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Why bash the hole?

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Friedrich Rittelmeyer: At that time - it was about a year after the founding of the Christian Community - I had written an article in defence of Dr. Steiner.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2007
      Friedrich Rittelmeyer:

      "At that time - it was about a year after the founding of the Christian Community - I had written an article in defence of Dr. Steiner. It was too merciful with his opponents, and went much too far to meet them. True he said at the meeting again and again - no less than five times - that he did not blame me. But I could not help taking deeply to heart the way in which he reproached the editors and the Committee as a whole for having allowed the article to appear. As a matter of fact I was unaware of various conversations in which he had expressed his wishes in this direction. Not everything was humanly intelligible to me in these discussions, nor was it on some other occasions. But even in such delicate and difficult moments as these, nothing was ever said or done which modified the supreme opinion I held of Rudolf Steiner’s qualities as a man.
      "I soon realised that I had not correctly estimated the effect of such articles. Perhaps not consciously, but certainly unconsciously, their influence is apt to be not what one desires, not only among non-anthroposophists but also, as Dr. Steiner once emphasised to me, among anthroposophists themselves.
      "One thing, above all, was clear to me, although not fully so until after Dr. Steiner’s death. The fact that anthroposophists did not protect him as they should have done obviously caused him far greater suffering than we knew. Opponents covered him with derision and scorn, and anthroposophists let it pass all too easily, and went on enjoying his lectures. He was not concerned on account of himself as a person but on account of the effect which the disgraceful attacks would have on his work. He was fully aware that his opponents were dragging his personality in the mud in order to destroy his work. And he saw that anthroposophists did not see this. They retreated into their citadel and did not see that fire was being laid around its walls. I myself on one occasion said as much in the presence of Dr. Steiner, and he most heartily agreed. But in those years he could not say exactly what he felt about it; he had to wait for what should come from the insight and freedom of others if he was not to be forced into making a pathetic plea that after all surely someone might come forward in his defence! During those days he was 'like one great open wound,' as someone said to me later on. And from there one may turn to the translucent calm and kindly spirit in which he wrote The Story of My Life. Perhaps that book, too, will help finally to place Dr. Steiner before the public in the right light."

      ( -- "Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life",
      Coming Soon to a Computer Near You)

      The baymace thing and other cybercreeps and strange non-entities say that "the hole" is a mean and derogatory term for noble and legitimate criticism of anthroposophy. That's absolute balderdash. The hole is a place where dysfunctional and sick people gather who want to destroy Dr. Steiner's work by spreading lies about his moral character, just like the fledging Nazi nationalists in Germany were doing at the time described by Rittelmeyer. I myself am not interested in destroying anobody's work; I am simply making an effort to discredit and if possible contribute to the destruction of a sick obsession that threatens anthroposophy from the outside.

      Steiner's contemporaries may have failed to stand up for him, but posterity knows better. So the same message goes to the hole dwellers that should have gone to the fledging Nazis of the early 1920's: Get a life, apply your energies to something constructive and valuable instead of something that is totally worthless, destructive, miserable, and sick. And to the baymace thing I can only say: A hole is a hole just like a spade is a spade. Trying to adorn it with a pretence of respectability or value won't change that fact.

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