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Our lives over and above politics

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  • Carol
    Words such as insider treason , debacle don t seem to move human souls as they would have in the past. Today, the importance of the act of thinking and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13 8:41 AM
      Words such as "insider treason", "debacle" don't seem to move human
      souls as they would have in the past.

      Today, the importance of the act of thinking and reflecting seems to
      have submerged from the foreground, from what value and recognition
      were once generally understood by them and attributed to them in
      the past, before, lets say, the advent of television, video games,
      the computer, cell phones…

      If it is still admitted that `thinking and reflecting' are obvious,
      exclusive and primary human tools, they don't seem to be fully
      appreciated in practice. Passivity and submission to materialistic,
      scientific technology appear to have gained importance and seem to
      have become determining factors in shaping the area where individuals
      rationalize their collective, human principals.

      `Treason and debacle' as important words, today can mean nothing to
      so many - the human psyche appears to have managed to internalize
      and accept `caricature and animation' as a general background support
      on which to rely. (Plato's cave developed even further?)

      The US government continues every day with it's treasonous
      activities. With a collective humanity at their disposal in whom
      `caricature and animation' are exciting and enlivening the psyche,
      the `fictitious' is given so much better a chance at being taken
      seriously, to the point where, in some areas, it has acheived
      predominance over basic human instinct and survival.

      The US government's full backing of a materialistic, scientific
      focus on the development of techniques for manipulating the earth's
      atmosphere (for purposes of earthly gain), along with engaging the
      subphysical realm as a means to further enslave the collective
      pshyche of the masses (by damage done to their `life' bodies etc) IS
      another IMPORTANT form of Treason. (aside 911)

      The numbers of human souls in whom thought and reflection still
      `function' in the old fashion way, seem to have greatly diminished.
      And yet, these ones appear to be hard at work doing what they KNOW
      is best for the present and future of the earth and it's

      From THE METHODIC DEMISE OF NATURAL EARTH~An Environmental Impact
      By Dr. R. Michael Castle


      "Our ultimate mission is to develop Legislation for the United States
      Congress to pass that will halt, prohibit and forever abate the
      practices of deploying, dispensing or otherwise releasing any
      chemical into the Atmosphere/Stratosphere of the airspace above the
      entire North American Continent….

      …However, the US Congressman we hoped would carry our cause, tends to
      back off when it becomes clear that the US Government is
      strategically involved in many aspects of the debacle. We are not
      asking for this legislation to be considered, we will demand its
      passage. Once in force, who will then become bankrupt? We will shut
      down the HAARPs Electromagnetic radiation machine with UAPA3. "

      The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2003

      This, dear friends, is a clear example of the greater picture of
      Michael fighting the dragon; It represents ONE of the standing
      positions between Michael vis a vis Ahraman.

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