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Re: Wake up, gotta tell you something....

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  • Theodor Grekenquist
    ... vampire flicks. Those anthro-critics who are doing this perennial Nazi-racist war dance against the movement might yet insist on that complexion thing if
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 8, 2007
      Tarjei wrote:

      > And the most important inaccuracy in my
      > perception of the words was that he didn't sing
      > "pale-white colored gentlemen," but "pale
      > white-collared gentlemen," so there was no
      > reference to complexion, skin color, race, like I
      > thought, but something priestly or whatever
      > Christopher Lee was wearing when doing his love-bites in them
      vampire flicks.

      Those anthro-critics who are doing this perennial Nazi-racist war
      dance against the movement might yet insist on that complexion thing
      if they knew what Herbert just found out.

      You see, Tarjei, this song that you quoted captured my curiosity and
      imagination, and you didn't follow up what you promised, namely to
      contact the songwriter and ask him. So I had a long talk with
      Herbert, who is usually very good at digging things up, although
      he's not using the internet, perhaps because he tends to be
      paranoid. Herbert didn't succeed in contacting Asbjørn Krogtoft in
      Bodø, Norway, directly, but he talked to one of his buddies, and
      this buddy told Herbert that he and Asbjørn had been classmates at a
      Waldorf school there up north in the late fifties and early sixties,
      and when Asbjørn had graduated from high school, he immediately
      wrote and recorded "Graveyard Paradise" to describe how he felt
      about his teachers and the Waldorf experience itself. He told the
      press that it was inspired by a Christopher Lee movie about Count
      Dracula, but that was just a cover story to keep vindictive and
      bloodthirsty anthros and Waldorf teachers off his back, because
      otherwise he would have had to flee the country.

      Are you sure this Asbjørn Krogtoft isn't signed up in the hole under
      some pseudonym? I had a long talk with Herbert about that too, and
      he thinks that Asbjørn is Uncle Oz. Diana quoted an old post by
      Uncle Oz a few days ago, where he said:

      "If you study Steiner enough to see where his lessons slowly lead,
      you will understand that he is not teaching a science or a
      philosophy, but is teaching a polytheistic pagan religion that is in
      many ways congruent to satansim (which is inherently destructive).
      Anthroposophy's ultimate goal is to destroy this planet and everyone
      on it to free their spirits to live on Jupiter."

      Herbert belives in that outlandish story about the Waldorf Basement
      Children, and he won't budge on that issue. And the thing is that
      his recent talk with Krogtoft's schoolmate has strengthened his
      theory, in his own eyes. He says that Krogtoft can't just have been
      a Waldorf student; he must have been a Basement Child, and his
      song, "Graveyard Paradise", makes this crystal clear. He also thinks
      Uncle Oz is a Basement Child and that Krogtoft and Uncle Oz are
      probably identical.



      Tarjei, you also wrote:

      > Here's the actual lyrics you can hear the tune,
      > which is quite catchy, with the first verse as
      > the background music <>on this page: http://www.pubwalkers.com/126/
      > Graveyard Paradise
      > Asbjørn Krogtoft - 1966
      > The pale white-collared gentlemen, they're coming side by side
      > The holy court of justice, to a meeting in the night
      > They do not talk they do not smile they think and that's enough
      > They will not make their judgement till the moon rises off above
      > And of a thousand soldier boys
      > At last they've made their choice
      > Another victim soon arrives at Graveyard Paradise
      > And there's a smiling little girl, whose dinner was a snail
      > It's hard for her to walk, she's got her brother in a pail
      > Her father's lying in the mud, her mother's been murdered too
      > Her bloody eyes can't even see, and she don't know what to do
      > But the pale white-collared guys
      > Those desperate vampires
      > They're watching her with bloodshot eyes from Graveyard Paradise
      > Yes, everything is black and cold in Graveyard Paradise
      > And when somebody is talking there is it just to tell you lies
      > Those pale white-collared gentlemen, yes I saw them as they stood
      > Outside the Graveyard gates, they would be laughing if they could
      > And when somebody dies
      > When the moon rise in the skies
      > They're watching you with bloodshot eyes from Graveyard Paradise
      > Well, I was thinking, there must be a connection
      > somewhere between Count Dracula and the Grand
      > Wizard of the KKK, between those all-white juries
      > and "the holy court of justice" mentioned in the
      > song, between vampires and burning crosses maybe?
      > The webpage I found --
      > http://www.pubwalkers.com/126/ (turn up speaker
      > volume) -- has a link to an extra verse that was
      > taken out, but that has nothing to do with any of this.
      > Now you can go back to sleep. Sweet dreams,
      > Tarjei
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