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Re: Anthro-trolls vs Hole-militants

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  • kmlightseeker
    Hi Tarjei, Thanks for the UNCLE TAZ CYBERTROLL GAZETTE . :) Most informative. Regards, Keith
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      Hi Tarjei,

      Thanks for the "UNCLE TAZ CYBERTROLL GAZETTE". :)

      Most informative.



      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle"
      <straume@...> wrote:
      > Official Press Release Part 2
      > Di & Pete have a suspect
      > This is hot. There's a Yahoo ID in the hole named "Oswald Wilkes" (Oz).
      > He is the person who checked the source codes of Klaus' & Theo's posted
      > Yahoo messages and identified the IP address in Oslo that some of Theo's
      > hole posts had in common with Klaus'.
      > Now Di & Pete suspect this Oz handle to be Uncle Taz or Yours Truly
      > (Tarjei) or both, as yet another troll of mine, or at least a partner in
      > crime or accomplice of some sort.
      > Imagine that, Uncle Taz & Uncle Oz, both members of the Lodge of
      > Planetary Aunts & Uncles!
      > And this is the very person who suggested they should forward one of
      > Theo's emails to Kripos, the criminal police division in Oslo, because
      > Theo had explained that he and Klaus had been using one of their
      > computers, where I, Tarjei, had also worked as their webmaster. This
      > was, of course, a cover story for the IP addresses of those three Yahoo
      > IDs to be identical at least some of the time, although the part about
      > me webmastering for Kripos is partially true in spite of Di refusing to
      > believe it.
      > As it turns out, the IP address of this Oz character -- the police
      > loving, gun toting cyberdetective -- is 100 % anonymous and apparently
      > uses some sort of IP-hiding software like maybe Hide IP 2.1
      > <http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Hide-IP.shtml>
      > ($29.95). I've been thinking of getting something like that myself
      > lately, but I don't take my trolling that seriously, although I know I
      > should, living in the land of trolls with a patriotic duty to troll
      > professionally like a real artist.
      > So with this total anonymity, Oz is on the defensive against Di's and
      > Pete's suspicions of him being an Uncle Taz anthro-troll (instead of an
      > Uncle Oz anti-troll), although he swears on a stack of Bibles that he
      > dislikes Anthroposophy, Trolling, and Uncle Taz (in that order), but Di
      > & Pete don't buy it, and now Oz is waiting for Dan to show up and vouch
      > for him, but it looks as if Di & Pete know Dan better than Oz does, or
      > so they say. And not surprisingly, Pete acts as if he owns the group, or
      > at least like he's one of the co-owners.
      > As an explanation for Oz' anonymity, he says he's been threatened,
      > burglarized, had his pets killed, run off the road, and chased out of
      > L.A. by scientologists and OTO-people. It is apparent that he thinks
      > anthroposophists may do the same kind of things to him, which is
      > obviously a very offensive and vicious rumor about the anthroposophical
      > movement generated by the worst of the hole dwellers.
      > I know from my research on scientology twelve years ago that pet killing
      > and stuff like that has been widespread scientology practice in the US
      > and used to intimidate judges and juries in their very extensive
      > litigation activities, but what we have here is a combination of a bad
      > cult indeed and a very violent national culture, a nation with an
      > especially violent history, founded on militarism and expansionism and
      > at present being threatened by destruction because of excessive fears
      > and military industrialism.
      > Not my cup of tea, not my culture. Sorry. I have no weapons, I use my
      > full name, address, and phone numbers, and when I troll, it's not
      > because I'm afraid of anybody, but because I grew up in the theater, and
      > because I live in Norway, which is the primordial land of trolls.
      > Scientology
      > Let this be said in earnest: I'm inclined to believe every word Oz is
      > saying about severe, life-threatening Scientology harassment. Prior to
      > getting involved with anthro-groups on the internet, I was commissioned
      > by Gateavisa to write an article about Scientology in connection with
      > the internet war in 1995 (concerning the copyright on Ron Hubbard's
      > secret manuscripts, which was a very crazy circus). And I came across
      > very, very many stories echoed by Oz's mention of a few things here. So
      > I have a lot of documents still in the entheta section of my old
      > website:
      > http://uncletaz.com/backyard/entheta/
      > <http://uncletaz.com/backyard/entheta/> Here's the article I wrote for
      > Gateavisa (in Norwegian):
      > http://uncletaz.com/backyard/entheta/
      > <http://uncletaz.com/backyard/entheta/>
      > http://www.pluto.no/doogie/Ga/blekka/ga158/thetan.html
      > <http://www.pluto.no/doogie/Ga/blekka/ga158/thetan.html> In this
      > context, I'm also familiar with the places he's trodden. He has recently
      > contributed heavily to Andreas Heldal-Lund's forum on his website
      > "Operation Clambake -- Undressing the Church of Scientology Since 1996
      > <http://xenu.net/> ". That was the very time when I had a lot of contact
      > with Andreas, who lives in Stavanger, talked to him on the phone a few
      > times and he claims we had met face to face once, during the winter
      > 1995-1996, when I was doing my research on this. As a matter of fact,
      > when Xenon Panousis in Stockholm published the NOTs (New Era Dianetics
      > OT levels) and The Religious Technology Center (RTC) went berserk,
      > Andreas was the first person in the world to publish them on his own
      > website and keep them online for a very long time until he was
      > absolutely forced to take them down, but by that time, they had been
      > copied all over the planet. I sported those Hubbard docs on various
      > websites of my own for a while, and each time I was threatened by the
      > RTC and when I didn't remove them, they contacted the webhosts and got
      > my accounts closed down.
      > I also had extensive contact with Steve Fishman
      > <http://www.xs4all.nl/~fishman/> in Florida, an ex-Scientologist of
      > eleven years, and learned a lot from him too. And incidentally, Steve
      > gave me the OT 1 through 8, another set of illegal secret documents,
      > which I also experimented with publishing, an endeavor I eventually gave
      > up when I was tired and through with the utterly soul-damaging material.
      > Paulette Cooper
      > I participated in newsgroups such as alt.religion.scientology (a.r.s.),
      > and in this particular context I I had an interesting email exchange
      > with Paulette Cooper <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulette_Cooper> ,
      > the author of "The Scandal of Scientology" (1971). Come to think of it,
      > it's possible I wrote to her via her home page
      > <http://www.paulettecooper.com/> . The Church of Scientology is believed
      > to have spent almost $500,000 trying to destroy Cooper because of this
      > book, and she was subjected to heavy lawsuits as well as the most severe
      > harassment imaginable, including a Scientology campaign called
      > "Operation Freakout," to get her locked up in a mental institution or
      > jail. The "church" sent itself forged bomb threats from Cooper, using
      > her typewriter and paper with her fingerprints on it; further plans
      > included bomb threats to be sent to Henry Kissinger. (The Church's
      > campaign was discovered when the FBI raided Scientology offices in 1977
      > and recovered documents relating to the operation.)
      > Now about our correspondence: With the above in mind, this is
      > extraordinarily interesting -- and my oh my, I actually found her email
      > from Sun, 27 Dec 1998!!
      > *************** Sun Dec 27 23:54:13 1998 From: Paulettec...... Date:
      > Sun, 27 Dec 1998 17:49:30 EST To: tastraum@... Subject: hello
      > back
      > I don't know if I would recommend posting to a.r.s. Sometimes the anti
      > Scientologists can be as nasty as the Scientologists. Yes it was 15
      > horrible years. In 1985 I did manage to pick up the pieces of my life
      > that they almost completely destroyed and stopped fighting them (you
      > can't win, and anyway, I felt I had done more than my share) and began
      > writing about things I enjoyed writing about.
      > I have written 11 books now, including 2 on dogs and cats, my favorite
      > topic, ("277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know," and "277 Secrets Your
      > Cat Wants You To Know.") People are surprised that I would write such
      > light things but I always tell them, "hey, dogs don't sue and cats don't
      > harass." Ten years ago I married a wonderful man I had met before I
      > started fighting Scientology, and all in all, I am enjoying the peaceful
      > (no harassment) life -- and the internet. Right now I am doing a travel
      > book and wandering around to luxury resorts. As the old cliche goes,
      > living well is the best revenge! Regards, Paulette Cooper
      > ***************
      > The most interesting sentence in this 9 year old email from Cooper, for
      > our immediate purposes, is: "Sometimes the anti Scientologists can be as
      > nasty as the Scientologists." She's talking about the cult-fighters, the
      > anti-cultists, people like the hole dwellers.
      > First tour of hole duty
      > Now, I don't consider Dan Dugan a nasty person by any standard; he has
      > always behaved like a gentleman. But his agenda is very insidious what
      > Waldorf schools and their origin, Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy, is
      > concerned. I became wise to this in 1999, when I did my first tour of
      > duty in the hole trenches. This was several years before Peter S popped
      > up, so Dan was basically struggling solo with his Nazi war dance against
      > Steiner and anthroposophy, and his arguments were very simple and naive,
      > which made them immediately transparent. He was primarily focusing on
      > the brainwashing destructive cult angle, and some of his guests seemed
      > handpicked for this end; I don't know if he had picked them or if they
      > just happened to be there, such as Dr. Fine MD, if anyone remembers him.
      > But in the middle of all this, there was one thing I found a somewhat
      > ironic, like a twist of fate, or karmic pattern: It was the fact that
      > only a few years prior to my getting involved with this critical forum
      > in the hole, where I ended up as a resolt of outrage at the articles and
      > allegations I saw on their website, I had done specific research on the
      > destructive cult of Scientoloty for one article, and on Nazi occultism
      > for another article. They both appeared in the same issue of Gateavisa,
      > and I had written them back to back: First Nazism, then Scientology.
      > So in addition to having studied Steiner's works off and on since the
      > mid-sixties including all his major written books and a considerable
      > body of his lectures, I was exceptionally well equipped to express my
      > views and opinions. And I did this btw until everything I had to say to
      > those people on the subject of Steiner and anthroposophy was said. After
      > that, with the exception of a few additional notes I threw in during my
      > second tour of duty in 2002, there was nothing more to say. The only
      > things left for me to contribute are poetry, jokes, role-playing,
      > trolling, fairy tales etc. So that's why I created that mythology about
      > the abyss and the asuric rats and that stuff, which is a picture,
      > picture language for poets. Edgar Alan Poe, Bram Stoker, Stephen King.
      > The hole's abuse of cult victims
      > What Dan Dugan seems to be doing is to seek out victims of cult abuse
      > and lure them over to the hole. So the first thing these abused people
      > learn about anthroposophy is all those nasty articles and posts, all
      > those lies. It's an entirely different thing when a self-dependent
      > thinking, objective outsider first gets "their side of the story" (which
      > is an extremely generous way to describe it) and then checks out
      > anthroposophical literature and forums. By deliberately confusing Ron
      > Hubbard with Rudolf Steiner, for instance -- and such confusions are
      > indeed deliberate and calculated -- this may have a very powerful effect
      > upon a long-time victim of scientological abuse and/or harassment,
      > making objective assessment virtually impossible.
      > I remember less about OTO at the moment, except that they practiced
      > sexual magic, that Aleister Crowley once played a major part in it, and
      > that Hubbard adopted a lot of Crowley's method. (Another of Hubbard's
      > mentors was Lavrenty Beria <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrenty_Beria>
      > , chief of Stalin's secret police.) And it's interesting to note that
      > endeavors have also been made to falsely link Rudolf Steiner to OTO. The
      > notion that Steiner was once a member of OTO, that he was made an
      > honorary unaffiliated member or something like that to help boost OTOs
      > reputation and standing, is a proven falsehood. But even wilder rumours
      > have circulated, such as Steiner being buried "in full OTO regalia". (He
      > was cremated with no such nonsense.)
      > The list of falshoods that have been circulating with regard to the
      > biography of the founder of anthroposophy is staggering. And when we
      > take into account that the Scientologists have exchanged Hubbard's true
      > biography for another one which is pure fiction, it's easy to see how
      > advantageous it is for hole dwellers to conflate these to persons so
      > that people like Peter Staudenmaier can invent a biography of Steiner
      > that pays absolutely no heed to recorded accounts, except those he picks
      > out in order to twist them aroundbecause he finds them useful at the
      > moment, referring to himself in royal plural, like instead of saying
      > "I", he sayd "historians like myself". No other "historian" with respect
      > for his craft would sign his or her name to any of the hogwash about
      > anthroposophy or Rudolf Steiner produced by PS.
      > As a matter of fact, when I was in contact with Steve Fishman in 1996
      > and I mentioned that Rudolf Steiner had always interested me and added
      > that there was no comparison to Hubbard whatsoever, he became curious,
      > so I wrote an article about it for the benefit of himself and other
      > ex-scientologists, entitled Scientology vs. Anthroposophy (Lafayette Ron
      > Hubbard vs. Rudolf Steiner):
      > http://uncletaz.com/hubbstein.html
      > <http://uncletaz.com/hubbstein.html> From the beginning, there was
      > something that bugged me about this article of mine, something wasn't
      > right, and after a little while I found out what it was, but I never got
      > around to correcting it, because then I would have to re-think and
      > re-write an entire section, at least. I believe it was that part about
      > Hubbard's statement, "Organized religion tries to control, so therefore
      > must be lying." so this bit should be considered flawed, but the rest is
      > OK. Some of it was quoted in the hole in the late nineties before my
      > first tour of duty there, but I discovered those archives much later, so
      > I never commented on it. It suffices to say that they just didn't get
      > it, so they went like "Huh? What's this?" and then giggling like little
      > school girls. (It was probably Di or Sharon.) But others have written to
      > me and said it made a lot of things very clear for them, things they
      > needed to understand about the essential difference between Hubbard and
      > Steiner.
      > Now there's one more issue related to the above: There has also been a
      > deliberate attempt, primarily by Dan Dugan, to extinguish the
      > differences between Rudolf Steiner and Adolf Hitler. Peter S' approach
      > has been more subtle, but Dan used every opportunity to compare Hitler
      > and Steiner in '99 to make them as similar as he could muster. I posted
      > a quote by Hitler once in a thread about him, and Dan immediately
      > suggested that this sounded exactly like Steiner, although it was
      > radically different. My comment was that the names Rudolf Steiner and
      > Adolf Hitler have an alliteral kinship. Besides, they shared German as
      > their first language, just like Steiner's friend Albert Schweitzer.
      > The Hole Wizard of Oz
      > What is interesting is that the person behind this "Oswald Wilkes"
      > handle (Oz), profiles himself as an extreme militarist, and obviously a
      > very fearful and paranoid one (and they are the most dangerous), which
      > is clear from his public profile at
      > http://profiles.yahoo.com/oswald_wilkes
      > <http://profiles.yahoo.com/oswald_wilkes> . (Click on his 'Hear my
      > voice' -- highly recommended.) His favorite "cool links" feature armed
      > security, mercenary soldiers, automatic weapons, combat fatigue, things
      > like that. And there's a photo of himself dressed up as in full
      > trepidation-inspiring terrorist gear with ski mask and automatic weapon.
      > Blackwater, Halliburton, and Pentagon rolled into one, but even all of
      > that plus every police force in the world wouldn't give folks like
      > himself any sense of security; they'd still toss in their sleep and run
      > out the next day to buy more ammo and qualudes. He lives in the land of
      > ten thousand nuclear weapons and is so afraid of totally harmless
      > Norwegian trolls that he has to arm himself to the teeth.
      > And here's the rub about this guy: Of course I couldn't find his IP
      > address on source; he's most likely using hide-your-IP anonymizing
      > software -- an example is Hide IP 2.1
      > <http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Security-Related/Hide-IP.shtml>
      > which you can buy for $25.95 -- which makes it very hypocritical of him
      > to research and blow the whistle on my IP address, unless he's afraid
      > that my trolls will leave cyberspace for the physical world and cross
      > the ocean, track him down in North America, sneak through his excessive
      > swat teams and alarm systems, and try to poison his coffee (although
      > he's probably hired someone to taste it for him before he drinks it).
      > And to top it all off, he insinuated that I would be intimidated by him
      > if he forwarded Theodor's emails to Kripos, the Norwegian criminal
      > police, where Theo said that he, Klaus, and myself had been using their
      > computers and IP addresses. Theo responded that I'm actually been
      > Kripos' webmaster, which is a half truth, because I've had a website for
      > almost ten years that claims to be Kripos, and that they have not
      > managed to shut down because of free speech.
      > Diana doesn't believe this last part; she thinks it's part of my
      > imagination. But one of the major news articles about this story from
      > 2002 is still left online:
      > http://tinyurl.com/l7ryr
      > <http://tinyurl.com/l7ryr> (This is in Norwegian, but the photos of
      > myself, former Kripos chief Huuse, the mention of FBI etc. should make
      > it all clear. The headline reads: "HARASSING THE POLICE: FBI
      > investigates Norwegian website" This claim about involvement by the FBI
      > in the US was nothing but a stupid bluff by chief Huuse, verified by my
      > correspondence with the bureau.)
      > Oz writes: "I do not like Anthroposophy. I do not like trolling. I do
      > not like Uncle Taz." He also refers to me as one of "the disordered
      > fanatics who lack any moral compass" and who make it necessary for him
      > to be protected against though anonymity, IP-hiding, alarms, weapons,
      > ski mask, and direct contact with local police and FBI.
      > When Oz says he does not like anthroposophy, it's not that he prefers
      > Shakespeare to Steiner. There are too many trolls in Shakespeare, and
      > even more so in Ibsen, who lived in the very land of trolls, Norway.
      > Trolls are actual beings that were clairvoyantly perceived though
      > atavistic clairvoyance way into the 19th century, especially in
      > Telemark, where my paternal family came from. Oz should still be safe in
      > Telemark, because although Klaus Tue is a cybertroll, he is also sheriff
      > of Rautefjell, he has a strong dislike for Uncle Taz, whom he actively
      > opposes, and he has lots of guns and a militia. Oz should feel at home
      > there.
      > When Oz says he does not like trolling, he doesn't like trolls (because
      > trolling is all that trolls do) and this is because he does not like
      > Norwegian folklore, which is too reminiscent of anthroposophy for his
      > taste, with the implications of atavistic claircoyance:
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll
      > <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll> This means that Oz does not like
      > Norwegian culture, art, literature, fairy tales, poetry, and music
      > (Edvard Grieg <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edvard_Grieg> ).
      > When Uncle Oz says he doesn't like Uncle Taz <http://uncletaz.com/> , he
      > probably means that he doesn't like me. Uncle Taz is just my cyberguru,
      > cult leader, and the founder of Tazism
      > <http://uncletaz.com/anarchosophy.html> , but that may be too
      > complicated. I'm not too hurt about Oz not liking me; Blackwater and the
      > Pentagon don't like me either, and I don't like them. But I can't say I
      > don't like Oz, just like I can't say I don't like the human beings who
      > happen to wear arms, clubs, and uniforms. I have no idea who's holding
      > up an automatic behind that ski mask, except that I feel sorry for him.
      > He would probably have been afraid of Mahatma Gandhi too, or anyone else
      > who is non-violent (which is why the peace movement is so feared by
      > authorities), as long as he thinks they look like a cult guru and sees
      > Scientology and OTO written all over them. Spirituality and soul-power
      > in self-dependent individuals is frightening, isn't it?
      > And when Oz calls me a disordered fanatic who lacks any moral compass,
      > I'm wondering: I'm a fanatic about what? Anthroposophy? Although I've
      > read Steiner off and on for almost forty-five years, I probably read
      > much, much less of this stuff these days than most other people around
      > here; the hole creatures are obsessed with it 24/7. Secondly, isn't it
      > odd for a hole dweller to talk about moral compass? They go on and on
      > about racism and Nazism and the holocaust, for instance, but to them,
      > these are not moral issues at all, they have nothing to do with morals
      > or ethics. They say so, and it's really shocking how ice cold cynical
      > they are about such issues. They consider moral sentiments -- feelings
      > and emotions -- to be snivelling sentimental irrelevant nonsense to be
      > mocked. In February 2004 (I think it was, it's in the AT archives), when
      > I said to Peter Staudenmaier that racism was a moral problem, he
      > categorically denied this and claimed that racism, which was the only
      > subject he was interested in discussing, was merely an interesting
      > phenomenon for the purpose of analysis and intellectual ping-pong.
      > Peter Staudenmaier's agenda
      > And at the present time over in the hole, Peter Staudenmaier is still
      > discussing Dachau anthro-Nazis (since 2000; the Constipated Ones always
      > regurgitate old shit in the Unplumbable Toilet, also known as the
      > Unthinkable Facility). He is primarily focusing on a Mr. Lippert, and
      > to catch up on this discussion, one would have to read a tall stack of
      > books and then study how PS has twisted things to hils liking, which is
      > a habit of his. Detlef has participated in this all these years as far
      > as I understand, and in a recent hole message of his, posted by Bruce,
      > Detlef explains why he perceives SS.officer Lippert as one who played a
      > heroic role under the circumstances:
      > "What the prisoners relate about the deep humanity of Franz Lippert,
      > after the war, voluntarily, and under oath, moved me to tears when I
      > read the article that compiled the evidence (by Uwe Werner in "Die
      > Drei") some years ago. In one of the bleakest places on earth, in one of
      > the bleakest moments of history, courage and humanity rays out through
      > Franz Lippert. This is what the prisoners unanimously recount in glowing
      > terms."
      > And this is how Peter S mocks Detlef's sentiment (Tuesday May 29):
      > "In other words, he volunteered for the Dachau position. He wasn't
      > pressured. The significance of this seems to escape many anthroposophist
      > commentators, who are, like Detlef, moved to tears of joy at the thought
      > of an anthroposophical SS officer overseeing a slave labor plantation on
      > which hundreds of prisoners died in awful ways."
      > His second comment on the same passage:
      > "It's admittedly hard to do so, but I think it makes sense, for purposes
      > of this discussion, to set aside Detlef's egregiously misplaced
      > emotional response to his SS hero's exploits at Dachau, and instead try
      > to focus on the concrete claims that Detlef makes here."
      > In other words, forget the content, the HEART of the matter (because PS
      > has no heart) and instead focus on the WORDS, because them I can play
      > with and twist around and falsify. I don't know what to do with feelings
      > except mock them and flush them down our hole where they belong.
      > It looks like Bruce has discovered he's only wasting his time and energy
      > playing intellectual ping-pong with PS, and that his leaving the hole,
      > and PS can't stand it, because he's starving without anthroposophists.
      > Oh, he says, why are anthroposophists so difficult to talk to, why won't
      > they play with me, why are they so ignorant of their history, why don?ey
      > understand the historical importance of anthro-Nazis, why aren't they
      > fascinated by the complex relationship between anthroposophists and
      > Nazis, I have fifteen books on Nazis here I want to discuss with you,
      > please please....
      > And this is how he bemoans the loss of playmates:
      > "Speaking of hitting close to home, Detlef, Bruce and Frank all seem to
      > have crawled back into their shells, after an open invitation to
      > practice some actual criticism on topics that notably sparked their
      > interest not so long ago."
      > Poor baby with all brains and no heart that nobody likes to hang out
      > with, he has to sit there all alone and beg passers-by to sit down with
      > him. When that doesn't work, he tries a little teasing and bullying:
      > "Perhaps the dreaded prospect of substantiating their various claims was
      > too overwhelming? Or maybe they were simply engaged in parody all along?
      > I eagerly await some new revelation from the sphinx-like spokesmen for
      > anthroposophy."
      > No response, except Bruce tells him to read his posts (instead of
      > playing with stuff he hasn't bothered to read), not realizing that PS
      > can't read. He can read words and spit them back out in twisted form
      > maybe, but he has no reading comprehension because he's all brain and no
      > heart, and papparently no liver or gallbladder or any other organ except
      > brain; he could propbably survive with his head severed from the rest of
      > his body, just plugged into an elecric socket.
      > So Pete tries again:
      > "Looks like I hit close to home, eh? I am intrigued to see that you are
      > not only touchy about the topic of race but about the topic of Bruce as
      > well. How come? Do you often feel personally challenged in public
      > discussions like this? Don't worry, nobody is timing your answer to that
      > question. But you should feel free to explain at any point, if you see
      > fit."
      > Interestingly, here Peter is using his brain, his cold intelligence, to
      > try to play on Bruce's feelings -- not like a piano, that's music, but
      > like a chessboard or a deck of cards, like in poker. He has no
      > comprehension of how an emotion is experienced, he just knows it's there
      > somewhere in the other person like a tool to be picked up. Notice the
      > tone, which is reminiscent of a teenage boy trying to score with a girl.
      > It would go like this:
      > "Looks like I hit close to your panties, eh? I am intrigued to see that
      > you are not only touchy about the topic of a one night stand but about
      > the topic of Babydoll as well. How come? Do you often feel personally
      > challenged in public places like this? Don't worry, nobody is timing the
      > drop of your clothes. But you should feel free to surrender at any
      > point, if you see fit."
      > Cheers,
      > Tarjei
    • dottie zold
      ... Well, Frank, as it turns out it was the new rat pack: Ocean Thirteen s crew that has some fireworks going off: first time ever for me here in Hollywood, ON
      Message 34 of 34 , Jun 10, 2007
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        > That event sheathed an occult message, Dottie:
        > Get matching pajamas and repair the holes in your
        > underwear; you never
        > know when you'll be on TV in the emergency room.

        Well, Frank, as it turns out it was the new rat pack:
        Ocean Thirteen's crew that has some fireworks going
        off: first time ever for me here in Hollywood, ON
        HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD no less!!! Whew. I mean do you
        even know what coulda happened with FIRE WORKS on a
        small street surrounded by old buildings. What can
        these people be thinking?

        My co-worker Mr. Wallace took me to the airport when I
        told him I had the strangest experience the other
        night. He too heard the commotion and he did too go
        out into the street, across the street from where I
        was peeking my nose out the door, to see what the
        hell! was going on. At least there are two people
        awake in Hollywood! But he was naked. :)


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