyard’s Winegrowing Team Goes Green!
      > Ca’ del Solo Estate Vineyard and Bonny Doon
      > Vineyard Winery Receive
      > Biodynamic® Certification From Demeter Association
      > SANTA CRUZ, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bonny Doon
      > Vineyard received Biodynamic®
      > certification last month from the Demeter
      > Association for its 125 acre estate
      > Ca’ del Solo vineyard in Soledad, Monterey County.
      > This strict three year
      > process eliminates all chemical fertilizers,
      > pesticides, herbicides, hormones,
      > fumigants and GMOs from the vineyard. Instead
      > traditional green vineyard
      > practices such as composting, manuring, and the use
      > of biodynamic preps, sprays and
      > teas are employed to achieve a healthy level of soil
      > and crop fertility in the
      > growing environment.
      > Randall Grahm, founder and President-for-Life of
      > Bonny Doon Vineyard, spoke
      > to the importance of this step in Bonny Doon’s
      > future. “Biodynamic growing
      > practices are not old wives’ tales or marketing
      > flim-flam. These practices
      > respect and heal the vineyard and by extension the
      > earth. While it may not be the
      > only way to grow great wine, I do, in fact believe
      > that it is the royal road to
      > terroir.” In 2003 Grahm set a goal to make wines
      > reflective of their specific
      > place of origin: “We have seen quite astonishing
      > improvements in wine quality
      > since we began this process. Demeter’s
      > certification of our Ca’ del Solo
      > vineyard and its wines bring Bonny Doon closer to
      > our long-term goal of only
      > producing 100% estate grown biodynamic wine.”
      > Grahm credited much of the biodynamic improvements
      > to Philippe Coderey, Bonny
      > Doon’s Director of Viticulture. “Philippe has
      > been with us for three years.
      > Since his arrival the quality of the soil and health
      > of the vines has improved
      > dramatically.” Coderey, a native of Provence, has
      > specialized in biodynamic
      > methodologies for over twenty years. Previously
      > Coderey was a vineyard manager
      > and winemaker for M. Chapoutier in France’s Rhone
      > Valley.
      > In addition, Nicole Walsh, Vineyard Manager for
      > Ca’ del Solo, was
      > acknowledged for her efforts bringing the vineyard
      > into greater balance and the resultant
      > higher quality fruit. “Nicole, working with the
      > biodynamic preps and compost
      > teas, has improved the vineyard’s health and so
      > its ability to respond
      > effectively to seasonal challenges,” said Grahm.
      > Walsh, a six year veteran of Bonny
      > Doon, is also the newly appointed Associate
      > Winemaker for the Ca’ del Solo
      > wines as of this harvest. These wines will carry the
      > Demeter seal of Biodynamic®
      > certification starting in late 2007.
      > As of vintage 2007, the Bonny Doon winery is also
      > Demeter certified for the
      > production of wine from biodynamic grapes. Jillian
      > Johnson, Bonny Doon’s
      > Associate Winemaker, will continue her crafting of
      > fine Cigare family wines, Le
      > Pousseur Syrah and all D.E.W.N. (Distinctive
      > Esoteric Wine Network) wines for
      > Bonny Doon’s unique wine club. Since joining Bonny
      > Doon in 2004 Johnson,
      > Viticulture and Enology graduate from UC Davis, has
      > assisted Randall Grahm in his
      > efforts to make fine wine reflective of place and
      > variety. “Jillian is one of the
      > most talented winemakers I know. She has the rare
      > ability to comprehend a wine’
      > s intelligence,” said Grahm.
      > The Demeter Association is the world’s leading
      > Biodynamic® certification and
      > outreach organization, investing in and activating
      > self-sustaining resources
      > to support and educate farm communities and the
      > consumers they serve. Bonny Doon
      > ’s Ca’ del Solo vineyard in Monterey has been
      > actively farmed using
      > biodynamic methods since 2003. Two wine releases
      > under the Ca’ del Solo aegis are
      > currently in the marketplace: 2006 Monterey County
      > Albarino and 2006 Monterey
      > County Muscat, produced from 100% Moscato-Giallo.
      > “Each of these dry aromatic
      > white wines offers a unique flavor profile embodying
      > our efforts to grow fine wine
      > reflective of the soul of its site of origin. They
      > were made in an utterly
      > hands-off manner with indigenous yeast, sans
      > maquillage,” said Grahm.
      > About Bonny Doon Vineyard
      > Bonny Doon Vineyard, based in Santa Cruz,
      > California, was founded by Randall
      > Grahm in 1983. Its goal is to produce wines
      > reflective of terroir whether on a
      > regional macro level or a single vineyard micro
      > level. Since the adaptation
      > of biodynamic vineyard practices in 2003, Bonny Doon
      > wines evidence a deeper
      > sense of place, more complex varietal character and
      > a noticeable note of
      > minerality. Bonny Doon is a moderate 35,000 case
      > winery producing select
      > super-premium wines, notably the Rhone influenced Le
      > Cigare Volant, Cigare Blanc, Vin Gris
      > de Cigare, Le Vol des Anges, as well as monopole
      > wines from Ca’ del Solo.
      > Visit Bonny Doon’s tasting room in Santa Cruz,
      > California [831-425-4518]. Learn
      > more at _www.bonnydoonvineyard.com_
      > (http://www.bonnydoonvineyard.com/) .
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