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The Goetheanum as corporation?

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  • Carol
    It would seem that Rudolf Steiner had taken calculative precautions towards protecting the Spirit Anthroposophia before he departed, perhaps anticipating that
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      It would seem that Rudolf Steiner had taken calculative precautions
      towards protecting the Spirit Anthroposophia before he departed,
      perhaps anticipating that the outward Society might become too
      entangled and weakened by earthly affairs to do so on it's own. I
      would go as far as saying, that he knew with enough certainty that
      the physical footing of the Anthroposophical Society wasn't going to
      have the easiest time broadening and maintaining itself, let alone
      being fully responsible for ALL that was and is to pour forth from
      out of the Spirit Realm through the initiative of Spiritual

      In a small document by Mark Willam, entitled `Dornach - The Centre
      for Spiritual Science?' it is revealed that:

      "The late Michael Wilson, who was the first non German speaker to be
      authorised by Dornach as Class Reader, once mentioned to me that he
      had found evidence to support the theory that Rudolf Steiner, in
      addition to founding the Anthroposophical Society and its First Class
      and the Christian Community, had set up a group of spirit workers so
      that, if all other initiatives failed, the vital task of providing
      access to the spirit in modern form would not be wasted for mankind.

      The context in which he was speaking, was at a meeting he organised
      at his home for us to discuss spiritual techniques together, as a
      comment to being made aware by me of the actual approach used by a
      group of inner workers based around Massimo Scaligero, and founded
      through Giovanni Colazza by Rudolf Steiner." (1) (my highlights)

      An outward expression of a real risk of embroilment in the conditions
      of worldly affairs may be seeing it's day. As I sit back and gather
      the disturbing info coming out from in and around Dornach about
      constitutional battling, differing views, forced expulsions, legal
      decisions being violated and misrepresented etc, I'm struck with a
      realisation that maybe this is really all about the Goetheanum as
      headquarters of the Anthroposophical Society being seduced towards
      taking on a new character of `Corporation'.

      I have gathered up a little info to share. I urge you to read
      further. `The Living Christmas Conference…' has a more complete
      German section on their website which brings to light their
      fundamental concern for the very survival of the Spirit
      Anthroposophia within the General Anthroposphical Society's earthly
      footing. Some individuals of this society had noticed a particular
      direction taken by the Volstand going back several decades already.
      What is happening now may be what could be referred to on a spiritual
      level, as a sublime and dreaded fruition….

      Today, the General Anthroposophical Society, in particular it's
      leading body, the Executive Council (Volstand) is engaged in a
      serious battle over legalities of operation and principals which some
      extremely concerned members are maintaining with impressive vigour.
      These seemingly few members have established for themselves their
      own `base of operation' of sorts in the form of:

      "…a new society for Anthroposophists. Its name: "LIVING THE CHRISTMAS
      CONFER-ENCE, Society for the Preservation of the General
      Anthroposophical of 1923 and 1925"…

      "Why was this new society founded now? For years, some
      Anthroposophists have been warning the membership against the
      Vorstand's plans of curtailing members' rights and in-creasing its
      own power, plans that clearly jeopardize the spirit of Rudolf
      Steiner's teaching, and hence the whole Society and all
      anthroposophical endeavors. Again and again, it proved impossible to
      enter into dialogue with the Vorstand." (2)

      These truly concerned individuals now face expulsion from the General
      Anthroposophical Society, through the initiative of it's directional
      body, for having protected it from it's own operational

      The Executive Council appears to thoroughly disapprove of this small
      society's criticism of their manner of proceeding, especially since
      they have presented before them serious legal hurdles. As well, the
      Executive Council views with great disdain that vivid criticism and a
      differing overview of the Anthroposophic society and movement are
      being expressed and shared among the community of active members and
      being published and made accessible for readership over the internet.

      "Even more of a burden than this polemic in print is the experience
      we—and a growing number of members—have had with this group's
      behavior at membership gatherings in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
      and at the Goetheanum. At these gatherings, the members of "Living
      the Christmas Conference" counter people who think and feel
      differently by advancing opinionated arguments and seeking to provoke
      the same sort of response in return"…

      "Since 2002, "Living the Christmas Conference" has maintained a web
      site under the name "888GOYA."…Anyone who reads the texts learns
      about a "decline," about "catastrophic" and even "incomprehensible"
      events in the Society and at the Goetheanum." (3)

      This statement appears to reveal that the Executive Council is
      capable of describing a little the meaning behind the opposition
      which has imposed itself before them, and one which is being backed
      by the legal system, though they (EC) succeeds to rid themselves of
      all responsibility by perhaps craftily diminishing any value
      attached to this group's ideals, practical and legal concerns by
      using tools available to them as directional body of the General
      Anthroposophical Society.

      "For some years now the members of "Living the Christmas Conference"
      have participated mainly in official members' meetings and in
      conflict-oriented members' conversations—they are seldom found at
      artistic events or professional conferences, at general
      anthroposophical conferences, or at conversational meetings or study
      groups… The contradictory nature of their behavior is apparent, as is
      the growing rejection with which it is met in the membership." (4)
      (my highlight)

      On the other side, the opposition resounds a clear idealist voice in
      attempts to maintain a focus on basic recognition of the legal
      aspects which should fundamentally bind the Anthroposophical society
      as an entity.

      "As the U.S. correspondent of LIVING THE CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE …I
      would like to make clear that the Vor-stand has been misrepresenting
      the lawsuit and the court judgment in a way that amounts to a serious
      attack on those who brought the suit…" (5)

      The legal issue of the day, and for which reason prompted a police
      visit to the Goetheanum at the beginning of the month, is described
      by the side of `Living Christmas Conference' to have everything to do

      "…the extraordinary members' meeting held in Dornach on December 28
      and 29, 2002, to re-found and re-register the General Anthropo-
      sophical Society by reactivating what is being called the "General
      Anthroposophical Society (Christmas Conference) and to amend Rudolf
      Steiner's original statutes, the Principles….

      A considerable number of members left this meeting feeling
      disenfranchised and alarmed at the idea of possibly having to trade
      the GAS, their spiritual home for years, for a society with no legal
      basis, a society apparently more concerned with administration rights
      than with member rights. They also worry about the possibility that
      the same fault lines that have now formed in the society might soon
      be traceable in every Waldorf school and other anthropo-sophical
      institution. They worry about how Class membership, work
      opportunities, standing among other Anthroposophists and more, might
      be affected by an inability to commit to the proposed CCS, and
      whether members who "signed away" their membership rights at the
      meeting did so for good." (6)

      (1) http://www.think-light.org/downloads/Dornach_01-06.doc

      (2) http://888goya.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Dokumente/Const04.pdf

      (3) The Executive Council's official letter to the members of the
      Anthroposophical Society by Wolfgang Held. March 16,


      (4) http://888goya.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Dokumente/Const05.pdf

      (5) http://888goya.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Dokumente/Const01.pdf
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