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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] new online course

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  • dottie zold
    That s what I m talking about! Man, its so great to see so much sprouting right now. Incredible what has truly begun to bloom after the years and years of seed
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2007
      That's what I'm talking about! Man, its so great to
      see so much sprouting right now. Incredible what has
      truly begun to bloom after the years and years of seed
      sowing that the elders of the Anthroposophical Society
      have sewn.

      The Teachers of Humanity are with us or at least a
      really important one is all I can think of. Rudolf
      Steiner shares that in order for the Teachers to
      impart revelations to certain students they must be in
      the body. Well, somebody's in a body right now that is
      being heard by those who have worked to open up past
      their own egos of what is right and what is wrong.

      Listen up everybody, listen up is all I want to say.
      Abundance is abounding.

      All good good things,

      Thanks Mike!

      --- Mike helsher <mhelsher@...> wrote:

      > http://www.onlinehumanities.com/courses/400.html
      > Alchemy is the ancient, primordial, sacred science
      > of Nature. Present
      > in all historical cultures from India and China in
      > the East to the
      > Abrahamic West and always adapting its practice to
      > its context, its
      > origins are lost in the depths of prehistory. In a
      > sense, it is the
      > primal cosmological revelation.
      > In the Alchemical tradition, the highest goal a
      > human being can
      > aspire to is the fertilization, gestation, and birth
      > of a higher
      > person within the soul of the lower human
      > personality. This second
      > birth is known esoterically as the birth of the
      > Spirit Embryo. The
      > first birth is into a body of flesh. Given to us by
      > nature working
      > through our parents, the body of flesh is governed
      > by the laws of
      > nature and returns to nature when we die. This is
      > the natural way of
      > things. Alchemists, however, know of another birth,
      > one that is, as
      > Jung said, a work against nature (opus contra
      > naturam). In the second
      > birth a Spirit embryo is fertilized and then brought
      > to term by the
      > conscious work of the student. This Spirit Embryo is
      > called the "I
      > Being" by Rudolf Steiner, the "True Self" by Carl
      > Jung, and "the
      > parent who would never lie to us" by the Kahunas of
      > Hawaii. These
      > names all relate to different functions of a being
      > who resides in
      > human consciousness as if asleep and is awakened
      > only by conscious
      > acts of will and rhythmical practices.
      > To understand Alchemy the student will read The
      > Seer's Handbook, by
      > Dennis Klocek, and practice exercises suggested in
      > this book. This
      > special training is necessary so that the student
      > can build organs of
      > cognition that can function both in the sense world
      > and in the hidden
      > world of the spirit.
      > Lecture/guide by Dennis Klocek
      > posted by Mike

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