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  • Gaya .
    Where do you stand? If its true and there are those here who are seven or eight years behind the times, or who just haven t caught on ?????? Is it possible,
    Message 1 of 11 , Apr 7, 2007
      Where do you stand?

      If its true and there are those here who are seven or eight years behind the
      times, or who just haven't caught on ?????? Is it possible, keep taking the
      blue pills???

      Then this website maybe able to get you upto speed


      >A lot hinges on when the soul actually takes an interest in where we
      >stand in the Michael/Ahriman conflict. Nobody, not one single
      >solitary soul is exempt from this particular phase of the Fifth
      >epoch. False Flag bombings in London and Spain and thermite in the
      >WTC at 9/11 giving an obvious two edged reality, pre-set charges
      >that were placed by insiders and an unguarded, Stand Down, in the
      >air spaces over the U.S.... That can only mean, an INSIDE JOB. That
      >can only mean we devastated an entire country from lies. Well
      >suffice it to say that V for Vendetta is just a little instruction
      >manuel for those who prefer too little too late.
      >Now when an Anthro chooses to awaken from their cow like snoring and
      >take a look at the sky and Michael in their thought life and
      >Ahriman's manipulations in our souls and the soul's around us...
      >Don't worry about a thing, second string Michael wonks, there is
      >always too little, too late....but for our hearts, including some
      >who have felt the need to snicker from the assassination of JFK and
      >MLK to 9/11.... you are damn lucky that I think we all come to our
      >senses sooner or later as the crunch demands.
      >Addiction, destructive behavior, dysfunctional emotional esotericism
      >and sentient and intellectual soul cowardly cringing, back peddling
      >and status quo Anthro societal souffles, discussing are we a dead
      >society or are we an alive society....merely reveals the empty and
      >uninspired boredom cupboard marked 'old and used Steiner insights,
      >rehashed' that Michael offered up to the kindled human heart in
      >hopes that a godddamn massive wave of kindled spirit courage and
      >interest would raise the bar and fish out the pearls and the
      >treasures in this the Fifth epochs mandate to confront and learn
      >from the Ahrimanic spin meisters and translate these horrific
      >murdering spins quickly into Michael relevancy and clarity. Awe
      >shucks, that would mean, with all the tools at our disposal that we
      >might have to be cognitively awake.
      >Michael School, phase two, let us not be Too Little and Too late who
      >are cousins to chicken little and General Sam Houston's way too
      >late. Or who could ever forget the famous tune, And the German
      >People Slept, snored through Goethe, and for the most part haven't
      >woken up yet nor did they wake up when Ahriman did his mexican hat
      >dance on their soul life and culture. Steiner was pressed back then
      >by too little and too late. Too little and too late.... stands to
      >reason when we had to retreat from Munich to Dornach because of the
      >vicious and overwhelming Ahrimanic attack assault on Germany. Ah,
      >but hey, this is 2007, what does 2007 have to do with too little too
      >April 07, 2007
      >Too little, too late
      >"Welcome to the club, Joe Klein, and all the little journalistic Joe
      >Kleins out there who dwelled for six years in a fool's halfway house
      >of deferred judgment and superior condescension. For years the left -
      >- especially the blogospheric left -- rang the bell of warning about
      >George W. Bush, and for years your above-it-all, commentariat ilk
      >sat back with a pompous, knowing air.
      >You'd seen it all before -- yawn -- and you, unlike those hysterical
      >lefties, had been around the D.C. block plenty of times. Nothing new
      >here folks. George is just a hardnosed politician who plays a rough,
      >albeit stubborn and sometimes mystifying, game. He makes mistakes,
      >sure, and some of them big ones. But he and his administration are
      >hardly sui generis in the annals of presidential -- come, come,
      >let's be nice -- letdowns.
      >Now, with only 21 months remaining in this colossally misadventurous
      >administration which is virtually guaranteed to get even worse, you
      >join in ringing the bell (almost). Only now do you deign to observe
      >publicly that George might have a ... personal problem; that his
      >problem is "congenital," that it's "part of his personality," that
      >it encompasses "arrogance, incompetence" and "cynicism" -- all of
      >which have conspired in making "this Administration one of the worst
      >in American history."
      >And see? You still can't go all the necessary way. Out of some
      >misguided allegiance to journalistically judicious balance, you
      >still can't bring yourself to plainly say the worst in American
      >Nor can you heft your cajones high enough to state the further
      >bloody obvious -- that George, lest anyone be left in any lingering
      >doubt, is goddamn nuts. As in the autocratic kind of goddamn nuts.
      >As in the hand-in-the-vest, Napoleonic-complex kind of goddamn nuts.
      >As in the brain-addled, my-enemies-are-everywhere, constitutionally
      >hostile McCarthyite kind of goddamn nuts.
      >No, you "tried to be respectful of the man and the office," as you
      >wrote Thursday, so you held your fire in a show of professional
      >disrespect for 300 million Americans going down with his ship.
      >The basics, Joe. A president has two, fundamental and principle
      >functions: fiscal and foreign policy. And the left could see clearly
      >from the beginning that George W. Bush would "demagogue" -- as you
      >referenced it -- both, and with a flagrant irresponsibility that
      >took our breath away. Right off the bat he hustled insane tax cuts
      >based on the ridiculously dubious proposition that our healthy
      >economy could afford them. Then, when the economy took a nosedive,
      >he hustled them based on the precisely opposing proposition that a
      >poor economy demanded them. It was staggeringly obvious to us on the
      >left, Joe, that this president possessed not one fiber of fiscal
      >sanity, not to mention even a strain of simple honesty.
      >Then, after 911, it appeared for a few seconds that George just
      >might respond out of character, which is to say, responsibly. We
      >were unified in outrage -- every Republican, Democrat and
      >Independent -- and wanted to get the bad guys. We had the entire
      >world behind us. Yet immediately after those few seconds, George
      >threw it all away -- the unity, the purpose, the justness -- in the
      >unconscionable execution of a criminal shell game. Tens of thousands
      >would perish needlessly, but you wanted "to be respectful of the
      >We on the left didn't have to studiously piece these acts together,
      >Joe, to arrive at the disrespectful conclusion that George W. Bush
      >is goddamn nuts and dishonest and autocratic. From the start he was
      >throwing unreason and perfidy and unaccountability and
      >antiConstitutionalism right in our face.
      >Where the hell where you, Joe? What circus were you attending? Where
      >were your watchdog powers of condemnatory observation then? Where
      >was your journalistic duty to report on and state the goddamn
      >obvious? Where were you and the rest of your condescending Beltway
      >insiders when the rest of us were ringing the goddamn bell?
      >I rarely use profanity in this column, Joe, but your kind
      >exasperates the hell out of me.

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