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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Genesis in Reality

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Keith, I m thinking that Smith s work might seem more compatible to others versus Steiner s because Steiner then goes into the happenings of those words
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 5, 2007
      Hey Keith,
      I'm thinking that Smith's work might seem more compatible to others versus Steiner's because Steiner then goes into the happenings of those words versus letting them stand by themselves. Once people like Mr. Smith and Ms. Starbird and others who know their bible, start noticing things and start to bring up the Hebrew others will begin to have questions and be able to see these are people who are bible reading people not esotericts. That's why it was always important to me to find these things in the bible themselves so I could directly show them to the Christians and the Jews. I needed to be the bridge from the exoteric to the esoteric. And that seems to be what Mr. Smith is able to accomplish by his questions.
      And it really is basic common sense to me. Problem is that preachers came in and told us all what these things mean and that if we read it any differently we were being led by the False Prophet. And this had a control over people who didn't know how to read and just were spoken to it from those in authority. And this way of being continued in the world till this day. But I have hope when I see people well educated in the bible pointing these things out.
      All good things,

      kmlightseeker <kmlightseeker@...> wrote:
      Hi Dottie,

      > Hey Keith,
      > Thanks for sharing this. I think I shall go out and buy the book. He
      > has a lot of wonderful questions that I found spoken of also by
      > Rudolf Steiner when I first start checking out his work. What's
      > interesting is to hear this gentleman speak of his questions and how
      > little by little he got involved in the research of the words and
      > their meanings. I loved hearing his train of thinking.
      > It's funny because he talks about the idea of there being more than
      > one God as in Elohim and uses the Hebrew to show it. He's just some
      > regular guy noticing these things and whats wonderful is that he
      > says where you can check these things out. It's kinda like watching
      > someone wake up to 'there's something more than I've been told'.

      Indeed so.

      > I love this kind of stuff because someone always has something I
      > need to further my own research. One thing he said that caught my
      > attention was that, well two things, the first being that he found
      > in the second paragraph of Genesis that the earth BECAME void versus
      > WAS void. This speaks directly to something Rudolf Steiner speaks of
      > in regards to the bodies of the humans being unable to withstand the
      > Moon still being connected to the earth: their bodies were
      > hardening. And it was here that only a few spirit beings were able
      > to work within the earth's realm more or less he says. The other
      > things is that male/female was on the sixth day of creation, and the
      > human adam and eve on the 7th, after the six days had already been
      > attended to. I'm not so sure if that is right, I shall have to check
      > again, but also I am not so sure what the importance of this is in
      > the first place.

      Yeah, I was wondering about the possible relationship with Steiner's
      work on "prehistory" . I think you're right about those elements. I
      think Smith's insight makes the claivoyance/ impressions spoken of by
      Steiner more feasible in the sense of their corroboration with Genesis
      in its original Hebrew form, albeit this book being more of an outline
      of things concerning the Creation event than Steiner's approach to the

      > So, thanks for the lead:)

      No problem. Mr Smith has certainly peaked my curiosity as well. :)

      > d



      > > Really interesting material on The Book of Genesis. Some interviews
      > > with the author of the book "Gods in the Garden", which is on the
      > > accurate reading of Genesis:
      > >
      > > http://www.kconline radio.com/ jwr/jwr_june20. mp3
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > http://innersites. com/feet2fire/ 2006-stream- b/f2f-08- 13-06.ram
      > >
      > > or
      > >
      > > http://innersites. com/feet2fire/ 2006-stream- a/f2f-08- 13-06.ram
      > >
      > > (.ram format works on "Realplayer" software. See www.real.com [A
      > free
      > > player is available])
      > >
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Keith
      > >

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