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Re: Trolls on tour

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  • Mike helsher
    ... ... trap, ... dark ... and ... Unthinkable ... residents ... professing ... It s those WORDS man! Words are ideas dressed up for our physical
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle"
      <straume@...> wrote:
      <big snip>
      > The Unthinkable Facility is always vacant for visitors, because the
      > residents don't shit; they're chronically constipated. That's the
      > part of the plan, this Unthinkable Facility always being vacant like
      > that, with a gaping abyss into the center of the earth and all those
      > bats and vampires and werewolves and rats and babysnakes, maggots,
      > scorpions, u name it, all possessed, all cursed. And in the pitch
      > of night there in the Abyss, in the Unthinkable Facility, dwell the
      > ghosts of Himmler, G?g, Goebbles, Adolf himself, Eichmann, Mengele,
      > all the other evil Nazis. Yep, they're right there in the
      > Facility together with the asuric rats, responsible for its
      > sick and twisted obsession with Nazism and Nazi war crimes -- an
      > obsession that makes them resemble Nazis on the inside while
      > something else on the outside, which they believe.

      It's those WORDS man! "Words are ideas dressed up for our physical
      benefit". When words are all you got, and you got a private
      dictionary for a wardrobe, you can dress up a maniquine to look like
      Rudolf Steiner in a Nazi uniform. Hell, you can even dress yourself
      up to look like an historian. And you can even dress up the universe
      as a 500 page "accident" and human beings as 700 page "Ape with a
      slightly higher intelligence".

      The reason they resemble Nazi's on the inside, is that the invisible
      aspect of being human had been staunchly defined in ....WORDS!
      Pictures create a demand for far to many words and thus are scarey,
      and turn into all the creepy things that go bump in the waldorf

      I've coined a new phrase: "wordiest". It's an atheist with an
      addiction to words. A troll in a way but unaware, but that doesn't
      stop them from going on tour. I hearby decree a national "wordiest"
      holiday cause I just don't think it's fair, with all the religious
      holidays every year. Hell it can be a national troll holiday as well!
      And what better day than April 1'st!

      Thank you for such a wonderful tour, my good sir!

      AKA official troll agent "Fishercat".
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