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Summertime in the hole too?

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  • Tarjei Straume
    UNCLE TAZ CYBERTROLL GAZETTE Official Press Release Part 3 A Midsummer Night s Dream The trolling season has just started. Summer is the time for frivolity,
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      Official Press Release Part 3

      A Midsummer Night's Dream

      The trolling season has just started. Summer is the time for frivolity, pranks, escapades, sex and romance, and much much more. Running around naked in the woods, swimming in the ocean and talking to mermaids and saying hi to Neptune. Ask Rudolf Steiner. Ask William Shakespeare. Ask Ralph Waldo Emerson or Walt Whitman! Ask Henrik Wergeland! Ask Goethe! Ask any initiate, poet, artist, composer, spiritual philosopher, playwright. The elemental spirits of the earth come out to play, and they're having fun with mortal humans. When summer is over, we get into September, and Michael arrives from cosmos with his sword, putting an end to all the games and reminding us that ists time to be serious, grave, get back to school, work on our virtues, put Lucifer under control and combat Ahriman's excesses. That's what Michaelmas is all about.

      But Michaelmas is a long way off, and we're looking at a minimum of three whole months of playtime immediately ahead of us. That's why William Shakespeare wrote "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and do I have a story to tell you about that!

      Some of you may remember what the Doctor said about Napoleon, that there were stories about his mom walking across battlefields covered with dead bodies when pregnant with the future emperor, and that this may have influenced him to become such a fierce warrior. And the Doctor added that it was the other way around: that it was the yet unborn Napoleon who drove his mother across those battlefields because he himself was drawn to them.

      Where do I wish to go with this? Watch out, hole dwellers and paranoid creatures of anti-spiritual, anti-life darkness, for here it comes: You see, when I was an unborn child, a fetus or embryo, in the first months of gestation before my mom's belly began to show, both my parents were active stage actors, and my mom was playing Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." As you know, this extremely prankish character doing so many trollish things to people may easily be played by a male or a female, and my mom was always convinced that I turned out the way I did because she played Puck at that time. Or perhaps is was the yet unborn me who did the casting.

      So in addition to being a troll from the land of trolls, I've got a huge piece of Puck's astral body to inspire me. And my oh my, is this gonna be a season for hole-dweller-teasing!

      Summertime is bad for the Hole

      That's right: Summertime is a frightening season for the Hole Dwellers, a nightmare. Too much sunshine, too many earth spirits, sun spirits, too much life, visible and invisible. Too much light, fun and pranks and games and role playing. Too many summer night's dreams. The hole dwellers prefer not to be dreaming, and they run away when John Lennon is heard singing:

      You may say I'm a dreamer
      But I'm not the only one
      I hope someday you'll join us
      And the world will live as one

      Yea, that's scary, especially for folks like Uncle Oz, because they figure that means anthroposophists will destroy the entire planet in order to set up a fascist anthro-rule on future Jupiter with hole dwellers as slave labor.

      Sweet summer dreams,

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