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Wide World Anthroposophia Study Group Begins April 15th 2007

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Friends, I wanted to foward to you the study group info in case there are any here that want to join us a few times a month. All good things, Dottie
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2007
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      Hey Friends,
      I wanted to foward to you the study group info in case there are any
      here that want to join us a few times a month.

      All good things,

      Wednesday April 4, 2007

      Dear Friends,

      I hope this note finds you all doing very well.

      I wish to share with you that an interactive, on-line,
      Anthroposophia Study Group will begin on the first Sunday after
      Easter, April 15, 2007. This study group is centered around Sergei
      Prokofieff's book The Heavenly Sophia and the Being Anthroposophia.
      It is our endeavor to bring the hopes of Rudolf Steiner '...to lift
      the entire membership to a mutual consciousness of the Being of the
      Anthroposophical Society...' into a living reality. We shall start
      with a few lectures by Rudolf Steiner pertaining to Anthroposophia
      and her importance to the Anthroposophical Society and the world at

      Our study group will begin with Preparing For The Sixth Epoch by
      Rudolf Steiner. Adriana Koulias of Astralia begins this study with
      some leading questions and a summary for further considerations. The
      lecture can be downloaded once you register for the Anthroposophia
      Study Group at www.anthropsophia.org . The link is on the bottom
      left hand side once you enter into the site. This group will meet
      twice a month to consider the questions that arise from this study.
      For the interactive part there is a Skype link just above the Study
      Group link, with directions on how to obtain this free download that
      will allow real time conversations to take place.

      Daniel Bittleston will lead us in Living With The Foundation Stone
      Meditation work/share group. while Xandor Sajet of Amsterdam will co-
      work with us on the meditative exercises found in Rudolf Steiner's
      book Guidance in Esoteric Training: specifically this group will
      work with the He-She-It exercises. I, Dottie Zold, will be working
      with two books that speak to building our organs of perception: How
      To Know Higher Worlds and The Seer's Handbook by Dennis Klocek. The
      information on these groups can be found on page 2 and 3 of the
      Welcome Letter.

      If you are interested in joining us please click on the link below
      and this will take you to the Welcome Letter by Adriana Koulias:

      As this is the first time the members of this planning committee
      have attempted something like this, there may be a few waves
      (hopefully not tidal:) that accompany us on our journey. I can
      foresee this as a good exercise working on our 'Patience' virtue.
      Any and all feedback is very welcome I can assure you. If you need
      any assistance please give me a shout at dottie@...
      and I will work to see how I may be of assistance.

      All good things,

      Dottie Zold



      P.S. There will also be a newsletter that will follow our studies
      for those that wish to participate and are not online. If you know
      of anyone who might like to join us, please have them contact me so
      I can put them on our mailing list. Beth Wieting, Trudy Marks, and
      Elizabeth Sevison will be the co-workers of this endeavor. For those
      interested, Beth Wieting has written a wonderful consideration on
      Michael and Anthroposophia as co-workers of the Christ and Sophia.
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