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Hustle and Flow

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Friends, I ve been struggling with how come I can t just get it like the rest of you. How come I can t just understand from reading something and then
    Message 1 of 34 , Jun 3, 2007
      Hey Friends,

      I've been struggling with how come I can't just get it
      like the rest of you. How come I can't just understand
      from reading something and then cognizing. It just
      doesn't happen that way for me.

      So, I'm on my morning walk and I have a realization.
      And I am so pissed because I'm thinking 'damn, how
      come I couldn't of understood this before when I read
      it. Why do I have to experience it first and then
      understand it!!! And you know it was/is a frustration
      for me. And then I realized that it's about being able
      to experience the Akashic Records. That no matter how
      much we read, no matter how much knowledge we gain, if
      we do not put it into a passage of time it becomes
      somehow deadened in us and the barrier to being able
      to experience fully the work of Rudolf Steiner in its
      intention: consciously cocreating with our spiritual

      And it seems that it has to do something with memory.
      But not a memory like I wish I had rather a living
      memory that only seems to come with passages of time.
      I am thinking 'hey man, I need to get this etheric
      body going here in the memory department as I am
      severly lacking in this field. And I usually judge
      myself for not being able to remember in a way that
      you cats can. But something changed.

      I came upon the temperments and I realized which one I
      am. And in that I can see how memory does not really
      work for me, not in the normal sense, because I am
      someone who is really open to all possibilities. I
      don't hold onto certain things as facts as I am always
      experiencing new facets of these things I thought were
      facts. It's a really humanizing/humbling experience to
      allow oneself to be vulnerable enough to not be right
      on what we think we are right on. It can almost be
      schizophrenic if others with no spiritual science
      understandign were looking in on this whole process.
      And to think that John Kerry was called a flipflopper:
      whew, he has nothing on me. :)

      Working towards some of the little guideposts along
      the way, allows us to have a concept or maybe its
      called a percept, who knows really, not me, yet, of
      the possibilities before us. So, in looking at the
      possibility that there does indeed exist an Akashic
      Records we would want to know or understand how do we
      come to experience this world record? I mean not
      everyone has to but I imagine it is something on the
      minds of those that participate in this work.

      We read the words of Rudolf Steiner, we do the
      exercises, we contemplate, and still, still there is
      this abyss so to speak between the idea and the
      ability to participate in the reality of this idea,
      this concept. We can even be fooled by our intellect
      and or our feelings that we are participating in it as
      we have convinced ourselves that we have reached
      something. And yet the real truth lies somewhere in
      between, it seems to lie in the nittiest grittiest
      place of 'man know thyself'.

      How far is one willing to go to understand the honesty
      of what is called for in order to reach the 'man know
      thyself' stage. I think Mike Helsher is one who has
      been a great example of someone willing to hit the
      botton of the barrel looking for the answer to that
      part of the self that one denies most of the time even
      exists. Some bad behaviours are proud of them and that
      they know of them and yet that is not even the half of
      it. It's coming to understand the impact that it has
      on others and ones higher ego being.

      Coming into the Akashic Records we need flow. Not
      hustle really, but flow. Memory is not a dead memory
      but one built in the passage. It is the forward and
      backwards, not just in our nightly review, but in our
      daily walking lives, that builds the organs, maybe
      allows the organs to know, that you are a person who
      is interested in coming to experience the spiritual
      worlds on their terms, their movements, their laws.
      And those laws are inherent within each one of us as
      we are from there. And when we work with the Reverse
      Cultus we are finding a way to bring flow into our
      thinking our feeling and our willing.

      Working with this flow allows us to encounter the
      beings that help us to experience the Akashic Records.

      All good things,

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    • dottie zold
      ... Well, Frank, as it turns out it was the new rat pack: Ocean Thirteen s crew that has some fireworks going off: first time ever for me here in Hollywood, ON
      Message 34 of 34 , Jun 10, 2007
        > That event sheathed an occult message, Dottie:
        > Get matching pajamas and repair the holes in your
        > underwear; you never
        > know when you'll be on TV in the emergency room.

        Well, Frank, as it turns out it was the new rat pack:
        Ocean Thirteen's crew that has some fireworks going
        off: first time ever for me here in Hollywood, ON
        HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD no less!!! Whew. I mean do you
        even know what coulda happened with FIRE WORKS on a
        small street surrounded by old buildings. What can
        these people be thinking?

        My co-worker Mr. Wallace took me to the airport when I
        told him I had the strangest experience the other
        night. He too heard the commotion and he did too go
        out into the street, across the street from where I
        was peeking my nose out the door, to see what the
        hell! was going on. At least there are two people
        awake in Hollywood! But he was naked. :)


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