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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Frank's boy Bush (was: Tarjei's Boy Chavez)

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  • Frank Smith
    ... Actually I confused you with someone else (not on this list) who thinks Chavez is progressive - probably because you recently mentioned a disagreement
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 4, 2007
      --- Tarjei Straume <straume@...> wrote:

      > You seem to have missed my point on this issue
      > completely, Frank.

      Actually I confused you with someone else (not on this
      list) who thinks Chavez is "progressive" - probably
      because you recently mentioned a disagreement with me
      about him. So sorry.
      As far as the Bush administration's relations with
      him, they are as stupid or more so than their
      relations with everyone else. Luckily for him, though,
      Bushy has other things on his mind at the moment - and
      he has a lot of oil and the U.S. is his best customer.
      Chavez has broad popular support among the poor, yes,
      because they have been downtrodden since forever and
      he's a populist with dictatorship ambitions a la

      > As you know, I'm basically an anarchist preferring
      > absence of
      > governments and certainly absence of supreme
      > commanders. Iran has a
      > supreme commander, but that does not give the goons
      > in the White
      > House and the Pentagon the right to bomb the
      > country, to assassinate
      > the leaders, and to repeat what they did in 1953,
      > when they overthrew
      > a democratic government there and installed a
      > Quisling regime with the shah.
      > By the same token, Rice has no business badmouthing
      > and threatening
      > Venezuela, where the government has broad popular
      > support, which is
      > why the US failed in their attempted coup in 2002.
      > One may disagree
      > ever so strongly with Chavez' domestic politics and
      > sympathize with
      > those who emigrate to Florida and chant with
      > disgruntled Cubans. But
      > Venezuela is no threat to the United States. It has
      > never been a
      > threat to the United States. As a sovereign nation,
      > Venezuela has the
      > right to choose its business partners and also to
      > choose who not to
      > do business with. If AT&T and Exxon and Coca-Cola
      > and MacDonalds are
      > not welcome, so be it. Why not just do business
      > elsewhere?
      > In other words, I would have preferred to see an
      > anarchist Venezuela,
      > an anarchist Scandinavia, and an anarchist North
      > America with no
      > leaders whatsoever. You know that very well from our
      > previous
      > discussions, Frank. My point is that the US
      > represents the greatest
      > threat to world peace, and it sees fit to intervene
      > and change the
      > regimes of any country they choose. Who's next?
      > Switzerland? Norway?
      > So what's this "Tarjei's boy" got to do with
      > anything? Why not
      > "Tarjei's boy Stoltenberg," Norway's prime minister?
      > I don't agree
      > with his politics, but that gives the US no right to
      > assassinate him,
      > to arrange a coup, or to bomb us in order to take
      > him out. And the
      > Venezuelans have the same right to be left in peace
      > that we have, and
      > the right to be left alone by Rice's big bad mouth
      > that seems aimed
      > at setting the stage for public acceptance of an
      > invasion so they can
      > crush a nation once more to create revenues for
      > their own oil
      > companies. Norway is also an oil nation, and the
      > country's oil
      > revenues are nationalized, the state owns the
      > majority shares of
      > Hydro-Statoil (the new merger of the two leading oil
      > companies). And
      > I bet that when the US is through raping Iraq, Iran,
      > and Venezuela
      > and emptied their oil wells, they're coming for
      > Norway, leaving us
      > poor, broke, sick, uneducated, starving and
      > desperate.
      > Tarjei

      Frank Thomas Smith

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